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  1. Vodou religious expression in Haiti collected by Odette Mennesson Rigaud, Milo Rigaud, and Shirley Keller, 1944-1985

    105 items. 1 folder (21 pages). 1 sound tape reel : analog ; 10 in.. 12 sound tape reels : analog ; 7 in.. 1 sound tape reel : analog ; 5 in.. 50 sound wire reels : analog ; 3 in.. 17 audiocassettes : analog. 1 videocassette (Hi-8) : sound, color. 1 DVD-R : sound, color. 1 file : digital, sound, color ; .vob. -- American Folklife Center, Library of Congress, Washington, D.C.


    The collection includes audio documentation of religious expression in Haiti, circa 1940s-1950s, as well as an audio interview with Shirley Keller about her work on the book The Magic Orange Tree and a video of a presentation she gave with Angus Gillespie on vodou traditions. The wires appear to be the source recordings for the 1953 Rigaud book La tradition voudoo et le voudoo haïtien : (son temple, ses mystères, sa magie). Most of the sound tape recordings are compiled dubs of wire recordings.