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  1. Inter-American Music Festival Foundation records, 1961-1983

    approximately 200 items. 2 containers. 1 linear foot. -- Music Division, Library of Congress, Washington, D.C.


    This collection contains concert programs, publicity materials, clippings and correspondence from the nearly 25-year history of the Inter-American Music Festival Foundation. The Foundation was organized by the Inter-American Music Council in 1958 under the auspices of the Pan American Union "to promote closer relations and understanding among the American republics by recognizing and stimulating the development of music of the Americas." The foundation's concerts introduced the finest composers and performers from Latin America, the Caribbean, United States, and Canada. Harold Boxer, chief, Music Branch, Voice of America; Guillermo Espinosa, chief, Music Division, Organization of American States; and Harold Spivacke, chief, Music Division, Library of Congress were responsible for incorporating the foundation in 1965.