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American Colony in Jerusalem collection, circa 1786-2007

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Part II: American Colony Members, 1810-2006 (continued)
Wills of members, 1926-1932, undated
BOX II:35-40Part II: Business and Legal Files, 1811-2006
Correspondence, memoranda, minutes, legal documents, financial records, and other business documents relating to the American Colony and the Spafford family.
Grouped into files pertaining to the American Colony and those concerning the Spafford family and therein alphabetically by topic or type of material.
BOX II:35American Colony
American Colony Aid Association
Miscellany, 1931, 1937, 1950
Trip to the United States, 1938
(5 folders)
American Colony Hotels See Restricted
Miscellany, 1966-1973, undated
Transfer of shares, 1954, 1962-1971, undated
American Colony of Jerusalem
Corporate reorganization See Restricted
Formation of AMCOL, 1979-1984
(2 folders)
Plan by Horatio Vester, 1954, undated
Tax and other issues, 1978-1982, undated
(2 folders)
Transfer documents, 1983-1984
Financial reports, 1932-1941 See Restricted
Meetings See Restricted
Council, 1933-1936, 1942-1952
General and extraordinary, 1929-1955, 1962-1982
(7 folders)
Miscellany, 1952-1980 See Restricted
(4 folders)
Miscellaneous issues
Howorth, Caroline Eade, business with Frutiger Bank, Jerusalem, 1888-1893, 1921-1923
Miller, Susanna, pension claim, 1894-1897, undated
Partition of land, 1931-1933 See Restricted
Powers of attorney, 1887, 1930-1932 See Restricted
Naseef v. Vester, 1924-1934
Receipts, 1881-1904
(7 folders)
BOX II:36Reorganization and dissent
American corporation
Correspondence, 1927-1930
(2 folders)
Miscellaneous documents, 1929-1930
Proposed amendments, 1930, undated
Award, ruling, and other documents
(2 folders)
Undated See Restricted
Bildt, Harold Knut Clarence de, 1929-1930
Costs, 1930-1932
Perrott, C. H., 1930-1931
Richardson, S. O., 1930-1931
Auster, Daniel, 1927-1930
Charitable trust lawsuit
Affidavits, 1928-1930, undated
Court, Jerusalem, 1928-1930
(2 folders)
Keith-Roach, Edward, 1930, undated
Memoranda, 1930, undated
BOX II:37Statements by American Colony members, undated
(2 folders)
Supreme Court, Court of Appeal, Jerusalem, 1929-1930, undated
Cooperative scheme, 1930-1931, undated
Distribution of property
Dissolution of Mechanical Department, 1930-1931
Miscellaneous distributions, 1930-1931 See Restricted
Transfer of Vester house and land, 1931 See Restricted
Loan, 1931
(2 folders)
Meetings and resolutions
General meeting (May 28,1930), vote on separation, 1930, 1936
Miscellaneous, 1926-1930
Memoranda on disputes within the American Colony, undated
(2 folders)
BOX II:38Money owed by minority group to majority group, 1930-1934, undated
Newspaper articles and related correspondence
Ellis, William T., 1931-1932, 1938
Miscellaneous, 1918, 1924-1932, undated
“On Holy Paths,” by Laura Petri, translated from Swedish, 1931, undated
Townsend, Arthur O., 1928-1934, 1984
(5 folders)
Russell and Co., accountants
(5 folders)
1947 See Restricted
BOX II:39Whiting, John D., 1930-1931, undated
Saffi, Michael, and land, 1920-1935 See Restricted
Swedish Evangelical Church of Hyde Park, Chicago, Ill., 1886-1888, 1895-1899, undated
Vester and Co.
American Colony Stores
Jerusalem store, “Plan of Jerusalem Issued by Vester & Company American Colony Stores,” undated
New York, N.Y., store
Business papers, 1922, 1929-1941, undated
(2 folders)
Correspondence, 1930-1933
(6 folders)
Registration of firm, 1919-1928 See Restricted
BOX II:40Beirut, Lebanon, office See Restricted
Financial accounts, 1961-1965
Miscellany, 1958-1968
Separation from American Colony Hotels, 1961-1962
Jerusalem office See Restricted
Financial accounts, 1962-1968
Miscellany, 1960-1967
Miscellany, 1962-1976 See Restricted
Taylor, Mervyn, solicitor, 1969-1970 See Restricted
Spafford family
Chicago, Ill., property, litigation, 1878, 1885-1908, undated
(2 folders)
Miscellany, 1865-1871 See also Oversize
Spafford v. Spafford, 1811, 2006
BOX II:41-45Part II: Chronological File, 1893-1968
Correspondence, legal documents, notes, printed matter and other papers concerning the activities of the American Colony.
Arranged chronologically by year.
BOX II:411893-1907
(16 folders)
BOX II:421908-1912
(11 folders)
BOX II:431913-1914
(10 folders)
BOX II:441915-1920
(14 folders)
BOX II:451924-1938, 1944-1950, 1965-1968
(18 folders)
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