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  1. Earl Crabb collection, circa 1960-2015

    approximately 5076 items. 55 sound tape reels : analog ; 7 in.. 5 sound tape reels : analog ; 5 in.. 1 sound tape reel : analog ; 4 in.. 1 sound tape reel : analog ; 3 in.. 1 sound cassette : analog.. approximately 2000 photographs : film, negatives, black and white, color and color transparencies; various sizes.. 636 contact sheets : black and white.. 11 binders of photographic prints : black and white ; 8 x 10 in.. approximately 600 photographic prints, some matted : black and white, color ; 4 in. x 5 in. to 20 in. x 24 in.. approximately 25 posters, drawings, and brush and ink artworks.. 1 mini data cartridge (3M 2120). 1752 items.. -- American Folklife Center, Library of Congress, Washington, D.C.


    Collection of photographs, audio recordings, ephemera, flyers, and programs which document the east and west coast folk and rock music scenes during the 1960s and 1970s including the Sky River Rock Festival, the Indian Neck Folk Festival, and various concerts. Photographs represent Earl Crabb's documentation of music events and his studio work. Earl Crabb photographed weight-lifting, fashion, album and magazine covers, circus performers, theater events, as well as people, markets, cities, and events in countries around the world. Ephemera includes flyers from folk clubs such as Cafe Yana in Boston, Massachusetts; Club 47 in Cambridge, Massachusetts; and the Freight and Salvage coffeehouse in Berkeley, California. Collection includes editions of Broadside magazine, Hootenanny, and the Philadelphia Folksong Society's Tune Up, which advertised these events. Of special interest are photographs from the Sky River Rock Festival, 1968-1970, in Washington State, and early editions of "Humbead's Revised Map of the World" produced in Berkeley, California. Sixty-two audio recordings in the collection, made during the 1960s and 1970s, include concert and coffeehouse performances by the Cleanliness and Godliness Skiffle Band, Wayne Smith and Ry Cooder, Tom Danaher, Dave and Megan Marash, Styx River Ferry, Hank Bradley, Ace Martel, Erik Frandsen, Jim and Jesse McReynolds; a recording of author Joseph Campbell, and others; some recordings are unidentified.

  2. Neil V. Rosenberg bluegrass music collection, 1923-1985

    approximately 2942 items. 6 containers. approximately 1755 sheets. 48 document files (DOC, DOCX, PDF, TXT) : digital. 273 reels : analog, 3 3/4 and 7 1/2 ips, 2 track ; 7 in., 5 in., and 3 in.. 34 sound cassettes : analog. 786 sound files (AIF, MP3, WAV) : digital. 5 photographs : black and white ; 5 in. x 8 in.. 39 photographs : color transparencies (slide format) ; 35 mm. 2 photographs : digital, color, JPG. -- American Folklife Center, Library of Congress, Washington, D.C.


    Collection of compilation audio tape recordings; concert recordings from 1954-1969; and dubs of bluegrass radio programs, singles, and LPs.