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Visual materials from the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People records (Library of Congress)

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International activities, people, and places of interest to the NAACP.
LOT 13101 Delegates and Activities at International Congresses, 1944-1960.
Includes photos of the Conference Africaine Française in Brazzaville, some of which depict Charles DeGaulle and Governor-General Félix Eboué of French equatorial Africa; trade union leaders at meetings; West Indies National Council Vice President Richard Moore speaking at a meeting in San Francisco, Calif., on independence for the Caribbean and India; one photo shows Ralph Bunche at a United Nations meeting on Israeli-Jordan relations. 27 photographic prints. Organized chronologically.
Conference Africaine Française, Brazzaville, Congo
LOT 13101, nos. 1-15 (F)
World Trade Union Congress, London, England, Feb.
LOT 13101, no. 16 (F)
World Youth Conference, London, England, Nov.
LOT 13101, nos. 17-18 (F)
Free India Meeting
LOT 13101, nos. 19-20 (F)
Mount Holyoke College, Institute on the U.N.
LOT 13101, no. 21 (F)
Unite d Nations Israeli-Jordan meeting
LOT 13101, no. 22 (F)
Secon d Triennial Conference of the World Assembly of Youth, Singapore, Malaya, 15-24 Aug.
LOT 13101, nos. 230-24 (F)
Se minar on Tropical Africa, Hampton Institute, Hampton, Va.
LOT 13101, nos. 25-28 (F)
LOT 13102 Views, Daily Activities, and People from Various Countries in Africa, South America, and the West Indies, ca. 1933-1953, bulk 1943-1950.
Emphasis is on the countries of Ecuador, Ethiopia, Haiti, Liberia, and Nigeria. Subjects include: destruction and rebuilding after the Ecuador earthquake of 1949; Ethiopian priests at the Vatican; Ethiopian soldiers of the Italian army; views of Liberian President Edwin Barclay at official gatherings, and a few of U.S. ambassador to Liberia Edward Dudley; Haitian cultural and educational buildings; street scenes in Port-au-Prince; portraits of Haitian President Elie Lescot alone, and with his family at the Palace; portraits of other Haitian government and military officials; Walter White with U.S. military and Haitian government officials, possibly at ceremonies associated with the Haitian bicentennial of 1950. Photos of Nigeria include postcard views of the “capping” ceremony for Prince Falolu in Lagos and some city views of Ibadan; American soldiers watching Nigerian villagers dry cocoa beans and being greeted by villagers while touring a village marketplace. One photo of Roy Wilkins with Somali Youth League members. Also includes portraits of several African tribal chiefs; laborers in various countries, and general activities of village and city life. 154 photographic prints; 1 print (poster). Organized into four geographic categories: Africa (arranged alphabetically by country); South America (arranged alphabetically by country); West Indies (arranged alphabetically by country); Unidentified.
Dji bouti
LOT 13102, nos. 1-8 (F)
LOT 13102, nos. 9-13 (F)
Ethiopians at the Vatican
LOT 13102, nos. 14-22 (F)
LOT 13102, no. 23 (F)
LOT 13102, no. 24 (F)
LOT 13102, nos. 25-38 (F)
Liberia, U.S. Ambassador to
LOT 13102, no. 39 (H)
LOT 13102, nos. 40-58 (F)
LOT 13102, nos. 59-61 (F)
LOT 13102, nos. 62-69 (F)
LOT 13102, nos. 70-71 (F)
Miscellaneous, 1943-1951
LOT 13102, nos. 72-80 (F)
South America
LOT 13102, no. 81 (F)
LOT 13102, nos. 82-93 (F)
Ecuador--United Nations poster “Relief to Ecuador”
LOT 13102, no. 94 (H)
West Indies
L OT 13102, nos. 95-98 (F)
LOT 13102, nos. 99-128 (F)
Haiti Bicentennial, 1950
LOT 13102, nos. 129-140 (F)
LOT 13102, nos. 141-142 (F)
LOT 13102, nos. 143-145 (F)
Virgin Islands (nos. 146-148 are in color)
LOT 13102, nos. 146-148 (F)
LOT 13102, no. 149 (F)
LOT 13102, nos. 150-151 (F)
Photographs related to the NAACP's efforts to integrate the armed forces. African American contributions, both male and female, to the various branches of the armed services. The bulk documents World War II period.
