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Moldenhauer archives at the Library of Congress, circa 1000-circa 1990

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BOX 1-130  BOX 140Musical Figures, 1000-1987
The Musical Figures series contains items such as original compositions (manuscript and printed scores), arrangements and transcriptions. This series also contains writings (manuscript, typescript, printed material, published and unpublished), correspondence, programs of music performances, and works of art.
Arrangement is alphabetical by composer, arranger, or title.
Abeille, Ludwig, 1761-1838
BOX 1A. L. S.: to Breitkopf & Härtel. Stuttgart, 24 Nov. 1809. 1p., German
Abert, Hermann, 1871-1927
BOX 1A. Card S.: 1 Dec. 1926. 1p., German
Abert, Johann Joseph, 1832-1915
BOX 1A. Mus. Quot. S.: Ekkehard, Act II, scene 2, Stuttgart, Mar. 1887
Abt, Franz Wilhelm, 1819-1885
BOX 1A. Mus. ms. S.: Es klinget so lieblich im grünen Hain, op. 131, No. 2. 2p., 28x34cm. Complete score
BOX 1A. Mus. ms. S.: Leise rauscht's im Lindenbaume, 29 June 1870. 3p., 35x22cm. Complete score
BOX 1A. Mus. ms. S.: Mein Lieb ist fortgezogen, op. 131, No. 1. 2p., 28x34cm. Complete score
BOX 1A. Mus. ms. S.: Schifferständchen, op. 176. 3p., 27x34cm. Full score
BOX 1Mus. ms. cop.: [Two songs with piano accompaniment]. 4p.
BOX 13 A. L. S.: Braunschweig, 12 Dec. 1854, 5 Sept. 1862, 11 June 1875. 5p., German
BOX 17 A. L. S.: [to Bartolf Senff]. Braunschweig, 1857-1878; Suderode, 1882. 10p., German
Accorimboni, Agostino, 1739-1818
BOX 1A. Mus. ms. S.: Litanies de la Ste Vierge. 8p., 22x29cm. Full score
BOX 1A. Mus. ms. S.: Veni sponsa Christi. 8p., 22x28cm. Full score
Achron, Joseph, 1886-1943
BOX 79A. Mus. ms. S.: Hebrew Dance for, Orchestra, op. 35, No. 1, St. Petersburg, Russia, Aug. 1912, orchestrated 1913. 44p., 38x26cm. Full score
BOX 79Mus. ms. arr.: Children's Suite, op. 57, 1923, transcribed for large orchestra by David Tamkin, 1942. 94p.
BOX 79Mus. ms. cop.: Sextet, op. 73, 1938. 8p. Bassoon part
BOX 79Mus. ms. Repro.: Elegy for String Quartet (or String Orchestra), op. 62. 8p.
BOX 79Mus. ms. Repro.: Sextet, op. 73, 1938, in New Music, July 1942. 32p.
BOX 79Pri. Sco.: Statuettes, 1930, in New Music, Oct. 1931. 16p.
BOX 110Port. Phot.: by Maurice Toldberg (Box 110)
Adam, Adolphe, 1803-1856
BOX 1A. Mus. ms. S.: Marche de la jolie..., 12 July 1842. 1p., 32x27cm. Piano score
BOX 110A. L. S.: to Pacini. ?, 1 Oct.[?] 1842. 1p., French. Mounted with portrait lithograph, by Aubert (Box 110)
BOX 1A. L. S.: to David. Paris, 24 Mar. 1851. 3p., French
BOX 110Port. Lith.: see letter above (Box 110)
Alary, Jules Eugène Abraham, 1814-1891
BOX 1A. L. S.: Haymarket, 2 July 1871. 1p., French
Albéniz, Isaac, 1860-1909
BOX 1A. L. S.: to Kufferath. Nice, 28 Mar. 1904. 4p., French. Regarding Pepita
BOX 1Pri. Sco. S.: Mazurka, Madrid: Antonio Romero, to Madame Berthe --[?], London, 18 May 1889. 8p.
