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Institute of the Aerospace Sciences archives, 1783-1962

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Biographical Files, 1784-1962 (continued)
BOX 126Whitcomb, Richard
White, E. F.
White, Robert
White, Will Walter
Whiting, Kenneth
Whitehead, Gustave
Whitman, Walt
Whittingham, Sir Harold
Wibault, Michel
Wiesner, Jerome
Wilcox, James
Wild, Horace
Wilford, Edward
Wilkins, Sir Hubert
Willard, Charles
Willgoos, Andrew
BOX 127Williams, Alexander
Williams, Alford
Williams, J. Newton
Williams, John
Williams, Jonathan
Williams, Walter C.
Wilms, Les
Wilson, Charles
Wilson, Cromwell
Wilson, Eugene
Wilson, Gill Rob
Wilson, J. A.
BOX 128Wimperis, Harry
Wise, John
Wobus, Hermann
Woglum, Gilbert Totten
Wolfert, Hans
Wolff, Emile
Wood, Carlos
Wood, Eric
Wood, John
Wood, Karl
Woodhouse, Henry
Woods, Baldwin
Woodson, Omer
Woolard, Felix
Woodridge, Dean
Woodridge, John
Wooler, Ernest
Woolley, Charles
Woolley, James
Woolsey, Clinton
BOX 129Woolson, Lionel
Woolweaver, Gerald
Wooten, Carl
Wooten, J. A.
Wooten, Ralph
Wooten, Wesley
Wooton, Garza
Wooton, Hazel
Wooton, John
Worden, J. Hector
Work, Bertram
Work, James
Workman, W. H.
Worley, George
Worsley, Frank
Worsley, Oswald
Worster, George
Worth, Loma
Wortscher, Joseph
Wright, Burdette
Wright, Orville
BOX 130Yancey, Lewis
Young, Chauncey
Young, Clarence
Younger, John
Yount, Barton
Yuan, Shao-Wen
Zahm, Albert
Zambeccari, Francesco
Zand, Stephen
Zandt, V. Parker
Zeppelin, Ferdinand Adolf von
Zimmermann, Paul
BOX 131-173Aircraft Company Files
Newspaper clippings, pamphlets, airplane specifications, correspondence, printed matter, articles, sketches, maps, blueprints, reports, memoranda, photographs, press releases, financial statements, and annual reports.
Arranged alphabetically by name of company and therein by type of material.
BOX 131Abrams Aircraft Corp.
Aeromarine Plane and Motor Co.
Aeromarine Klemm Corp.
Aeronca Aircraft
Aeronautical Corp. of America
American Eagle Aircraft Corp.
Amphibians, Inc.
Arrow Aircraft Corp.
Avions Hanriot
Barkley Grow Aircraft Corp.
BOX 132Beech Aircraft Corp.
BOX 133Bell Aircraft Corp.
Brewster Aeronautical Corp.
Buhl Aircraft Corp.
Burgess Airplanes
Burnelli Aircraft Corp.
BOX 134Cessna Aircraft Corp.
Colgate-Larsen Aircraft Corp.
Columbia Aircraft Corp.
Commonwealth Aircraft.
BOX 135Consolidated Aircraft
Consolidated Vultee Aircraft
BOX 136Cox-Klemin Corp.
Crouch-Bolas Aircraft
Curtiss Aero and Motor
BOX 137Curtiss Aero
Curtiss Airport
Curtiss Reid
Curtiss Robertson
BOX 138Curtiss Wright
Newspaper clippings
BOX 139Newspaper clippings
BOX 140Miscellany
BOX 141Curtiss Wright Export Corp.
Curtiss Wright Flying Service
BOX 142Dornier Aircraft
BOX 143Dornier Aircraft
BOX 144Douglas Aircraft Corp.
BOX 145Douglas Aircraft Corp.
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