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  1. Alfred Bendiner memorial collection (Library of Congress)

    1,901 items. Includes 1,372 drawings, 455 prints, 39 periodicals, and ten or fewer items in each of the following categories: albums, calendars, invitations, manuscripts, maps, menus, pamphlets, posters, programs, and postcards.. -- Prints & Photographs Division, Library of Congress, Washington, D.C.


    Drawings and prints created by Alfred Bendiner, chiefly sketches made during his travels in England, Egypt, Gibraltar, Greece, Guatemala, Ireland, Italy, Mexico, the Middle East, Morocco, Paris, Portugal, Spain, Tunisia, Turkey, the West Indies, and the United States, between 1920 and 1964. Also represented are Bendiner's interest in the circus, caricature, sports, his family, musicians, and...