Albergati, Pirro, 1663-1735
BOX 1A. L. S.: to Count Silvio Albergati (uncle). Bologna, 6 Jan. 1693. 2p., Italian
Alboni, Marietta, 1826-1894
BOX 1A. L. S.: London, 14 Dec. 1870. 1p., Italian
BOX 1A. L. S.: to Countess Tuaffe. n.p., n.d. 1p., Italian
BOX 1A. Mus. Quot. S.: Cenerentola by Rossini. Paris, 29 Nov. 1871
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Alessandrescu, Alfred, 1893-1959
BOX 110Port. Phot. S.: to Boaz Piller, Bucharest, Apr. 1938
Altmann, Wilhelm, 1862-1951
BOX 1A. L. S.: Berlin, 30 July 1924. 1p., German. Mentions Busoni
Amadé, August, 1867-1930
BOX 1A. Mus. ms. S.: Klavier-Etude, op. 52, No. 5, to Ella Panera. 5p., 34x27cm.
Ambros, August Wilhelm, 1816-1876
BOX 1A. Mus. ms. S.: Benedictus, for men's voices, 8 Jan. 1875. 1p., 24x19cm.
Ambrosi, Gustinus, 1893-1975
BOX 1P. card S.: to Karl Weigl. Vienna, 22 Jan. 1924. German. With photograph of his sculpture
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Ander, Aloys, 1817-1864
BOX 1A. L. S.: Vienna, 20 Mar. 1839. 1p., German
BOX 1A. L. S.: Salzbrunn, 4 July 1839. 1p., German
André, Johann Anton, 1775-1842
BOX 1A. Mus. ms. S.: Missa, No. 2. 52p., 21x34cm., German. Full score. Bound. With autograph title page, and 1p. "Vorbericht" on inside cover
Andriessen, Hendrik, 1892-1981
BOX 1A. Mus. ms. S.: Symphonie II, Fantasia, 1937. 1p. (opening page), 36x24cm.
BOX 1A. L. S.: to Hans Moldenhauer. The Hague, 31 May 1959. 1p., English
BOX 1L. S.: to Hans Moldenhauer, from Caecilia Andriessen. The Hague, 27 June 1956. 1p., English
BOX 1Call. c. S.
Andriessen, Jurriaan, 1925-1996
BOX 1A. Mus. ms. S.: Concerto per due pianoforte, 1944. 27p., 34x27cm.
BOX 12 T. L. S.: to Hans Moldenhauer. The Hague, 30, 31 Oct. 1959. 2p., English
Angyal, László, b. 1900
BOX 1A. Doc. S.: Testimonial. Gustav Mahler's period of activity in Hungary. 1p., German
BOX 1T. Doc.: Biography. 3p., German
BOX 2A. Mus. ms.: [Songs], "dedié à Made. de B--," 1775. 6p., 22x30cm., French. For voice, solo and duet, with figured bass acccompaniment
BOX 2Doc.: Dictionary. [post-1780]. 15 leaves, Italian, ink. Covering composers G-Q
Call no.: (Shelf)Mus. ms.: [Neumes]. Vellum leaf, richly illuminated in black, red, blue, with gold, 22x17cm., Latin. The first four lines (of eighteen) with musical notation for the text passage beginning with "O culpa" (Shelf)
Digital content available
Call no.: (Shelf)Mus. ms.: [Organ Tablature]. 32x20cm., German, ink. 8p. Excerpt. The cover is a floral patterned marbled paper (Shelf)
Digital content available
BOX 2Doc.: Historical essay. Liutomonografia, on violin making and violin builders in Italy. [1872]. 52p. + 3 leaves inserted + 5p. clippings (German), 23x18cm., Italian. Bound. On inside cover, "Bart. Poda, Pietro Bagatella, Pavia"
Ansorge, Conrad, 1862-1930
BOX 2A. L. S.: to Schrader. Irvington-on-the-Hudson, 8 Sept. 1888. 4p., German
BOX 2Draw. Repro.: Ansorge at the piano
Anthes, Georg, b. 1863
BOX 2A. Alb. l. S.: Dresden, May 1889
Apostel, Hans Erich, 1901-1972
BOX 103A. Mus. ms. S.: Cello Sonate, op. 35. 2p., 30x21cm. Sketches
BOX 103A. Mus. ms. S.: Haydn Variationen, op. 17. 1p., 44x34cm. Full score. With autograph note on verso
BOX 103A. Mus. ms. S.: Rondo rítmico für grosses Orchester, op. 27. 9p., 34x27cm. Sketches
BOX 103A. Mus. ms. S.: Zwei Gesänge, op. 40, No. 1. 3p., 34x27cm.
