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  1. Dietrich Hecht collection of Bilderbogen

    ca. 6,000 items : chiefly prints ; sheets 86 x 66 cm or smaller.. -- Prints and Photographs Division, Library of Congress, Washington, D.C.


    Collection contains about 6,000 picture sheets known as Bilderbogen, Imagerie d'Epinal, and Lubok prints from German, French, Russian, Spanish, and other European publishers. Produced for entertainment, education, and decoration, Bilderbogen date primarily from the mid-1800s to World War I. The prints are often in bright colors and show multiple images on the same sheet of paper to portray a fairytale or historical event in narrative frames with a short text. Among the common topics and genres are religious, military battle, and sentimental scenes; portraits and caricatures; and landscape and city views. Also of interest are the puppets (pantins) theaters and soldier figures to cut out and play with; game boards, bullseye targets, and coloring sheets; silhouettes and shadow pictures; and adages and signs. Bound volumes of Münchener Bilderbogen are also included.