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Bob Crozier World War II military intelligence map and aerial photograph collection

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36-page booklet describes the duties of the pilots and the photo lab capabilities.
ITEM 1 Prepared by the Reconnaissance Organization Serving the First Army 1944
30th Photo RCN.SQ., 67th TAC.RCN.GP., France 1944
Aerial Photographs
15 aerial photographs of France and Germany.
Photographs used to help create maps.
ITEM 2 Photograph of France Sheet 34/18. SE 1944
See: Map France 100,000 "Bayeux, St. Lo, Vire" Road Map 23.
ITEM 3-8 Six Photographs of "Rhine River Bank Study" Map 1944
See: Map "Rhine River Study" Sheet G.
ITEM 9-12 Four Photographs of Koblenz, Germany, 1:25,000 Sheet 5611 1944
See: Map "Koblenz" Sheet 5611.
ITEM 13-16 Four Photographs of the Ruhr River Sheet 5611 1944
Photo Maps
Crozier: "All maps were compiled from aerial photos created by the 30th photo reeonnaisanoe squadron flying P-38s Lightning. The scale depends on the height in which the sortie took place. Cameras ranged from 24 inch for mappinq to 36-40 inch for larqe scale. Shutter speads were extremely fast in their time- up to 1/800 second."
ITEM 17 Cherbourg, Sheet E-24 1944
"As I recall, our first combat field map printed while in England, highlighting primary and secondary roads and railroads. Note how secondary roads often dead end!"
Gridded map
ITEM 18 Northwestern Germany Photomap, Series Z, Sheet Q-13 1945
Shows Rhine River turn at Neuwied.
ITEM 19 Rhine River Photomap, Section X, Sheet B-5 1944
Rhine River at Koeln.
France Field Operational Road Maps
Five maps showing roads and railroads in Normandy and adjacent areas.
Towns and cities indicate population size.
ITEM 20 Bayeux, St. Lo, Vire, Road Map Sheet No. 23 1944
Crozier: "This map shows the three Omaha Beach critical military, first day objectives, i.e.: Town of Isigny, Trevieres, and Pointe de Hoc Fort at St. Pierre de Mont. All fell on June 6; St. Lo fell on July 18."
ITEM 21 Vire, Domfront, Mayenne, Road Map Sheet No. 44 1944
ITEM 22 Alencon, Argentan, La Ferte-Mace, Road Map Sheet No. 45 1944
ITEM 23 Mamers, Laigle, Nogent, Le-Rotrou, Road Map Sheet No. 46 1944
ITEM 24 Dreux, Verneuil, Nogent-Le-Rotrou, Road Map Sheet No. 47 1944
Captured German Maps Depicting Caen and Surrounding Regions
Two captured German maps.
ITEM 25 Bildplan, Balleroy, Frankreich 1:25,000, XIV-12/3-4, Balleroy Nr. 3-4 1943
Verm. u. Kart. Abt. 501.
Reverse signed by Crozier
ITEM 26 Deutsche Heerskarte, Caen, Frankreich 1:200,000, Nr. 14 1944
Crozier; "Captured German map showing all our allied beachheads. Dated shortly before invasion.
Reverse signed by Crozier
Colored map with legend in German.
Celebratory Maps of First United States Army in Europe
Two celebratory maps.
ITEM 27 Operations of First United States Army in Europe, June 6, 1944 to May 9, 1945 1945
Maps depicts the drive from Normandy to Leipzeig, including the Normandy assault, St. Lo, Northern France pursuit, Siegfried Line, Ardennes Counteroffensive, Crossing of the Rhine, and Ruhr Pocket.
Names of commanding officers on border.
Divisional crests illustrated.
ITEM 28 Special Map Showing Contact Between Gen. Hodges' First U.S. Army and Gen. Jadov's Fifth U.S.S.R. Army, 25 April 1945
Crozier: "U.S./Russian [contact] at the Elbe. Rare. Perhaps 300 printed."
From map: Elements of 69th U.S. Division met elements of 58th U.S.S.R. Division at Torgau, Germany 25 April 1954 at 1640b.
German Twelfth Army depicted.
Various War Maps
ITEM 29 Rhine River Bank Study G 1945
North of Koeln
Wall height along bank, river width and deep, jetty and harbors depicted.
ITEM 30 Innsbruck and Environs 1944
City street map
Reverse list buildings and street index
ITEM 31 Road and Bridge Data - First U.S. Army, Nideggen, Germany 1:25,000, Sheet 5304 1944
Includes legend and index
ITEM 32 Dresden, Germany 1:300,000, Sheet N52 1945
Copied from a German road map dated 1938.
ITEM 33 Cadzand 1, Holland 1:25,000, Sheet 451-1 1943
Legend and glossary
ITEM 34 Cadzand 2, Holland 1:25,000, Sheet 451-2 1943
Legend and glossary
ITEM 35 Koblenz, Germany 1:25,000, Sheet 5611 1944
Legend, abbreviations, index
ITEM 36 Theix, France 1:25,000, Sheet No. 22/30 S.W. 1944

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