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  1. Brenda Beck collection from Tamil Nadu, India, 1964-2017

    approximately 22,165 items.. 46 containers.. 15 linear feet.. 8818 manuscripts materials. . 34 sound tape reels (80 hours) : analog ; 5 in. . 43 sound cassettes : analog. . 1457 photographs : film, negatives, black and white.. 90 photographs : film, negatives, color.. 3090 slides : color ; 35 mm. . 5 photographs : black and white; various sizes. . 1 flash drive : 8,617 digital files; (.wav, .doc, .pdf, jpeg, tif). . 10 optical discs : digital files; (.wav, .doc, .pdf, jpeg, tif); 4 3/4 in. . -- American Folklife Center, Library of Congress, Washington, D.C.


    Collection of field documentation, including photographs and field recordings made by Brenda E. F. Beck during her research in the Kongu area of Tamil Nadu, India from 1964-1966. Includes audio recordings of long epic stories and shorter tales, local legends, myths, proverbs, riddles, and songs, including chants, lullabies, devotional songs, wedding songs, and funeral songs. The collection is rich in documentation of oral narrative, especially tied to temple rituals and rites of passage. Most of the material has been neatly transcribed in Tamil and translated into English. Manuscripts include extensive field notes, diaries, and maps.

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