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  1. Woody Guthrie Bonneville Power Administration (BPA) recordings

    5 original paper dust jackets. 11 sound discs (lacquer on aluminum) : analog, various speeds, 74 to 80 rpm; 33 1/3 rpm ; 12 in.. -- American Folklife Center, Library of Congress, Washington, D.C.


    Woody Guthrie songs, performed by Guthrie with guitar and harmonica. Twenty-six new songs were written by Guthrie on a one-month contract for the Bonneville Power Administration (BPA) in May 1941, and were recorded during 1941 or later in Portland, Oregon. These are likely the originals or near copies of the 1941 studio recordings Guthrie made at the BPA Headquarters in Portland, Oregon. Some are first-generation discs, others are second-generation or other copies; songs include alternate takes and outtakes. Three of Guthrie's songs were included in the 1948 film "The Columbia."

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