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  1. Post-World War II posters from Germany, 1945-1947

    16 containers. Linear feet of shelf space occupied: 6.4 feet. Approximate number of items: 810. -- Rare Book and Special Collections Division, Library of Congress, Washington, D.C.


    A collection of official posters and broadsides from Allied Powers-occupied Germany for the immediate post World War II (post-1945) period, included with confiscated materials from the Library's Third Reich Collection. Contains official notices by the American and Allied occupying government from 1946-1947; official notices by local governments in Leipzig, Berlin, and elsewhere; and announcements for cultural events such as lectures, concerts, plays, sports activities and other events in selected areas throughout Germany, mostly in Bavaria. Also contains numerous party and election posters for the emerging political party movements banned during the Nazi regime (such as the Communist, Liberal, Christian Democrat, and Social Democratic parties).