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  1. Henry Donch performance library, 1811-1928

    approximately 5,400 items. 37 containers. 15 linear feet. -- Music Division, Library of Congress, Washington, D.C.


    Henry Donch was a musician, conductor, arranger, composer, and educator who lived in Washington, D.C. He led ensembles such as Donch's Band and Donch's Orchestra and taught violin, flute, clarinet, cornet, guitar, and banjo at Georgetown University. The collection is primarily comprised of printed and mansucript sets of parts for society orchestra and band that Donch used with his professional ensembles as they performed at events in the Washington, D.C., area and at summer resorts in the nearby mountains. There are also works for chamber ensembles, method books, and a small amount of miscellanous papers. Please note that the collection contains works with demeaning titles.

  2. Francis Maria Scala papers, 1816-2013

    Approximately 900 items. 40 containers. 15.5 linear feet. -- Music Division, Library of Congress, Washington, D.C.


    Francis Maria Scala was an Italian-born naturalized American military band director, musician, and composer. The first musician to lead the United States Marine Corps (USMC) Band, Scala was one of its most influential directors. During his tenure from 1855 to 1871, he increased the size of the band, improved and enlarged its repertoire, enhanced its popularity through public outdoor concerts, and provided balanced instrumentation of both woodwinds and brass which set the groundwork for the improvements made under John Philip Sousa. The collection consists primarily of manuscript and printed music arranged or composed by Francis Scala for band concerts, military formations, and White House functions. It also includes photographs, clippings, programs, promotional materials, correspondence, and other materials.