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BOX 12-15  REEL 7-8Biographer's File, 1806-1939
Research and writings file of W. D. Puleston, Mahan’s biographer, including correspondence with Mahan's relatives, contemporaries, publishers, and research assistants; notes, deeds, and copies of other documents; drafts of Puleston's book; compilations and extracts of government records and other sources; and miscellaneous material relating to Mahan.
Arranged in a subject file and a research file and therein alphabetically by name of person, subject, or type of material.
BOX 12  REEL 7Subject file
BOX 12  REEL 7Ashe, Captain Samuel, 1921-1938
BOX 12  REEL 7Atlantic Monthly, 1936-1937
BOX 12  REEL 7Braitwaite, Frederick G., 1935-1938
BOX 12  REEL 7Chiles, Rosa P., 1925-1938
BOX 12  REEL 7Library of Congress, J. Franklin Jameson, 1936-1937
BOX 12  REEL 7Mahan's education, 1936
BOX 12  REEL 7Mahan's religion, 1936
BOX 12  REEL 7Mahan, Dennis Hart (father), 1935-1936, undated
BOX 12  REEL 7Mahan, Ellen Kuhn (daughter), 1935-1938, undated
BOX 12  REEL 7Mahan, Helen Evans (daughter), 1935-1937
BOX 12  REEL 7Mahan, Jane Leigh (sister), 1935-1937, undated
BOX 12  REEL 7Mahan, John (grandfather), 1806, 1935-1936
BOX 12  REEL 7Mahan, Lyle Evans (son), 1934-1938
(2 folders)
BOX 12  REEL 7Maxe, Sir Ivor, 1937
BOX 13  REEL 7Moore, John Bassett, 1936-1937
BOX 13  REEL 7Morely, Rose, 1936-37
BOX 13  REEL 7Navy biography, 1935
BOX 13  REEL 7Puleston, W. D., "John Hay and Alfred Mahan versus Tyler Dennett, Charles Beard, et al.," 1935, undated
BOX 13  REEL 7Roosevelt, Theodore 1858-1919), 1937
BOX 13  REEL 7United States Embassy, London, England, 1936-1937
BOX 13  REEL 7Kaiser Wilhelm II, 1894-1937
BOX 13  REEL 7General correspondence, A-Z, 1934-39, undated
(3 folders)
BOX 14  REEL 7-8Research file
BOX 14  REEL 7-8Biographical notes regarding the Mahan family, and others, 1936, undated
BOX 14  REEL 7-8Book reviews by Mahan on British naval history and Horatio Nelson, 1896, 1911
BOX 14  REEL 7-8Book reviews of writings by Mahan, 1890-1906, undated
(4 folders)
BOX 14  REEL 7-8Calendar of Mahan, 1859-1875 events, undated
BOX 14  REEL 7-8Connolly, C. Parker, research material and correspondence, 1936-1937
(2 folders)
BOX 14  REEL 7-8Drafts of writings
BOX 14  REEL 7-8Civil War and Naval War College chapters, undated
BOX 14  REEL 7-8Mahan family, birth, and boyhood chapters, undated
BOX 15  REEL 8Essays and writings on Mahan, 1929-1934, undated
BOX 15  REEL 8Miscellaneous notes, 1935-1938, undated
BOX 15  REEL 8Notes
BOX 15  REEL 8On Mahan's essays and publisher's correspondence, undated
BOX 15  REEL 8On Mahan's sea duty between 1861 and 1895, undated
BOX 15  REEL 8Promotion examinations of Mahan for commander and captain grades, 1872, 1875
BOX 15  REEL 8Report, Committee on Department Methods on the Documentary Historical Publications of the U.S. Government, 1909
BOX 15  REEL 8Report of the Commission on Naval Reorganization, 60th Congress, 2nd Session, S. Doc. 743, 1909
BOX 15  REEL 8Reports of the Commission Appointed to Consider Certain Needs of the Navy, 60th Congress, 2nd Session, S. Doc. 740, 1909 Statement, Secretary of the Navy Truman Newberry, before the Committee on Naval Affairs, 60th Congress, 2nd Session, S. Doc. 693, 1909
BOX 15  REEL 8USS Congress (frigate) and the Civil War
BOX 16-21  REEL 8-12Printed Matter, 1893-1970
Newspaper clippings, scrapbooks, printed reports, and other publications
Arranged by type of material.
BOX 16-17  REEL 8Articles file
BOX 16-17  REEL 8Photocopies of Mahan's articles and related articles by others, including indexes of titles and subjects, 1896-1914
(2 vols.)
BOX 18-19  REEL 9-10Newspaper clippings file
BOX 18-19  REEL 9-10Scrapbooks on the Spanish-American War, May 1898-Jan. 1899
(2 vols.)
BOX 20  REEL 11Scrapbook
BOX 20  REEL 11 1909-1914
BOX 21  REEL 12 1909-1914, loose clippings
BOX 21  REEL 12Obituary notices
BOX 21  REEL 12 1914-1921, undated
BOX 21  REEL 12Copies from foreign newspapers, 1914-1915, undated
BOX 21  REEL 12Mahan's estate, 1915, undated
BOX 21  REEL 12Miscellaneous clippings, 1893-1936, undated
BOX 21  REEL 12Publications file
BOX 21  REEL 12Book reviews of The Life of Nelson . . ., 1897
BOX 21  REEL 12Hague Conference, 1899
BOX 21  REEL 12Miscellany, 1904-1970, undated Includes address by John Bassett Moore, "Personal Recollections of Admiral Mahan," Sept. 27, 1940
BOX 21  REEL 12Miscellany, 1888-1914
Awards, claims, invoices, invitations, photographs, and other material.
Arranged alphabetically by subject. The photographs were transferred to the Prints and Photographs Division of the Library after filming.
BOX 21  REEL 12Cambridge University, Cambridge, England, and Oxford University, Oxford England, honorary degrees, 1894
BOX 21  REEL 12Chesney Medal Award, Royal United Service Institution, 1900-1902
BOX 21  REEL 12Disbursing claims, 1888-1914
(2 folders)
BOX 21  REEL 12Hohenzollern visit to New York, claims, 1902
BOX 21  REEL 12Miscellaneous notes, invitations, and inventory, [1893]-1898, undated
BOX 21  REEL 12Notes on reading, trip expenses, and health, May 29-Aug. 18, [1908?]
BOX 21  REEL 12Statement of account, B. F. Stevens and Brown, 1898-1913 1898-1913
BOX 21  REEL 12Photographs Transferred to Prints and Photographs Division after filming

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