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BOX 22-34 Miscellaneous Notes and Files, 1898-1995
Envelopes or wrapped packages including material from the Anvil Press, bibliographic materials, manuscript notes, and drafts of letters, lecture notes, and art-related notes. Also includes Hammer documents and Fritz Kudel.
Arranged chronologically by correspondant's name.
BOX 22-27 FOLDER 1 Anvil Press Material
BOX 22-23 Li Po
Proof sheets, over-runs
BOX 23 FOLDER 2-5 Li Po, Elling Eide
Correspondence files
BOX 23 FOLDER 6 The Forms of Our Letters, 1988
BOX 23-24 FOLDER 7-1 Victor Hammer, Second Book of Fragments
Proofs, plans, and discards Est.
BOX 25 FOLDER 1-4 The Tempest ,
Over-runs, wood-blocks Est.
FOLDER 2-6 The Tempest
Archives Est.
BOX 25-26 FOLDER 5 Victor Hammer: An Artist’s Testament
Manuscript Est.
BOX 26 FOLDER 5-7 The French Poems of Thomas Merton
Archives Est.
BOX 27 FOLDER 1-5 The Anvil Press
Miscellaneous files Est.
FOLDER 6-1 Grolier Club Hammer Exhibition, 1995
2 packages of files
BOX 28-32 Hammer Documents
BOX 28 FOLDER 1-2 Anvil Press Material “Creative Will (Lebenskraft) Rhodische Genius” from Humboldt, printed in "A Second Book of Fragments, 1991"
FOLDER 3 Anvil Press, Victor Hammer’s Notes and notations from his readings
File card notations
FOLDER 4 Carolyn Reading Hammer’s loose-leaf notebook containing journal entries related to printing, 1950-1957
5 leaves
BOX 29 FOLDER 1-2 “Note Books” old address book, addresses on scraps, sketches
2 miscellaneous notebooks
FOLDER 3 Five art documents, apprenticeship contracts and certificates of accomplishment relating to mural painting, (1898)
Sculpture, (1902)
Accomplishment, (1907)
Guild of Book Workers, Vienna, (1911) and a letter from Budapest relating to VH’ s school in Grundlsee (1939)
Early proofs of pages for Hölderlin’s Gedichte, manuscript of Victor Hammer’s first draft for a prospectus.
Early mailing lists for Stamperia del Santuccio.
FOLDER 4 Art formulas; clavichord and lute data
(14 pieces)
FOLDER 5 Victor Hammer’s membership cards and honorary degrees from Transylvania University and University of Louisville.
FOLDER 6 Victor Hammer, random notes,
2.5 inches
FOLDER 7 Carolyn Reading Hammer, notes on cutting initials in/on brass
FOLDER 8 Carolyn Reading Hammer, notes on the location of Victor Hammer’s drawings and paintings
BOX 29 FOLDER 9 Victor Hammer, notes and a few sketches
(2 sketchbooks)
FOLDER 10 Victor Hammer, notes and a few sketches Notes for Four Dialogues
(2 sketchbooks)
Victor Hammer, manuscript notes and drafts of letters on a legal pad, 1960-1964; revealing biographical and artistic information.
Carolyn Hammer’s list, prepared for John Rothenstein, of people who knew Victor Hammer.
BOX 30 FOLDER 1 Lecture notes, art notes (approx.
50 leaves, including 12 p. typed lecture)
FOLDER 2 Victor Hammer, manuscript notes and drafts of letters, 1950s and 1960s
FOLDER 3 Genealogical and related family papers, pre-1920
FOLDER 4 Victor Hammer’s“Paris Watercolor Sketch,” ca. 1909, showing an interior scene with six figures, including a lady at the clavichord.
FOLDER 5 Newspaper clippings and various notices of Victor’s Hammer’s death, 10 July 1967
(17 pieces)
FOLDER 6 Clippings and notices of Victor Hammer after his death.
FOLDER 7-9 Membership cards, European
FOLDER 8 Bibliographical data, 1994 and earlier, for Grolier Club publication (1995)
BOX 31 FOLDER 1 Envelope from 1993 Wells College Symposium, containing Victor Hammer keepsakes.
FOLDER 2-5 Passport and World War II era documents
(45 pieces)
FOLDER 6 Autobiographical Notes/Chapel Notes
FOLDER 7 Fragments for "CRH”
FOLDER 8 Notes and fragments for CRH (Pebbles)
BOX 32 FOLDER 1-2 Pebbles
FOLDER 3 Monatss chrift for Kultur und Politik (article by Hammer “Was bedeutet uns die modern kunst?”)
