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  1. Charles M. Goodman architectural archive

    ca. 38,500 items including ca. 14,400 drawings; 9,700 pictures; 7,200 pages of office files; 5,600 slides; 1,500 negatives and transparencies; and other materials.. -- Prints and Photographs Division, Library of Congress, Washington, D.C.


    Primarily architectural drawings by Charles M. Goodman and his firm for commercial and residential buildings and housing developments in Washington, D.C., and surrounding suburbs. Goodman designed over 400 built projects, primarily residences, including single family, multi-family, and apartment complexes. Goodman also designed airports, churches, government buildings, office buildings, universities and schools, and urban renewal projects, among others. Notable built projects include: Alcoa House, The Commons, Hollin Hills, River Park, Rock Creek Palisades, United States Post Offices, the Unitarian Church of Arlington, Washington DC Southwest Urban Renewal, Washington National Airport, Westgate and Westpark Research Parks. Visual and textual materials document various phases of the design process, through preliminary sketches to working drawings, as well as photographs and specifications of built projects. The archive also includes engineering drawings and landscape architecture drawings by other creators, such as Dan Kiley and Lou Bernard Voigt.

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