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  1. Center for Traditional Music and Dance collection

    13,551 items.. manuscripts 4,000 items.. 525 photographic prints.. 604 image files : digital ; jpg, tif.. 340 sound tape reels (7 in., 10 in.) : analog.. 277 sound discs (CD) : digital ; 4 3/4 in.. 212 sound cassettes (DAT) : digital.. 6 sound cassettes (U-matic audio) : digital.. 4,171 audio files : digital ; wav, mp3.. 114 videotape reels (5 in., 7 in.) : analog.. 272 videocassettes (U-matic video) : analog.. 195 videocassettes (Betacam) : analog.. 24 videocassettes (Betacam SP) : analog.. 172 videocassettes (Betamax) : analog.. 43 videocassettes (VHS) : analog.. 373 videocassettes (MiniDV) : digital.. 97 videocassettes (DVCAM) : digital.. 10 video discs (DVD) : digital ; 4 3/4 in.. 2,116 video files : digital ; mts, m4v, mp4, mov, avi.. -- American Folklife Center, Library of Congress, Washington, D.C.


    Audio and video recordings, photographs, posters, and handouts related to programming by the Center for Traditional Music and Dance (CTMD) from 1968 to 2015. The CTMD archive is among the largest collections of video, sound recordings, photographs, and ephemera documenting the diversity of New York's immigrant performing arts traditions over the past fifty years. The collection includes hundreds of hours of audio and video recordings, newsletters, fliers, and photographs documenting music and dance of Balkan, Greek, Jewish, Irish American, Puerto Rican, Central Asian, South Asian, Haitian, Chinese, Korean, and other immigrant and ethnic communities including interviews and performances of more than 15 NEA National Heritage Award recipients.

  2. Brooklyn Rediscovery Folklife Study Project collection, 1980-1983

    5310 items received in ; 21 containers ; 7 linear feet. . sound recordings: 6 sound tape reels : analog ; 7 in.. sound recordings: 3 sound cassettes : analog.. graphic images: 982 photographs : film, negatives, black and white.. graphic images: 39 photographs : film, negatives, color.. graphic images: 169 photographic prints : black-and-white ; various sizes.. graphic images: 23 photographic prints ; color ; various sizes.. graphic images: approximately 3588 slides : color ; 35 mm.. manuscripts: 15 linear in.. manuscripts: 500 items.. -- American Folklife Center, Library of Congress, Washington, D.C.


    Fieldwork for the Brooklyn Rediscovery Folklife Study Project undertaken and coordinated by Sheldon Posen and Maxine Miska, 1980-1983. The project surveyed and recorded traditions in Brooklyn, New York, on behalf of the Brooklyn Educational and Cultural Alliance (BECA) documenting ethnic foodways, neighborhood events, private celebrations, street life and play, store fronts, music, folk theater, religious events, urban sports and pastimes. Ethnic groups include African Americans, diasporic Jews (including Hassidic), Greek Americans, Italian Americans, Polish Americans, Puerto Ricans, West Indian Americans, Irish Americans, Chinese Americans, and Ukrainian Americans. The annual West Indian Carnival in Prospect Park/Eastern Parkway was documented in-depth. Joseph Sciorra and Sheldon Posen documented the Our Lady of Mount Carmel giglio tradition with photographs by Martha Cooper. Sheldon Posen also photographed the dancing of the giglio in New Jersey. The collection includes photographs of Greek Easter celebrations, Sukkot and Etrog Market, and documentation of exhibitions about Brooklyn folklife.

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  3. Joseph Sciorra collection, 1903-2018

    approximately 21,255 items. 54 containers. 27 linear feet. 46 containers (approximately 14,700 sheets). 101 photographic transparencies : black and white ; 35mm.. 2979 photographic transparencies : color ; 35mm.. 1183 photographic negatives : black and white ; 35mm.. 925 photographic negatives : color ; 35mm.. 164 photographic prints : black and white ; various sizes.. 886 photographic prints : color ; various sizes.. 16 videocassettes (VHS) : analog. 13 sound tape reels : analog ; 7 in.. 222 sound cassettes : analog.. 55 optical media and computer disks (CD-R, DVD-R, floppy disks). -- American Folklife Center, Library of Congress, Washington, D.C.


    Collection of fieldwork conducted by Joseph Sciorra and his collected papers and materials, 1980s-2018, relating to Italian American folklife primarily in New York City but also in Italy. Topics include Catholic religious expression and material culture in the form of altars, processions, shrines, social clubs, feasts, games, puppeteering, visual arts, folk poetry, and music.