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[Hammond World Atlas Corporation archive of print records and samples of printing methods]

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BOX 1-50 Terrasculpture Models
Consists of 51 physical relief models called "terrasculptures." Created in the late 1960s by Ernst Hofmann, a long-time head of cartographic design at Hammond, the terrasculptures are thin aluminum sheets which have been manually embossed to simulate the earth's surface in three-dimensional form. By raising the surface of the aluminum sheets to depict elevated features, or depressing the sheets to reflect such features as rivers and sea floor depths, these models accurately represent relief and topography. Color can be applied to the models to reflect the earth's natural vegetation. Hofmann's relief models reveal the artistic skills that are traditionally a major component of mapmaking. Once the relief sculptures were completed, they were photographed to provide the base shaded relief found on the Hammond maps, creating the impression that the relief actually rises from the printed page. Using the same aluminum modeling technique, Hofmann also created an 18-inch diameter globe, called the "terrasphere."
BOX 1 Mauritius and Reunion
15 x 13 cm
BOX 2 Honolulu
15 x 13 cm
BOX 3 Cape Verde
15 x 13 cm
BOX 4 Hawaiian Islands
26 x 22 cm
BOX 5 Israel
26 x 22 cm
BOX 6 Samoa and Tahiti
26 x 16 cm
BOX 7 Santiago
15 x 20 cm
BOX 8 Rio de la Plata
23 x 25 cm
BOX 9 Mexico City and Veracruz
23 x 25 cm
BOX 10 West Irian (West New Guinea)
24 x 24 cm
BOX 11 Beijing
18 x 20 cm
BOX 12 Manilla
18 x 20 cm
BOX 13 Mexico City
19 x 20 cm
BOX 14 Tampa-Orlando
24 x 25 cm
BOX 15 Shanghai
18 x 22 cm
BOX 16 Witwatersrand, South Africa
18 x 23 cm
BOX 17 Capetown
19 x 21 cm
BOX 18 D.B.W. Layout J
22 x 25 cm
BOX 19 Atlanta
19 x 23 cm
BOX 20 Montreal
24 x 26 cm
BOX 21 Minneapolis
23 x 27 cm
BOX 22 Southeastern Brazil
21 x 29 cm
BOX 23 New Zealand
21 x 26 cm
BOX 24 Houston
26 x 26 cm
BOX 25 Alaska Hawaii inset
21 x 34 cm
BOX 26 Iceland
23 x 26 cm
BOX 27 Galapagos
28 x 33 cm
BOX 28 Cleveland Pittsburgh
21 x 33 cm
BOX 29 Untitled
25 x 34 cm
BOX 30 Toronto Buffalo
23 x 29 cm
BOX 31 Caracas
26 x 31 cm
BOX 32 Dallas Ft. Worth
33 x 41 cm
BOX 33 D.B.W. Layout G (Galilee)
40 x 51 cm
BOX 34 Madagascar
36 x 51 cm
BOX 35 Caribbean
38 x 49 cm
BOX 36 Southern Brazil
39 x 54 cm
BOX 37 Southern India
40 x 53 cm
BOX 38 Upper Danube
32 x 43 cm
BOX 39 Seattle/San Francisco
29 x 35 cm
BOX 40 Tokyo Osaka
15 x 23 cm
BOX 41 Central Asia
24 x 30 cm
BOX 42 "South"
42 x 37 cm
BOX 43 Northeast Africa
23 x 34 cm
BOX 44 Spain and Portugal
23 x 35 cm
BOX 45 New Zealand
24 x 25 cm
BOX 46 Central Alps
23 x 33 cm
BOX 47 Northwestern France
20 x 29 cm
BOX 48 Southeast Asia Northern Part
25 x 36 cm
BOX 49 South Asia
25 x 36 cm
BOX 50 OVERSIZE United States
BOX 51 Examples of the Print Process
Within eight folders are samples of materials illustrate and document all the basic elements of map compilation, design, construction and printing. Map artwork contained in the collection includes works drafted using pen and ink, stick-up lettering, and a scribing technique that creates the desired image by removing an opaque coating from a sheet of plastic film. Cartographic design features include examples of line work, symbolization and lettering. The printing of maps and atlases is represented in numerous printing plates, color separations, photographs of original artwork and film negatives. Also included are plates of book covers and catalogs, as well as, an obituary of C.S. Hammond.
FOLDER 1 The New Peerless Atlas of the World Atlas cover on board
FOLDER 1 The New Era Atlas of the World Atlas cover on board
FOLDER 1 Hammond's Pictorial Atlas of the World Atlas cover on board
FOLDER 1 The People's Atlas with 1920 Census Atlas cover on board
FOLDER 1 Hammond's Commercial and Library Atlas of the World wuth 1910 Census Atlas cover on board
FOLDER 2 Faultlines and Earthquake Map, California Atlas proofs, negatives
FOLDER 2 Northern Japan Ryuku Island proofs, negatives
FOLDER 2 Western Europe proofs, negatives
FOLDER 3 Antarctica Cross Section Original Art
FOLDER 3 Germany Original Art Before WWI, Between Wars, Occupied
FOLDER 3 Switzerland Original Art Language map
FOLDER 4 Terrasculpture Globe Gore proofs, negatives
FOLDER 4 South America proofs, negatives Vegetation relief as used in new format atlases
FOLDER 4 Russia proofs, negatives, sketches
FOLDER 5 General Catalogue 1890s?
FOLDER 6 Catalogue to Road Maps
FOLDER 7 Catalogue of Atlases, Maps, Globes, and Geographical Appliances. 1929
FOLDER 8 C.S. Hammond obituary 1929
Printing Records: Index Cards 1900-1990s
Among the non-cartographic materials in the collection is a file of some 12,000 4-by-6-inch cards that represent part of Hammond's printing history from the early 1900s to the mid-1990s. This is primarily a record of the publications that Hammond produced for other companies. The basic data contained in these records changed over time but usually included such information as the customer's name, type of material printed, and number of copies printed, which could range from a few hundred to hundreds of thousands of copies.
BOX 52-57 Index cards: 1900s-1950s
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