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  1. Magdalena Nowacka-Jannotta wycinanki Polish papercutting collection

    9 containers + 1 oversize item in map case.. 127 cut-paper works : black and white, color ; 45 x 55 cm and smaller.. 19 photographic prints : black and white, color ; various sizes.. 72 slides : color.. 1 videocassette (VHS) : sound, color ; 1/2 in.. manuscripts 6 folders.. -- American Folklife Center, Library of Congress, Washington, D.C.


    Collection of 127 wycinanki, Polish paper cuts, created by Magdalena Nowacka-Jannotta (Magdalena Gilinski) and other artists including Krystyna Lis and Malwina Lis, Grazyna Gladka, Maria Brzozowska-Kosinska, Henryka Lus, Stanislawa Kosiorkowa, Czeslawa Kaczynska, Apolonia Nowak, M. Dzik, Janina Strycharska-Wanrykowicz, Bieguszewska, Grzegora Justyna, Staniskawa Bulsin, Stanislawa Nowakoloska, Stanislawa Niespusin, Prusaczek Stanislawa and unidentified artists, from 1964-2005, and undated. The wycinanki in this collection highlight the papercutting styles of the Kurpie and Łowicz regions of Poland. Wycinanki from the Kurpie region feature one color star-shaped designs ranging from eight to sixty-four repeats (gwiazda) or designs created on one fold (leluja). Łowicz-style wycinaki are distinguished by the technique of using a basic design, which is later embellished with overlaid cutouts of multi-colored paper. In addition to gwiazda that feature roosters and flower designs, these include floral designs that are symmetrical across a center vertical line (kodra). Other papercuts in this collection include such Polish folk art motifs as the Tatra mountains, mountain dancers, weddings, and the Madonna. In addition to traditional Polish papercuts, the collection includes Magdalena Nowacka-Jannotta's cut-paper works influenced by Southwest and Native American art with images of stylized lizards, snakes, thunderbirds, desert animals, kachinas, and Navajo motifs.

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