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  1. Maps showing entrenchments in France during World War I at a scale of 1:20,000

    477 maps. 94 folders . -- Geography and Map Division, Library of Congress, Washington, D.C.


    The collection consists of 477 maps from World War I created by American and French forces that show trenches and related military information in France and Belgium. Maps are scaled at 1:20,000. Data taken from aerial photography ("tranchées d'après photos ... ") and observation ("Schématique d'apres renseignements"). Some maps are in color and are sized at 100 x 100 cm or smaller. Relief shown by contours and spot heights. In upper left or right margin of some sheets: Groupe des canevas de tir; Canevas de tir; Plan directeur. On some sheets "Secret" is stamped. Some sheets include index to adjoining sheets and boundary diagram. Trenches and other military positions are illustrated in red, blue or both. An index map is stored with the collection.