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  1. Charles E. Goad fire insurance map collection, 1894-1909

    41 items. 17 map folders. 41 map sheets. -- Geography and Map Division, Library of Congress, Washington, D.C.


    Charles E. Goad fire insurance map collection contains 41 maps that depict 17 cities in the Caribbean area, Mexico, and South America. Charles E. Goad (1848-1910), a noted cartographer and civil engineer, published the maps between 1894-1909. The maps include information relevant to fire insurance appraisal, such as size of building, number of floors, and usage (commercial, educational, residential); construction materials (concrete, brick, wood, glass); population; waterworks; and firefighting equipment. Included on some maps is the size of white population compared to the total population. The map scale differs among the locations.