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J. Neilson Barry manuscript maps collection tracing the exploration of Lewis and Clark in the Pacific Northwest

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Maps by Hal Shelton
FOLDER 1 Lolo Trail
Modern map: little known data on the back ; Double plat: a. modern map b. Mandan-Indian map ; Enlarged Photograph Annotated Mandan Indian Map: data reverse side ; Same not annotated ; Printed map of the United States ; Typewritten data
"Lolo Trail was the only possible route by which Lewis and Clark could have reached the Pacific Coast."
FOLDER 2 Dalles Indian Map
Photographic ; Reduced photograph, annotated ; Accurate modern map ; Sheet of explanations
"This was the first map of the Oregon country."
FOLDER 3 Kamiah Indian Map
Modern map - look at this first for the geography in five states ; Large sheet with Clark's manuscript annotated ; Small sheet of the map ; Northern part with details
"The Lewis and Clark expedition traveled mostly in forests and down in the deep chasm of Snake and Columbia rivers."
FOLDER 4 Snake River Gorge
Accurate modern map of the region ; Part of the etching of 1814 annotated ; Part of the etching no annotated ; Kamiah Indian map ; Sheet of explanations
"This set is of the Etching of 1814 for the southern part of the Kamiah map."
FOLDER 5 Queer Map of the locality of Portland, Oregon
Photographic map partly by Clark and the rest Indian map annotated ; The same not annotated ; Accurate modern map ; Sheet of explanations
"Clark drew a very accurate map of where he had traveled."
FOLDER 6 Three Early Forts in the Oregon Country
Henry's Fort 1810 Idaho in David Thompson map unpublished ; Reed's Fort 1813 Idaho in David Thompson's map unpublished ; Original Fort Nez Perces old fort Walla Walla, Washington in Alexander Ross' unpublished map
FOLDER 7 Robert Frazier Maps for the Lewis and Clark Route
Modern Eastern Montana: a. photographic Frazier map b. Modern map with the Frazier names ; Lolo Trail: a. modern map mounted b. triple plat c. photographic ; Lower Columbia River: a. photographic Frazer map b. double plat of coast
"Robert Frazer was a private soldier, with the Lewis and Clark expedition."
FOLDER 8 French Map of 1821 Far Route of Astorian's Drainage Basins
Modern states with drainage basins ; Double plat: a. modern map b. drainage basins ; Double plat: a. modern map b. French map of 1821 ; Photographic enlargements of this part of the French map
"The pattern of moder states is radically different from the pattern of the lay of the land, which controls the drainage run-off."
FOLDER 9 Triple Divide Peak in Glacier National Park
Map of the three drainages from triple divide peak ; Twelve maps of conditions ; Triple maps with data on reverse side
"Since drainage to Hudson Bay and to the Pacific Ocean and to the Gulf of Mexico flows from Triple Divide Peak it has caused portions of that locality to be under four national flags, and in eight territories of the United States, and in Canada, Alberta and British Columbia."
FOLDER 10 Clark's Manuscript Map North of the Colter Part
Superimposed modern map and Clark's map
FOLDER 11 First Part John Colter Route Cody, Wyoming
Photographic Drouillard map ; Triple plat - a. Drouillard map b. modern map c. Etching 1814 ; Double plat Cody locality - a. modern map b. Etching of 1814 ; Double plat: a. modern map b. Etching of 1814 ; Superimposed double plat - a.modern map b. Etching 1814 ; Photographic Etching 1814
"These accurate reproductions at the same scales provide opportunity for comparing the geography of the Etching of 1814 with modern maps."
FOLDER 12 Second Part John Colter Route Lake Biddle
Double plat: a. Clark's manuscript map b. Etching of 1814 ; Four map plat: Henry River - a. modern b. French 1821 c. Etching 1814 d. Clark's map ; Lake Biddle six map plat ; Modern map printed ; Etching of 1814, photographic ; Clark's manuscript
"These provide the various maps at the same scale for comparison."
FOLDER 13 Yellowstone Park
"The acreage that is now Yellowstone National Park, in whole or in part has been under four national flags; England, France, Spain and the United States."
FOLDER 14 Lewis and Clark Map 1814
"Analysis of he map of 1814 in the compilations of the journals of Lewis and Clark indicates that Samuel Lewis prepared a plat of longitudes and latitudes."
FOLDER 15 Various maps
Various unbound maps.
Oversized materials
FOLDER 16 Colter's Route 1808
5 maps on 7 sheets
Fascimiles of map from Nouvelles Annales, Vol. 10
6 maps and text
From Mississippi to the Pacific Ocean, 1804-1806
3 copies
Lewis and Clark 1:12,600,000, 1804-1806
1 map, annotated in color

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