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Visual materials from the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People records (Library of Congress)

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EXHIBIT MATERIALS, ca. 1940-ca. 1960
LOT 13123
Panels used as exhibit materials, ca. 1940-ca. 1960. Primarily photographs and photomechanical prints of NAACP staff, campaigns, and events, mounted on heavy board and used for exhibit purposes. Photos represent a broad range of NAACP administrative and civil rights activities. Mounted portraits of NAACP executive staff, civil rights leaders, and defendants in civil rights and criminal cases; some fundraising, and life membership campaign activities. 75 photographic prints. Organized into five subject categories: Individual portraits; Unidentified portraits; Group portraits; Campaigns; Miscellaneous.
Individual portraits
Belafonte, Margurite
LOT 13123, no. 1 (H)
Bunche, Ralph
LOT 13123, no. 2 (H)
Current, Gloster
LOT 13123, no. 3 (H)
Evers, Medgar
LOT 13123, no. 4 (H)
Hurley, Ruby
LOT 13123, no. 5 (H)
Jones, Madison
LOT 13123, no. 6 (H)
Kaplan, Kivie
LOT 13123, no. 7 (H)
King, Martin Luther, Jr.
LOT 13123, no. 8 (H)
Lampkin, Daisy
LOT 13123, no. 9 (H)
Laws, C.A.
LOT 13123, no. 10 (H)
Luper, Clara
LOT 13123, no. 11 (OSE)
Marshall, Thurgood
LOT 13123, no. 12 (H)
Mays, Benjamin
LOT 13123, no. 13 (H)
McKissick, Floyd D.
LOT 13123, no. 14 (OSE)
Mills, Herbert
LOT 13123, no. 15 (H)
Mitchell, Clarence
LOT 13123, no. 16 (H)
Mitchell, Clarence
LOT 13123, no. 17 (OSE)
Moon, Henry
LOT 13123, no. 18 (H)
Morsell, John
LOT 13123, no. 19 (H)
Posey, Barbara Ann
LOT 13123, no. 20 (OSE)
Raul, Joseph
LOT 13123, no. 21 (H)
Reuther, Walter
LOT 13123, no. 22 (H)
Robinson, Jackie
LOT 13123, no. 23 (H)
Spingarn, Arthur
LOT 13123, no. 24 (H)
Spingarn, Arthur
LOT 13123, no. 25 (OSE)
Spottswood, Stephen Gill
LOT 13123, no. 26 (OSE)
Till, Emmett
LOT 13123, no. 27 (H)
Tobias, Channing
LOT 13123, no. 28 (H)
Wilkins, Roy
LOT 13123, no. 29 (H)
Wilkins, Roy
LOT 13123, no. 30 (OSE)
Williams, Franklin
LOT 13123, no. 31 (H)
Wright, Herbert
LOT 13123, no. 32 (H)
Unidentified portraits
Unidentified portraits
LOT 13123, no. 33-35 (H)
Group Portraits
Protest, High Point, N.C.
LOT 13123, no. 36 (OSE)
LOT 13123, nos. 37-38 (H)
Freedom Fund, general fundraising (Jackie Robinson)
LOT 13123, nos. 39-40 (H)
Life membership
LOT 13123, nos. 41-43 (H)
W. Irvin, C. Greenlee, S. Shepherd; Groveland, Fla., 1949
LOT 13123, no. 44 (H)
LOT 13123, nos. 45-53 (H)
LOT 13123, nos. 54-57 (H)
LOT 13123, nos. 58-59 (H)
Henry Shepherd home burned by mob, Groveland, Fla.
LOT 13123, no. 60 (H)
LOT 13123, nos. 61-62 (H)
Public accommodations (Rosa Parks)
LOT 13123, no. 63 (H)
LOT 13123, nos. 64-65 (H)
Civil rights mobilization
LOT 13123, nos. 66-68 (H)
LOT 13123, nos. 69-70 (H)
“Th e Mother” by Richmond Barthé
LOT 13123, nos. 71 (H)
LOT 13123, nos. 72-75 (H)
DRAWINGS AND PRINTS, ca. 1838-ca. 1950
Cartoon drawings, drawings for illustrations, prints, and panoramic photographs measuring over 28 inches that warrant item-level processing and cataloging--arranged in appropriate filing series described below.
CAI Cabinet of American Illustration filing series, ca. 1920-ca. 1950.
2 illustration drawings: an illustration drawing of a lynching victim by an anonymous artist and a cover illustration for the Crisis depicting W.E.B. Du Bois.
[Southern United States stained by the blood from a lynched black man] [between 1920 and 1950]
CAI - Anonymous, no. 3 (C size)
[Cover illustration for the Crisis magazine depicting a portrait of W.E.B. Du Bois] [Feb. 1918] (in color)
CAI - Walts, no. 1 (B size)
CD 1 Cartoon Drawings (American) filing series, ca. 1920-ca. 1950.
14 cartoon drawings related to lynchings, the South, and the NAACP.
Daily worker, mister? [between 1920 and 1930]
CD 1 - Berg, no. 1 (A size)
American tragedy-- southern style [between 1930 and 1950]
CD 1 - Chase (W.), no. 1 (B size)
Son, derned if that nigger ain't made us late for prayer meetin'! [between 1930 and 1950]
CD 1 - Chase (W.), no. 2 (C size)
Remember me, mister? [1937?]
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