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Tobler collection
FOLDER 1 An Empirical Evaluation of Some Aspects of Hypometric Colors: Chapter II - Color 1957
University of Washington - Thesis
FOLDER 2 Automation in the Preparation of Thematic Maps 1961
Paper for Presentation at the Technical Symposium of the International Cartographic Association in Edinburgh
FOLDER 3 Computation of the Correspondence of Geographical Patterns 1964
Paper for Presentation at the 1964 Meeting of the Regional Science Association in Ann Arbor
FOLDER 4 An Experiment in the Computer Generalization of Maps 1964
Technical Report No. 1., ONR Task No. 389-137, Contract Nonr 1224 (48) Office of Naval Research
FOLDER 5 Of Maps and Matrices 1967
Journal of Regional Science, Vol. 7, No. 2 (Supplement)
FOLDER 6 Notes on the Analysis of Geographical Distributions 1965
Paper delivered at the Institute on Emerging Concepts and Methods in Urban and Regional Analysis, East Lansing
FOLDER 7 Numerical Map Generalization and Notes on the Analysis of Geographical Distributions 1966
Discussion Paper 8 Michigan Inter-University Community of Mathematical Geographies
FOLDER 8 Medieval Distrortions: The Projections of Ancient Maps 1966
Reprinted from Annals, Association of American Geographers, Vol. 56, No. 2
FOLDER 9 An Empirical Map Projection of the United States 1967
FOLDER 10 Computer Cartograms 1967
FOLDER 11 Geographical Filters and Their Inverses 1968
FOLDER 12 A Digital Terrain Library 1968
Technical Report, ORA Project 08055, under contract with U.S. Army Research Office
FOLDER 13 Computer Movie Simulating Urban Growth in the Detriot Region 1969
Prepared for the International Geographical Union Commission on Quantitative Geography Meeting
FOLDER 14 Continuous Transformation Useful for Districting 1972
Paper prepared for presentation at the New York Academy of Sciences
FOLDER 15 Choropleth Maps without Class Intervals 1972
FOLDER 16 Continuous Transformation Useful for Districting 1972
Paper prepared for presentation at the New York Academy of Sciences
FOLDER 17 Smooth Pycnophylactic Interpolation for Geographical Regions 1977
Submitted to the Journel of American Statisical Association
FOLDER 18 Local Map Projections 1973
FOLDER 19 Chapter II Map Projections
FOLDER 20 Numerical Method for the Equal-Area Mapping of Two Dimensional Surfaces onto a Plane
FOLDER 21 Appendix II Map Projection Equations
FOLDER 22 Map Projection of "Portolan Charts" (First Draft)
FOLDER 23 Map Projection Research by Digital Computer
FOLDER 24 Geography 574: Spectral Analysis of Spatial Series
FOLDER 25 Explanation of Triangulation
FOLDER 26 Geography 482: Map Projections
FOLDER 27 Gepgraphy 633: Curvilinear Plane Transformation
FOLDER 28 Distance and direction from an artibrary point on a shere
FOLDER 29 Cartographic Display Requirements 1978
Proceedings of Auto-Carto III, The Third International Symposium on Computer-Assisted Cartography, San Francisco
FOLDER 30 Geography 281: Reading List 1963
FOLDER 31 Computer program for calculation of values of Tissot's indicatrix for maps of the sphere and cover letter 1964
FOLDER 32 Map Projections: a Short Bibliography 1962
FOLDER 33 Areal Conversions in Geography 1964
FOLDER 34 Transformations of Surface Integrals: a Class of Map Projections Useful to Geographers
"A reworking of Chapter VI of Thesis"
FOLDER 35 Geobotantical Distance Between New Zealand and Neigboring Islands
FOLDER 36 Curvilinear Coordinates
FOLDER 37 Geography 622: Comments on Geographical Trend Analysis
FOLDER 38 Choropleth Mapping Program
computer program and description
FOLDER 39 Map Plotting Program
computer program and description
FOLDER 40 A Note on Orthogonal Transformations
FOLDER 41 Geography 126: History of Cartography as Taught at UCSB
FOLDER 42 Miscellaneous

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