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Mannes - Damrosch collection, 1848-1986

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BOX 27-28, 30, 33, 35-36 Artwork, 1889-1973 and undated
Artwork consists of pencil sketches, ink drawings, pastel drawings, watercolors, engraving and photogravure plates and reproductions of drawings, sketches and sculptures.
Arranged alphabetically by subject or title, then by medium.
Cortot, Alfred
BOX-FOLDER 27/1 Pencil sketches, by unidentified artist, undated
Damrosch, Helene
BOX-FOLDER 27/2 Pencil sketch (portrait), by unidentified artist, 1893 Jan. 9
Damrosch, Leopold
BOX-FOLDER 30/3 Engraving plate (portrait), by unidentified artist, undated
BOX-FOLDER 27/3 Pencil sketch (portrait), by Friedrich Preller, 1857 Oct. 7
Damrosch, Walter
BOX-FOLDER 27/4 Reproduction of pencil sketch (portrait), by Churchill Ettinger, undated
"Leading members of the Damrosch orchestra"
BOX-FOLDER 27/5 Print of ink drawing, by unidentified artist, undated
Mannes, Clara Damrosch
BOX-FOLDER 27/6 Pencil sketch (portrait), by unidentified artist, 1889
BOX-FOLDER 27/7 Watercolor (portrait), by Ethelwyn B. Upton, 1891
Mannes, Clara and David
BOX-FOLDER 27/8 Wedding announcement with ink drawing and written note, by unidentified artist, 1898
Mannes, David
BOX-FOLDER 33/1-2 Photogravure plates (2 portraits), by unidentified artist, undated
BOX-FOLDER 27/9 Reproduction of drawing (portrait), by Robert Gordon Hardie, 1897
BOX-FOLDER 27/10 Reproduction of pencil sketch (portrait), by unidentified artist, 1910
Mannes, Marya
BOX-FOLDER 27/11 Reproduction of oil painting (portrait), by unidentified artist, undated
Mielziner, Jo
BOX-FOLDER 27/12 Pencil sketch (portrait), by unidentified artist, 1920
Miscellaneous subjects by Clara Damrosch Mannes
BOX-FOLDER 27/13 Pencil sketches, 1889-1891, undated
BOX-FOLDER 28/1-2 Pencil sketches (2 sketch books), 1894
Miscellaneous subjects by Francesca Duran-Reynals
BOX-FOLDER 35/9 "Retrat de Marya Mannes," 1973 [brochure includes reproduction of portrait]
Miscellaneous subjects by Helen Damrosch Tee Van
BOX-FOLDER 27/14 Reproduction of pencil sketches
BOX-FOLDER 38/20 Miscellaneous subjects by Leopold Mannes, 1902, undated
Miscellaneous subjects by Marya Mannes
BOX-FOLDER 27/15 Juvenilia
BOX-FOLDER 27/16 Sculptures (photographic reproductions), undated
BOX-FOLDER 28/3 Sculptures (album of photographic reproductions), 1936, Florence
Miscellaneous subjects by Thomas Wood Stevens
BOX-FOLDER 36/3 Watercolor, 1933. Inscribed: To Walter Damrosch - in souvenir
Miscellaneous subjects by unidentified artists
BOX-FOLDER 27/17 Ink drawings
BOX-FOLDER 27/18 Pastel drawings
BOX-FOLDER 27/19 Pencil sketches
BOX-FOLDER 35/10 Pencil sketches [oversize]
BOX-FOLDER 27/20 Pencil sketches with pastels
BOX-FOLDER 27/21 Watercolors
BOX-FOLDER 27/22 "Victory and defeat," pencil sketch, by Marya Mannes, undated
BOX 29-32, 35 Awards, 1942-1969
Awards consist of certificates, diploma, and plaques.
Arranged alphabetically by recipient, then name of presenter.
Damrosch, Walter
BOX-FOLDER 35/11 Institute for Education by Radio, Ohio State University, 1942 May 5 [certificate]
Mannes, Marya
BOX 29 American Jewish Congress National Women's Division, 1969 Jan. 20 [plaque]
BOX-FOLDER 30/1 Hollins College Citation, 1968 Feb. 22
BOX 31 Long Island University Journalism Department, George Polk Memorial Award, 1958 [plaque]
BOX-FOLDER 30/2 Temple University, Honorary Doctor of Letters, 1976 May 27 [diploma]
BOX 32 Theta Sigma Phi, National Fraternity for Women in Journalism, Philadelphia Professional Chapter, Award of Honor, 1962 May 16 [plaque]
BOX 7, 35 Subject File, 1911-1961 and undated
Subject files consist of letters, printed clippings from magazines and newspapers, printed and typescript brochures and programs, photographs, burial documents.
Arranged alphabetically by subject, then chronologically.
Damrosch Memorial, Woodlawn Cemetery, 1948, undated
BOX-FOLDER 7/1 Correspondence, Photographs, Miscellaneous
BOX-FOLDER 35/12 Marker impression
BOX-FOLDER 7/2 Music School Settlement for Colored People, 1911-1961, undated
BOX 7, 33 Miscellaneous
Miscellaneous consists of locks of hair, contents of wallet, and lists.
Arranged alphabetically by person.
Blow, David
BOX-FOLDER 7/3 Locks of hair, age of 3 weeks and 3 years (in sealed envelopes)
Damrosch, Leopold
BOX-FOLDER 33/3 Wallet
BOX-FOLDER 7/4 Wallet Contents
  • Ich singe dir mit Herz und Mund..., music sketch in ink, undated;
  • photograph of Helene Von Heimburg Damrosch;
  • lock of hair; and
  • decorative printed card, undated
Mannes, David
BOX-FOLDER 7/5 List of donors to the town hall chair in honor of David Mannes, undated
Mannes, Marya
BOX-FOLDER 7/6 List of Reporter staff, 1963
BOX-FOLDER 7/7 Unidentified person, lock of hair, undated

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