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  1. Max Roach papers, 1880-2012

    approximately 98,750 items. 195 containers. 122 linear feet. -- Music Division, Library of Congress, Washington, D.C.


    Max Roach was an American jazz drummer, composer, educator, and activist. The collection includes music manuscripts, writings, correspondence, business papers, photographs, programs, sound recordings, and other materials related to his career. It also contains a variety of materials pertaining to vocalist Abbey Lincoln and countless other jazz artists, including Miles Davis, Dizzy Gillespie, Charles Mingus, and Charlie Parker.

  2. Judith Lynne Hanna collection, 1963-2009

    1416 items; 4 containers; 3 linear feet.. sound recordings: 16 sound tape reels : analog ; 5 in.. moving images: 8 film reels (4,550 feet) : black-and-white, silent ; 16 mm. moving images: 1 film reel (300 feet) : color, silent ; 16 mm. graphic images: 434 slides : color ; 35 mm. graphic images digital ; 116 tiff files . moving images black-and-white, 8 mov files: black-and-white, sound . manuscripts: approximately 20 folders (3 boxes). -- American Folklife Center, Library of Congress, Washington, D.C.


    Field research collection of silent film, sound recordings, color slides, and manuscripts documenting African dance and events in Nigeria, Uganda, and Kenya recorded in 1963 by Judith Lynne Hanna and William John Hanna. 12 rolls of black-and-white film were shot in Ibadan and Umuahia Province, Nigeria; 28 rolls of black-and-white and color film were shot in Kenya, which includes footage of the Kenyan independence from Great Britain celebration, December 12, 1963, and Ethiopia's Haile Selassie I Folklore Ensemble, in Nairobi, Kenya; 14 rolls of film were shot at various locations in Uganda, including National Theater: a Pageant of Uganda, September 12, 1963. Audio recordings document music accompanying the dances and other events. Color slides were taken in Ivory Coast, Ghana, Nigeria, Uganda, and Kenya in 1963. Manuscripts include clippings, programs, and research articles by Judith Lynn Hanna (dated 1965-2009) and Judith Lynne Hanna's description of the film footage and related materials (42 p.)