BOX 103P. card S.: to Julius Schloss. Vienna, 13 Nov. 1935. German. Also signed by Steuermann, Felix Galimir, Novakovic, Polnauer, Leopold Spinner, Jakob Gimpel, Zenk and others. Card announces program for the Verein für Neue Musik
BOX 103P. card S.: to Paul Sanders. Recco, 24 May 1939. German. Quotes a phrase from Wozzeck
BOX 103T. L. S.: to Hans Moldenhauer. Vienna, 5 July 1965. 1p., German
BOX 103A. Mus. Quot. S.: Der Sechziger dankt für die Wünsche, to Polnauer, 2 Feb. 1961. 1p.
BOX 103Mus. ms. Repro. S.: Ode, op. 36, to Hans Moldenhauer, Vienna, July 1970. 52p. + 2p. typed text signed. Blueprint score
BOX 103Pri. Sco. S.: Kammersymphonie, op. 41, Vienna: Universal, c1969, to Hans Moldenhauer, 1970. 68p.
BOX 103Prog.: Kammersymphonie, op. 41, to Hans Moldenhauer, 4 June 1968. With accompanying printed invitation to the premiere, to Hans Moldenhauer, and musical quotation
BOX 110Port. Phot. S.: Vienna, 1971. By Bellingrath (Box 110)
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Arditi, Luigi, 1822-1903
BOX 2A. Mus. ms. S.: Il desio, duetto fantastico per soprano e contralto, to Carlotta and Barbara Marchisio, London, 5 Sept. 1862. 12p., 25x31cm. With cadenzas. Complete score
BOX 2A. Mus. Quot. S.: Margherita, Cincinnati, 6 Feb. 1883. 1p.
BOX 110Port. Phot. S. Repro. (Box 110)
Arensky, Anton Stepanovitch, 1861-1906
BOX 110Port. Phot. S.: With accompanying musical quotation, [Piano trio in D Minor]
Argentina, 1888-1936
BOX 110Port. Phot. S.: to Boaz Piller. Boston, Nov. 1929
Call no.: (Shelf)Bk.: La Argentina, by Carlos Manso (Shelf)
Arkan, Muzaffer, b. 1923
BOX 23 T. L. S.: to Hans Moldenhauer. Ankara, 6 Dec. 1959, 1 May, 1 Sept. 1960. 3p., German
BOX 2L. Repro.: Ankara, 22 Oct. 1961. 1p., German
BOX 2T. Doc.: Biographical sketch. 1 May 1960. 1p., German
BOX 2Mus. ms. Repro. S.: Suite, op. 14, No. 2. 13p.
Arnold, Samuel, 1740-1802
BOX 110A. L. S.: Duke St., 20 Apr. 1802. 1p., English. With accompanying portrait engraving, by Vernor & Hood
Arregui Garay, Vicente, 1871-1925
BOX 2A. Mus. ms. S.: Sonata en fa menor para piano, Paris, 1902. 17p., 27x34cm.
Artôt, Désirée, 1835-1907
BOX 2A. L. S.: to Abt. Karlsruhe, 21 Aug. 1867. 4p., French
BOX 2A. L. S.: Cologne, 8 Oct. 1869. 3p., French
Asencio, Vicent, 1903-1979
BOX 2A. Mus. ms. S.: Foc de festa, to Ricardo Viñes, San Sebastian, 8 Sept. 1938. 11p., 31x22cm. Ballet arranged for piano solo
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