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  1. Brooklyn Rediscovery Folklife Study Project collection, 1980-1983

    5310 items received in ; 21 containers ; 7 linear feet. . sound recordings: 6 sound tape reels : analog ; 7 in.. sound recordings: 3 sound cassettes : analog.. graphic images: 982 photographs : film, negatives, black and white.. graphic images: 39 photographs : film, negatives, color.. graphic images: 169 photographic prints : black-and-white ; various sizes.. graphic images: 23 photographic prints ; color ; various sizes.. graphic images: approximately 3588 slides : color ; 35 mm.. manuscripts: 15 linear in.. manuscripts: 500 items.. -- American Folklife Center, Library of Congress, Washington, D.C.


    Fieldwork for the Brooklyn Rediscovery Folklife Study Project undertaken and coordinated by Sheldon Posen and Maxine Miska, 1980-1983. The project surveyed and recorded traditions in Brooklyn, New York, on behalf of the Brooklyn Educational and Cultural Alliance (BECA) documenting ethnic foodways, neighborhood events, private celebrations, street life and play, store fronts, music, folk theater, religious events, urban sports and pastimes. Ethnic groups include African Americans, diasporic Jews (including Hassidic), Greek Americans, Italian Americans, Polish Americans, Puerto Ricans, West Indian Americans, Irish Americans, Chinese Americans, and Ukrainian Americans. The annual West Indian Carnival in Prospect Park/Eastern Parkway was documented in-depth. Joseph Sciorra and Sheldon Posen documented the Our Lady of Mount Carmel giglio tradition with photographs by Martha Cooper. Sheldon Posen also photographed the dancing of the giglio in New Jersey. The collection includes photographs of Greek Easter celebrations, Sukkot and Etrog Market, and documentation of exhibitions about Brooklyn folklife.

  2. Working in Paterson Project collection, 1993-2002

    39 boxes. 21 linear feet. 12,327 items (5,400 manuscript pages, 6,621 graphic materials, 90 original sound recordings, 204 electronic media, and 12 artifacts). -- American Folklife Center, Library of Congress, Washington, D.C.


    The collection consists of manuscripts, sound recordings, photographs, artifacts, publications, and ephemera from an ethnographic field project conducted by the American Folklife Center, Library of Congress, which documented occupational culture in Paterson, New Jersey in 1994. Subjects include the textile industry, industrial architecture, machine shops, labor unions, family owned businesses, dressmaking, and ethnic restaurants. A single manufacturing firm, Watson Machine International, was the focus of an in-depth study. The project focused on the ways in which community life and values are shaped by work and how the theme of work intersects with other themes, namely family, ethnicity, gender, neighborhood, religion, and change over time.