LOT 13103 African American Women in the Military Services, during World War II, 1943-1951, bulk 1943-1945.
Emphasis is on activities of the Army Nurses Corps and the Women's Army (Auxiliary) Corps at bases in Australia, England, France, and the United States. Activities include training, recruitment, clerical work, and recreation, such as army nurses playing cards and knitting, and a WAAC band in a parade. Includes portraits of officers and new recruits. Prominent people depicted include Mary McLeod Bethune at a National Civilian Advisory Committee luncheon, Fort Des Moines, Iowa; Joe Louis welcoming a group of new WAAC enlistees; and Walter White visiting the Fort Des Moines, Iowa, training center. 76 photographic prints. Organized into five subject categories: Army Nurse Corps; Women's Army Auxiliary Corps (WAACs), later called Women's Army Corps (WACs); Women in the Air Force (WAFs); Women Accepted for Volunteer Emergency Service (WAVES); Miscellaneous, Atlanta Army Services Forces Department.
Army Nurse Corps
Arrival in Australia
LOT 13103, nos. 1-5 (F)
European Theater of Operations (ETO) nurses in England
LOT 13103, nos. 6-13 (F)
LOT 13103, nos. 14-21 (F)
Fort Benning, Ga.
LOT 13103, nos. 22-24 (F)
Fort Des Moines, Iowa, training center
LOT 13103, nos. 25-40 (F)
6888th Unit
LOT 13103, nos. 41-43 (F)
Transportation Corps, New York post
LOT 13103, nos. 44-51 (F)
LOT 13103, nos. 52-63 (F)
LOT 13103, no. 64 (F)
WAVES, 1944
LOT 13103, nos. 65-74 (F)
Miscellaneous, Atlanta Army Service Forces Department
LOT 13103, nos. 75-76 (F)
LOT 13104 African American Army Air Force Pilots, Mechanics, and Officers at Tuskegee Army Air Field, Alabama, 1941-1945.
Emphasis is on training classes and activities for Tuskegee Army Flying School and portraits of officers, cadets, and other personnel at Tuskegee. Includes five photos showing African American officers being held under arrest at Freemen Field, Ind., for refusing to comply with segregation policies imposed by the base. Includes a few photos of women--the post librarian and “Miss Tuskegee Army Air Field.” 41 photographic prints. Organized into three subject categories: General activities; Freeman Air Field mutiny; Individual and group portraits.
General activities
LOT 13104, nos. 1-16 (F)
Freeman Air Field mutiny
LOT 13104, nos. 17-21 (F)
Individual and group portraits
LOT 13104, nos. 22-41 (F)
LOT 13105 African Americans in the Army Air Forces, during World War II, 1944-ca. 1950, bulk 1944-1948.
Emphasis is on training in the United States and active duty with the Air Services Command in England and Italy. Activities include aviation and mechanical training, recreation, transportation of supplies. Many portraits of soldiers and officers enlisted in the 13th and 15th Air Force, the 92nd Field Artillery, the 99th Fighter Squadron, and graduates of the Air Forces Training Command, as well as other service units. Post-World War II photos show the Berlin Air Lift of 1948 and document African American participation in this effort. Includes one photo of Mary McLeod Bethune reviewing a military parade held in her honor at MacDill Air Field, Tampa, Fla., and one photo of Joe Louis with soldiers of the 15th Air Force in Italy. 175 photographic prints. Organized into nine subject categories: Air Service Command Depot, England; Berlin Air Lift, Operation Vittles; 15th Air Force Service Command; Military decorations; 99th Fighter Squadron; Portraits; Recreation; Training; Miscellaneous.
Air Service Command Depot, England, 1945
LOT 13105, nos. 1-19 (F)
Berlin Air Lift, Operation Vittles, 1948
LOT 13105, nos. 20-41 (F)
15th Air Force Service Command, 1944-1945
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