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BOX 677-682 Addition: Government Operations Committee Files, 1975-1976
Correspondence, memoranda, reports, congressional testimony statements and transcripts, newspaper clippings and other printed material pertaining to the committee's investigation of computer crime in federal programs and private industry.
Arranged alphabetically by subject.
BOX 677 Government Operations Committee Files, 1975-1976
Abbott, Robert P., testimony
Agriculture Department
(2 folders)
Allen, Brandt
Bequai, August
Bureau of Prisons
(1 folder)
BOX 678 (2 folders)
NIC/CCH Summaries, Leavenworth participants
Central Intelligence Agency
Civil Service Commission
Commerce Department
National Bureau of Standards
Committee Bill, L. H. Fountain: HEW Fraud and Regulation Abuse
BOX 679 Committee print, Report of Teamsters Local 295
Computer Security Institute
Computer, miscellany
Congressional Record, reprints
Defense Department
Energy Resources and Development Administration
General Accounting Office, clippings
General Services Administration Testimony File
Health, Education, and Welfare Department
ADP Systems Security
BOX 680 Testimony draft
Justice Department
Federal Bureau of Investigation
Kranzberg, Melvin
Library of Congress Congressional Research Service, computer security material
Management and Budget Office
Navy Department, Subverts “Secure” System
Nycum, Susan, testimony
BOX 681 Parker, Donn B., testimony
(3 folders)
Press releases
Scantlebury, Don, testimony
Staff study
Thank-you letters
Treasury Department
Internal Revenue Service Computer
Case Bureau of Prisons
BOX 682 General
Ribicoff's opening statement
Working papers of Philip Manuel
Computer case
(4 folders)
REEL 1-159 Microfilm Set I: Outgoing Correspondence, 1963-1980
Microfilm of outgoing correspondence.
Arranged by year and therein alphabetically by name of correspondent. Microfilm shelf no. 18,138 (16 mm).
REEL 1 Outgoing Correspondence
REEL 2 Coa-Fo
REEL 3 Fra-Jim
REEL 4 Jod-Mcw
REEL 5 Mea-Ray
REEL 6 Re-Smy
REEL 7 Sta-Zys
REEL 8 1964
REEL 9 Car-Elz
REEL 10 Ema-Hei
REEL 11 Hel-Laz
REEL 12 Lea-Myr
REEL 13 Nab-Ror
REEL 14 Ros-Thi
REEL 15 Tho-Zyn
REEL 16 1965
REEL 17 Buc-Dlu
REEL 18 Doa-Goy
REEL 19 Gra-Khe
REEL 20 Kic-Mcw
REEL 21 Mea-Pyt
REEL 22 Qua-Smy
REEL 23 Sna-Why
REEL 24 Wic-Zyg
REEL 25 1966
REEL 26 Bro-Daz
REEL 27 Dea-Ghi
REEL 28 Gia-Hyn
REEL 29 Iac-Lev
REEL 30 Lew-Mro
REEL 31 Muc-Rey
REEL 32 Rhe-Sth
REEL 33 Sti-Zyt
REEL 34 1967
REEL 35 Bri-Coy
REEL 36 Cra-Fez
REEL 37 Fia-Hal
REEL 38 Ham-Kaz
REEL 39 Kea-Man
REEL 40 Mar-Nym
REEL 41 Oai-Roi
REEL 42 Rol-Sri
REEL 43 Sta-Wap
REEL 44 War-Zyt
REEL 45 1968
REEL 46 Bro-Day
REEL 47 Dea-Fly
REEL 48 Fod-Gwi
REEL 49 Haa-Jut
REEL 50 Kab-Man
REEL 51 Mar-Nez
REEL 52 Nic-Riv
REEL 53 Roa-Slo
REEL 54 Sna-Vul
REEL 55 Wac-Zwi
REEL 56 1969
REEL 57 Bro-Com
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