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  • United States. American Commission to Negotiate Peace records, 1898-1919. [XML]  [METS]
  • U.S. Commission on CIA Activities within the United States records, 1941-1975. [XML]  [METS]
  • United States. Lincoln Sesquicentennial Commission Office of the Research Director records, 1957-1960. [XML]  [METS]
  • United States. President's Research Committee on Social Trends records, 1924-1936. [XML]  [METS]
  • Wilbur Underwood papers, 1895-1969. [XML]  [METS]
  • United States. Army. 92nd Infantry Division collection, 1926-2007. [XML]  [METS]
  • Venona Project records, 1940-1996. [XML]  [METS]
  • United States Capitol Historical Society oral history interviews, 1976-1991. [XML]  [METS]
  • U.S. Coast Guard. Historian's Office collection, 1746-1951. [XML]  [METS]
  • U.S. Congress. Senate. Committee on the Budget. Oral History Project oral history interviews, 2006. [XML]  [METS]
  • United States. Congress. Senate. Historical Office oral history interviews, 1976-2003. [XML]  [METS]
  • United States Constitution collection, 1773-1944. [XML]  [METS]
  • United States. Continental Congress records, 1765-1825. [XML]  [METS]
  • United States. Continental Navy records, 1775-1776. [XML]  [METS]
  • United States. Delegation to the 42nd Conference of the Interparliamentary Union records, 1953-1954. [XML]  [METS]
  • Spanish-American affairs collection, 1810-1816. [XML]  [METS]
  • United States. Department of the Treasury records, 1775-1890. [XML]  [METS]
  • United States finance collection, 1761-1908. [XML]  [METS]
  • United States. Forest Service records, 1902-1953. [XML]  [METS]
  • United States Naval Observatory records, 1830-1900. [XML]  [METS]
  • United States. Senate. Committee on the Judiciary. Subcommittee to Investigate Individuals Representing the Interests of Foreign Governments records, 1980. [XML]  [METS]
  • United States. War Department records, 1794-1848. [XML]  [METS]
  • United States Work Projects Administration records, 1524-1975. [XML]  [METS]
  • Louis Untermeyer papers, 1955-1967. [XML]  [METS]
  • Untermeyer-Frost collection, 1913-1964. [XML]  [METS]
  • John Updike papers, 1962-1969. [XML]  [METS]
  • Oskar Ursinus papers, 1908-1943. [XML]  [METS]