FOLDER 4 Sonderdruck aus den: “Mitteilungen der Osterreichischen Gelerie 1973”
(2 articles on Hammer)
FOLDER 5 Koch wood engraving Cathedral St. Etienne Strausburg
FOLDER 6 Im Reich der Runst- comments on Victor Hammer
FOLDER 7 High School student paper
FOLDER 8 Victor Hammer Wooden Press - census request
FOLDER 9 Andromaque John Crowne’s English version
FOLDER 10 Andromaque
(a complete copy)
BOX 33-34 FOLDER 1-10 Fritz Kudel
Fritz Kredel material relating to preparing woodcuts for the Anvil Press edition of Racine’s Andromache. Included are Kredel’s original incised wooden blocks (5 planks cut with 8 images), press over-runs, an unbound copy of the text, and miscellaneous Xeroxes.
BOX 3, oversize Mezzotints and Prints of Woodcuts and Metal Engravings, 1922-1928
Mezzotints and prints of woodcuts and metal engravings used for Hammer book arts.
Arranged by type and date.
BOX 22-27 One mezzotint, in excellent condition, of each of the following subjects.
BOX 3, oversize FOLDER 1 Franz, Freiherr Mayr-Melnhof (Austrian friend and patron of Victor Hammer), “The Hunter,” 1922, (Middeldorf No. 2)
Image 54 1⁄2 x 34 cm., sheet 60 x 38 1⁄2 cm.
FOLDER 2 Heinrich Schenker, (musicologist), “No. 10 V.H. 1925 Wien,” (Middeldorf No. 6)
Image 22 1⁄2 x 19 cm., sheet 41 x 31 cm.
FOLDER 3 Albrecht, Graf von Bernstorff, 1926,
Image 12 1⁄2 x 9 1⁄2 cm., sheet 25 x 17 1⁄2 cm. In pencil below image: “Ill zust. v.h.” (Middeldorf No. 8) Est.
FOLDER 4 Herman Polsterer, “2i-xxii v.h. 26,” 1926, pencil note in Victor Hammer’s hand: “Mr. Polsterer, Vienna” (Middeldorf No. 9)
Image 12 1/4 x 9 cm., sheet 30 x 21 1⁄2 cm.
FOLDER 5 Dozent Oscar Stracker (a Viennese surgeon), 1928 , no. 19, (Middeldorf No. 10)
Image 24 1⁄2 x 20 cm., sheet 37 x 27 cm.
FOLDER 6 Mme. Auriel (Paula) Richter, 193? , with Hammer estate mark in red ink. (Middeldorf No. 12)
Image 25 x 18 1⁄2 cm., sheet 38 x 29 1⁄2 cm
BOX 2, oversize Set of matted prints from Victor Hammer’s woodcuts and engravings
23 items
BOX 3, oversize Photographs, 1920-1996
Envelopes or wrapped packages including material from the Anvil Press, bibliographic materials, manuscript notes, and drafts of letters, lecture notes, and art-related notes. Also includes Hammer documents and Fritz Kudel.
Arranged chronologically by correspondant's name.
BOX 3, oversize and 35-41 Works of Art by V. Hammer. Photographs, negatives and published photographs of works of art by Victor Hammer. This pictorial archive of Hammer’s works of art is filed according to subject, and it includes 888 pieces (excluding negatives).
BOX 3, oversize Large, matted exhibition/publication quality black and white salon prints of Victor Hammer at work, sewing book bindings and printing. (10 photographs, 7 of these by Van Deren Coke, fine art photographer and writer, who was later Curator of George Eastman House in Rochester, NY, and Curator of Photography at the San Francisco Museum of Art.)
BOX 35 FOLDER 1 Aesopus and Rhodopis, a gold ground painting (25)
FOLDER 2 Arnoldsheim Banner (church tapestry) (3)
FOLDER 3 Austrian Dress (drawings for a publication) (17)
FOLDER 4 Bernstorff, Albrecht, Graf von (8)
FOLDER 5 Booksellers in the Borgo degli Albizzi, Florence (11)
FOLDER 6 Brass Cuts for printing ornamental initials (4)
FOLDER 7 Christ and The Adulteress (1st version) (7)
FOLDER 8 Christ and The Adulteress (2nd version) (10)
FOLDER 9 Christ and The Adulteress (3rd version) (11)
FOLDER 10 Christ and The Adulteress (4th version) (7)
FOLDER 11 Christ and The Adulteress (drawings) (24)
FOLDER 12 Christ and The Adulteress (5th version) (16)
FOLDER 13 Christ and The Money Changers (13)
FOLDER 14 Cinelli, Delfino and his wife (5)
FOLDER 15 Clavichord, built by Victor Hammer (2)
FOLDER 16 Crucifixus (Kolbsheim, Gethsemani, Newman Center) (26)
FOLDER 17 Drawings (owned by Carolyn R. Hammer) (19)
FOLDER 18 Photographs (by Helm Roberts) (7, plus 18 negative strips)
FOLDER 19 Drawings (women) (19)
FOLDER 20 Early Works (men) (21)
FOLDER 21 Early Works (women) (45)
BOX 36 FOLDER 1 Exhibitions (Photos) (10)
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