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  1. Thomas R. Yanosky collection, 1928-1996

    450 items; 3.5 linear feet. -- Geography and Map Division, Library of Congress, Washington, D.C.


    The Thomas R. Yanosky Collection relates largely to his cartographic and artistic careers and accomplishments. Included are items documenting is contributions to shaded-relief mapping, as well as his study of color and design in cartography; materials pertaining to his experience as an instructor at the Army Map Training Center; and samples of his own artwork. A second section of the collection contains materials relating to his colleague, Mylon Merriam, and documents Merriam's participation in the Eclipse Exepdition to Rebun Jima, Japan, in 1948; his collaboration with Dr. Eduard Imhof in Zurich, Switzerland; and information concerning various films and publications produced during his career at the U.S. Army Map Service. The Merriam section supplements a separate collection of Merriam maps and papers donated to the Library in 1983.

  2. Hal Shelton manuscript map collection

    chiefly manuscript maps . 33 maps; 1 exhibit flyer; and 2 audio cassettes. -- Geography and Map Division, Library of Congress, Washington, D.C.


    The Hal Shelton collection contains 33 manuscript maps, an exhibit flyer, and an interview with Shelton on two audio tapes. NASA employed this collection of maps by Shelton to index photos of Earth taken on early space missions. The maps represent Shelton's use of natural colors that added realism in the depiction of landforms while retaining orthographically accurate position and scale for each feature. Shelton worked for the U.S.G.S. from 1938 until 1949. He later made maps for Jeppesen Co. and the Times Mirror Company from the 1950s to the 1970s.