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National Association for the Advancement of Colored People records, 1842-1999

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Part II: Addition, 1910-1969 (continued)
BOX II:L154-L155Writings by Walter Francis White, 1969
Galley proofs and typescripts.
Arranged alphabetically by title.
BOX II:L154The Fire in the Flint, 1969
First typescript
(3 folders)
Second typescript
BOX II:L155Flight, galleys, 1969
(2 folders)
Rope and Faggot, galleys, 1969
(3 folders)
BOX II:L156-L245Scrapbooks, 1916-1940
Scrapbooks of press releases and newspaper clippings.
Chiefly arranged chronologically by volume; a few arranged by subject.
BOX II:L1561916
BOX II:L1571916-1918
BOX II:L1581917
BOX II:L1591917-1918
BOX II:L1601917-1918
BOX II:L1611918
BOX II:L1621918
BOX II:L1631918
BOX II:L1641919
BOX II:L1651919
BOX II:L1661919
BOX II:L1671920
BOX II:L1681921
BOX II:L1691921
BOX II:L1701921-1922
BOX II:L1711922
BOX II:L1721922
BOX II:L1731922
BOX II:L1741922
BOX II:L1751922
BOX II:L1761922
BOX II:L1771922-1923
BOX II:L1781923
BOX II:L1791923
BOX II:L1801923
BOX II:L1811923
BOX II:L1821923
BOX II:L1831923
BOX II:L1841924
BOX II:L1851924
BOX II:L1861924
BOX II:L1871924
BOX II:L1881924
BOX II:L1891924-1925
BOX II:L1901924-1925
BOX II:L1911925
BOX II:L1921925
BOX II:L1931925
BOX II:L1941925
BOX II:L1951925-1926
BOX II:L1961925-1926
BOX II:L1971925-1926
BOX II:L1981926
BOX II:L1991926
BOX II:L2001926
BOX II:L2011926
BOX II:L2021926-1927
BOX II:L2031926-1927
BOX II:L2041926-1927
BOX II:L2051927
BOX II:L2061927
BOX II:L2071927-1928
BOX II:L2081927-1928
BOX II:L2091927-1928
BOX II:L2101928
BOX II:L2111928
BOX II:L2121928
BOX II:L2131928-1929
BOX II:L2141928-1929
BOX II:L2151928-1929
BOX II:L2161929
BOX II:L2171929
BOX II:L2181929
BOX II:L2191929-1930
BOX II:L2201930
BOX II:L2211930
BOX II:L2221930
BOX II:L2231930
BOX II:L2241930-1931
BOX II:L2251930-1931
BOX II:L2261931
BOX II:L2271931
BOX II:L2281931
BOX II:L2291931-1932
BOX II:L2301931-1932
BOX II:L2311932
BOX II:L2321932-1933
BOX II:L2331933
BOX II:L2341933
BOX II:L2351933-1934
BOX II:L2361934
BOX II:L2371934-1935
BOX II:L2381935
BOX II:L2391935
BOX II:L2401935-1936
BOX II:L2411936-1937
BOX II:L2421937-1938
BOX II:L2431938-1939
BOX II:L2441939-1940
BOX II:L245Index to press releases, 1919-1932
BOX II:L246-L272Printed Matter, 1911-1953
Newspaper clippings and other printed items, such as the NAACP's Branch Bulletin, grouped as NAACP and Non-NAACP material.
Newspaper clippings are arranged alphabetically by subject and thereunder chronologically. The Branch Bulletin is available on microfilm.*
*Shelf no. 19,141
BOX II:L246Newspaper clippings
Africa, 1926-1928
(3 folders)
Alabama, act regarding delinquent children, 1927
Anderson, Marian, 1925-1939
BOX II:L247Annual conferences
1919, Cleveland, Ohio
1920, Atlanta, Ga.
(3 folders)
1930, Springfield, Mass.
Annual meeting, 1919-1920
BOX II:L248Antilynching
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