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  1. Karl Abraham papers, 1908-1925

    50 items. 1 container. .2 linear feet. -- Manuscript Division, Library of Congress, Washington, D.C.


    Psychoanalyst. Correspondence, circular letters, drafts of statements, a book inscription, and a program documenting Abraham’s role in the founding of psychoanalysis, particularly in his native Germany.

  2. Theodor Reik papers, 1905-1994

    7,500 items. 18 containers plus 7 oversize. 12 linear feet. -- Manuscript Division, Library of Congress, Washington, D.C.


    Psychoanalyst and author. Correspondence, interviews, family papers, handwritten and some typed drafts of books and other writings, reprints of journal articles, notes, research files, certificates, publishing contracts, royalty statements, reviews of Reik's books, publicity materials, photographs, honors and a tribute, brochures, programs, postcards, and news clippings documenting Reik's contributions to psychoanalytic theory and practice, largely through his prolific writing for professional and popular audiences.

  3. Sigmund Freud papers, circa 6th century BCE-1998 CE

    48,600 items. 141 containers plus 20 oversize and 3 artifacts. 70.4 linear feet. 23 microfilm reels. -- Manuscript Division, Library of Congress, Washington, D.C.


    Founder of psychoanalysis. Correspondence, holograph and typewritten drafts of writings by Freud and others, family papers, patient case files, legal documents, estate records, receipts, military and school records, certificates, notebooks, a pocket watch, a Greek statue, an oil portrait painting, genealogical data, interviews, research files, exhibit material, bibliographies, lists, photographs and drawings, newspaper and magazine clippings, and other printed matter. The collection documents many facets of Freud's life and writings; his associations with family, friends, mentors, colleagues, students, and patients; and the evolution of psychoanalytic theory and technique.

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  4. Bertram D. Lewin papers, 1883-1974

    10,000 items. 20 containers plus 1 oversize. 10 linear feet. 1 microfilm reel. -- Manuscript Division, Library of Congress, Washington, D.C.


    Psychoanalyst, educator, and writer. Correspondence, diaries, biographical data, reports, surveys, speeches and writings, school papers, certificates, legal documents, and photographs documenting Lewin's contributions to psychoanalysis in the United States through his writings, teaching, and involvement in various psychoanalytic organizations.

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