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Association of Research Libraries records, 1932-1981

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BOX 1-44General Records, 1932-1979
Correspondence, memoranda, minutes of meetings, reports, financial records, printed matter, and miscellaneous items concerning the organizational structure and administration of the association during the first fifty years of operation.
Arranged by subject in the order as the items were originally described and housed.
BOX 1General
BOX 1 1932-1944
BOX 2 1945-1946
BOX 2General correspondence
BOX 2 1947-1949
BOX 3 1949-1951
BOX 4 1951-1953
BOX 5 1954-1959
BOX 6 1959-1962
BOX 7Fiscal records, 1933-1962
BOX 7Vouchers and receipts, 1933-1937
BOX 7Dues and membership list, 1952
BOX 7Miscellaneous, 1952
BOX 7Account 8069
BOX 7Membership dues
BOX 7 1954-1955
BOX 8 1956
BOX 8Microcard orders of minutes
BOX 8Sales
BOX 8Farmington Plan
BOX 8Final report
BOX 8Handbook
BOX 8Minutes of meetings
BOX 8Deposits
BOX 8Financial statements
BOX 8Orders sent
BOX 8Clearinghouse forms, sale of
BOX 9Organization membership
BOX 9Membership and representation
BOX 9Digest, minutes of meetings
BOX 9Weber, index to minutes
BOX 9Use and distribution of minutes
BOX 9Reorganization, 1946 ballot
BOX 10Admission of John Crerar Library, Chicago, Ill.
BOX 10Admission of Army Medical and Agriculture
BOX 10Reconstitution of membership
(2 folders)
BOX 10Old member
BOX 10Reconstitution of membership, new nominees
BOX 11Dartmouth, N.H., 1952
BOX 11Membership, 1953-1957
BOX 11Potential members, 1961-1962
BOX 11Membership, 1962
BOX 11Reorganization
BOX 12Invitations, representatives, and inaugurations
BOX 12Association list and general
BOX 12Dix phone calls
BOX 12Executive secretive
BOX 12Candidates
BOX 12General
BOX 12Eugene Power, advisory committee concerning microfilming operation in Moscow, USSR
BOX 12Press releases
BOX 12Tax exemption application
BOX 12Constitution, working papers
BOX 12Incorporation, correspondence
BOX 12Committee memberships
BOX 12Members
BOX 12Constitutions
BOX 12Reorganization, 1961-1962
BOX 13Meetings
BOX 13Chicago, Ill., 1932-1933
(2 folders)
BOX 13Montreal, Canada, 1934, June
BOX 13Washington, D.C., 1934, Dec.
BOX 13Denver, Colo., 1935, July
BOX 13Chicago, Ill., 1935, Dec.
BOX 13Richmond, Va., 1936, May
BOX 13Chicago, Ill., 1936, Dec.
BOX 13New York, N.Y., 1937, July
BOX 13Chicago, Ill., 1937, Dec.
BOX 13Kansas, 1938, July
BOX 13Unknown, twelfth meeting
BOX 13San Francisco, Calif., 1939, July
BOX 13Chicago, Ill., Dec. 1939
BOX 13Extra copies
BOX 13Circular letters
BOX 13Miscellaneous
BOX 14General
BOX 14Farmington Plan Advisory Committee, minutes of meeting, 1961
BOX 15Miscellaneous projects
BOX 15Wilson Co., service basis
(2 folders)
BOX 15Charge study
BOX 15Price and Raney reports
BOX 15Doctoral dissertation
BOX 15List, 1939
BOX 15Microfilming of master's thesis
BOX 16Master's thesis list
BOX 16Committee on Indexing and Abstracting
BOX 16Doctoral dissertations, 1947-1953
BOX 16Committee on the Publication and Distribution of Thesis, 1951
BOX 16Dissertation lists
BOX 16Association of Research Libraries
BOX 16Library of Congress, Washington, D.C.
BOX 17Advisory Committee on the Publication and Recording of Dissertations
BOX 17Modern Language Association project, Robbins
BOX 17Pastor index
BOX 17Paul, James C. N., Institute of Legal Research
BOX 17Author index for Poole
BOX 17Preservation of confidential material
BOX 17Price
BOX 17Rusk, George Y.
BOX 17Silver, Henry
BOX 17Harry Truman Library, Independence, Mo.
BOX 17National code hearings, publication
BOX 17Clearinghouse for interlibrary loans
BOX 18Inter-American Library meetings
BOX 18Interlibrary loan code
BOX 18International Conference on Cataloging Principles
BOX 18Kraus, Abtailung A.
BOX 18Library of Congress, Washington, D.C.
BOX 18Cooperative purchase of European books
BOX 18Librarianship
BOX 18Printing of catalog
BOX 18Librarians Liaison Committee
BOX 18Code authorities, National Recovery Administration
BOX 19Durable paper
BOX 19Edwards music republishing
BOX 19Encyclopedia of SS
BOX 19Florence agreement
BOX 19Evans project
BOX 19Folklore
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