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  1. Nevada Arts Council "Honest Horses" exhibition collection, 1999-2003

    sound recordings: 126 sound cassettes : analog.. sound recordings: 3 microcassettes : analog.. manuscripts: 5 boxes: 25 linear inches . -- American Folklife Center, Library of Congress, Washington, D.C.


    Collection of field recordings of interviews and administrative files generated by and curated by Paula Morin and the Nevada Arts Council for an exhibition titled "Honest Horses: a portrait of the mustang in the Great Basin," circa 2002, and later as a traveling exhibition. Morin photographed wild horses in the Great Basin and interviewed Nevada residents and others about the complex issues regarding wild horses and ecology. Interviewees include ranchers, buckaroos, outfitters, horse trainers, veterinarians, professors of animal science, researchers from the United States Department of Agriculture, the Bureau of Land Management, the Nevada Department of Conservation and Natural Resources, the Nature Conservancy, the Commission for Preservation of Wild Horses, the National Wild Horse and Burro Center, National Mustang Association, other advocacy organizations, and writers. Most interviewees were from Nevada, others were from California, Idaho, New Mexico, Oklahoma, and Oregon. Manuscripts include the edited narratives of the interviewees; edited copies of transcripts; biographical profiles; transcripts from speeches; copies of published articles on feral horses and habitat; pamphlets; and correspondence with Paula Morin and with folklorist Andrea Graham of the Nevada Arts Council. Selected narratives were included in Paula Morin's book titled Honest Horses: Wild Horses in the Great Basin (Reno: University of Nevada Press, c2006).

  2. Paula Morin collection : Honest horses, wild horses in the Great Basin, 1999-2001

    1459 items; 2 containers; 5 linear inches.. 1377 photographs (negatives) : film, black & white.. 21 photographic prints (giclee prints, handcolored) : inkjet, color ; various sizes.. 2.5 linear inches.. -- American Folklife Center, Library of Congress, Washington, D.C.


    Collection of photographic documentation of wild horse herds in the Nevada Great Basin made by Paula Morin during her work for the Nevada Arts Council, 1999-2001. The photographs were exhibited by the Nevada Arts Council in an exhibiton titled, "Honest Horses: A Portrait of the Mustang in Nevada's Great Basin." The collection includes 21 prints described by the artist as giclee prints made from handpainted black-and-white photographs; one print log, and related publicity materials.