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G. Bromley Oxnam papers, 1823-1963

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BOX 1-32Diaries and Journals, 1903-1963
Fifty-nine volumes and several folders of loose pages containing lengthy daily entries, correspondence, printed matter, programs, church bulletins, newspaper clippings, photographs, articles, book reviews, addresses, sermons, lectures, notes, memoranda, reports, and records.
Chronologically arranged.
BOX 11913-1916
BOX 21916-1918
BOX 31918-1921
BOX 41921-1931
BOX 51931-1934
BOX 61934-1937
BOX 71937-1938
BOX 81938-1939
BOX 91939-1940
BOX 101940-1941
BOX 111942-1943
BOX 121943-1944
BOX 131945, Jan.-May
BOX 141945, June-Dec.
BOX 151946
BOX 161946-1947
BOX 171947-1948
BOX 181948-1949
BOX 191949-1950.
BOX 201951
BOX 211952
BOX 221953
BOX 231953-1954, Jan.-Aug.
BOX 241954, Sept.-1955, Dec.
BOX 251955
BOX 261956
BOX 271956-1957
BOX 281958
BOX 291959
BOX 301960
BOX 31Miscellaneous
BOX 321912-1963
BOX 33-37General Correspondence, 1914-1963
Letters sent and received.
Arranged alphabetically by name of person or organization and chronologically thereunder.
BOX 33Russell Alexander, 1935-1938
Athēnagoras I, Ecumenical Patriarch of Constantinople, 1951-1962
George Smith Brown, 1935-1958
Budapest Reformed Theological Academy, Budapest, Hungary (Bishop Bereczky, etc.), 1955
S. Parkes Cadman, 1927-1928
Chiang Kai-Shek, 1958
Eli P. Clark, 1930
Henry Hitt Crane, 1932-1939
E. Guy Cutshall, 1932-1939
BOX 34Andor dePaal, 1949-1950
John Foster Dulles, 1941-1959
Sherwood Eddy, 1918-1959
Dwight D. Eisenhower, 1945-1960
Frank C. Evans, 1937-1945
Geoffrey Fisher, 1955-1958
BOX 35G. Hans Grueninger, 1945-1948
Hermann Hagedorn, 1946- 1957
Lord Halifax
William D. Hassett, 1945-1950
Maurice Hindus, 1931
Frank E. Hines, 1932-1933
J. Edgar Hoover, 1938, 1947
Lynn Harold Hough, 1928
Cordell Hull, 1934-1944
Jesse H. Jones, 1943-1944
James R. Joy, 1938-1948
Frank Knox, 1943
Albert C. Knudson, 1926-1927
Lahey Clinic, 1943-1959
Adna Wright Leonard, 1919-1934
David Eli Lilienthall, 1940-1962
Henry B. Longden, 1935-1944
Henry Robinson Luce, 1945-1950
John W. McCormack, 1959
Robert G. McCutchan, 1936-1958
William F. McDowell, 1928-1937
Marvin Hunter McIntyre, 1941-1943
R. Tait McKenzie, 1935
Paul V. McNutt, 1941-1943
Felix M. McWhirter, 1928-1936
BOX 36Daniel L. Marsh, 1935-1951
John Masefield, 1937, undated
John R. Mott
Louie D. Newton, 1946-1953
William H. Cardinal O'Connell, 1943-1944
Norman Vincent Peale, 1954-1956
Kathryn Peck, 1938-1941
Frances Perkins, 1941-1944
Milo Perkins, 1943
Daniel A. Poling, 1938-1960
John D. Rockefeller, Jr., 1945-1950
Rockefeller Brothers Fund, 1952
Franklin D. Roosevelt and Eleanor Roosevelt, 1941-1950
Margaret Sanger, 1950
Sasamori, 1937-1947
Walter John Sherman, 1939-1942
Francis Cardinal Spellman, 1946-1947
John R. Steelman, 1943, 1951
William L. Stidger, 1939-1949
Henry L. Stimson, 1943-1945
William E. Sweet, 1939-1941
Texas (Southwest Texas Conference), 1953
Myron C. Taylor, 1945-1950
Harry S. Truman, 1945-1951
BOX 37Henry A. Wallace, 1943-1946
Henry F. Ward, 1828-1929
Earl Warren, 1954-1955
Herbert Welch, 1953-1961
Princess Wilhelmina, 1954, 1957
Charles E. Wilson, 1955
Miscellaneous, A-Z, 1914-1963
Unknown, 1929, 1963
BOX 38-70Subject File, 1912-1962
Correspondence, journals, reports, records, memoranda, articles, book reviews, addresses, sermons, lectures, notes, printed matter, scrapbooks, programs, newspaper clippings, and photographs.
Arranged by subject and by specific topic thereunder. A file of miscellaneous subject file is arranged alphabetically.
BOX 38Un-American Activities and Related Material Correspondents include Clyde Boyle, Herbert Brownell, Dorothea Cable Cary, Kit Clardy, Jerome Davis, Charles Wesley Flint, Donald Lester Jackson, Verne P. Kaub, Corliss Lamont, Kenneth Leslie, Harvey M. Matusow, J. Howard McGrath, Carl McIntire, Louis B. Nichols, Charles C. Parlin, Alan Reitman, Robert Gilman Smith, Dirk J. Struik, Harold Himmel Velde, and John S. Wood
House Un-American Activities Committee (HUAAC)
Kit Clardy File
Donald Lester Jackson File
Harold Himmel Velde File
Correspondence with HUAAC Members
Margaret Forsyth and Dorothy McConnell File
Carl Harvey Jackins File
Donald G. Lothrop File
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