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Russian Orthodox Greek Catholic Church of America. Diocese of Alaska records, 1733-1938

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Available on microfilm. Shelf no. 19,001 (A1-D515 and F1-H33); shelf no. 12,766 (E1-E88).

BOX A1-A12  REEL 1-6Ukaz, 1826-1899
Printed imperial and ecclesiastical orders, instructions, and prayers, with some handwritten transcripts and annotated duplications.
Arranged chronologically with a subject grouping at the end.
BOX A1  REEL 11826, May-1842, May
(6 folders)
BOX A2  REEL 11842, June-1843, Mar.
(10 folders)
BOX A3  REEL 1-21843, Apr.-1844, Apr.
(10 folders)
BOX A4  REEL 21844, Mar.-1845, Feb.
(8 folders)
BOX A5  REEL 21845, Mar.-1846, June
(7 folders)
BOX A6  REEL 2-31846, July-1848, Oct.
(12 folders)
BOX A7  REEL 31848, Nov.-1851, Aug.
(13 folders)
BOX A8  REEL 3-41851, Sept.-1855, Dec.
(8 folders)
BOX A9  REEL 41856, Jan.-1864, Nov.
(9 folders)
BOX A10  REEL 51865, Feb.-1897, May
(5 folders)
BOX A11  REEL 5-6Alexander II, death of 1881
Bishops, 1841-1851
Clerks serving in the Holy Synod, 1841-1852
Department of Civilian and Provincial Government, 1845-1846
Dioceses, new, 1842-1853
Education, 1870-1887
BOX A12  REEL 6Matrimony, divorce, heretics, drunkenness, and other clerical matters, 1882-1899
Members of the Holy Synod, 1841-1850
Monasteries in Russia, 1841-1853
Prayers, undated
Privileges of the clergymen, 1842-1852
Rewards for upper–rank clergyman, 1841-1853
Tsar family, 1877-1886
War with Turkey, 1877
Fragments, undated
BOX B1-B41  REEL 7-36Clergy Dossier, 1762-1929
Ecclesiastical, legal, and financial documents, travel and transfer requests, petitions, and family and other secular papers.
Arranged alphabetically by name of clergyman and chronologically therein. A supplemental file at the end of the series, also arranged alphabetically, contains more dossier material, including of clergy already represented in the main file.
BOX B1  REEL 7Aksenov, Evpl, 1850-1865
Aleksandrov, Ioann (Simenov), 1898-1900
Aleksandrov, Vladimir, 1896-1915
Alekseev, Nikandr, 1853
Aleksin, Evfimi (Panteleimonov), 1884-1905
(3 folders)
Amkan, Nikifor (Nikolaev), 1897-1913
Amvrosov, Fedor, 1816-1833
Andreadi, Mikhail, 1902-1913
Anfinnikov, Mikhail, 1900
Arefiev, Filaret (Ioann Iakovelev), (monk), 1848-1854
(2 folders)
Arkhangelskii, Aleksandr (Mikhailov), 1894-1902
(2 folders)
Bagriantsev, Petr (Ioannov), 1823-1837 See also Container B41, same heading
(2 folders)
Balakshin, Ioann (Danilov), 1831-1870
(2 folders)
Balanovich, Evtikhii, 1895
Balanovskii, Vasilii, 1904
Balog, Mikhail (V.), 1890-1898
BOX B2  REEL 7-8Baranov, Pavel (Ananakh), also known as Paul Liberty, 1903-1918
Bateuv, Andrei, 1848-1852
Bekerov, Trifon, 1850
Belkov, Nikolai, 1864
Belkov, Nikolai (Onisimov), 1886-1907
Belkov, Zakharii (Nikolaev), 1861-1903
(4 folders)
Bellavin, Tikhon (Vasilii Ivanov), and Mikhail, 1893-1905
(2 folders)
Berdennikov, Petr, 1841-1880
(4 folders)
Berezkin, Matvei, 1905-1908
Bezkishkin, Pavel, 1911
Blagovidov, Andrei, 1841-1849,
(5 folders)
Bogoslovskii, Mikhail (Stefanov), 1840-1846
(4 folders)
BOX B3  REEL 8-9Bogoslovskii, Mikhail (Stefanov), 1844-1852
(8 folders)
Borozdin, Fedor, 1844-1860
Bortnovskii, Ioann (Evseviev), 1888-1907
Buketov, Feofan, 1901
Burenin, Petr, 1836
Burtsev, Aleksandr (also Vasilii Kashevarov, Mikhail Renke, and Mikhail Salamatov), 1859-1868
Chebotniagin, Apaksim, 1841-1846
Chechenev, Grigorii (Alekseev), 1860-1868
Chechenev, Ilia, 1848-1849
BOX B4  REEL 9Chechenev, Nilolai (Petrov), 1841-1868
(3 folders)
Chernov, Nikanor S., also Grigorii Gusev, 1860-1867
Chernykh, Aleksandr, 1844-1846
Chernykh, Aleksei (of Bolsheretsk), [1799]-1828 See also Container B41, same heading
Chernykh, Aleksei (Nikitov), 1845-1847 See also Container B41, same heading
Chernykh, Egor, 1846
Chernykh, Gavriil, 1844-1850
Chernykh, Georgii, 1846 See Oversize
Chernykh, Georgii, (Leontiev), 1781-1787
(2 folders)
Chernykh, Ilarion (Leontiev), 1841-1846
Chernykh, Iosif, 1836
Chernykh, Ivan (Leontiev), (clerk), 1834-1853 See also Container B41, same heading
(3 folders)
Chernykh, Leontii (Nikitov), 1840-1851
Chernykh, Nitifor (Aleksandrov), 1855-1857
Chernykh, Nikita (Leontiev) from Gizhiga, 1843-1844
Chernykh, Nikita (of Milkovskoe), 1836-1843 See also Container B41, same heading
(3 folders)
Chubarov, Petr (Pavel), 1895-1909
BOX B5  REEL 9-10Chudnovskii, Georgii, (monk), 1888-1891
Cochran, Iakov, 1888-1901
Coté, Joseph E. A., 1894-1923
Dabovich, Sevastian (Ioann), 1879-1908
(2 folders)
Daicker, Vladimir, 1902-1918
Dashkevich, Antonii F., 1897-1924
(2 folders)
Dediukhin, Fedor (Nikolaev), 1876
Demidov, Aleksandr A., 1908-1911
Diakonov, Afanasii, 1805-1807
Diakonov, Ilia, 1837-1841
Diakov, Nikolai, 1888
Diligenskii, Aleksandr (Ivanovich), 1879-1880
BOX B6  REEL 10-11Diligenskii, Aleksandr (Ivanovich), 1881-1882
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