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  1. Fox Movietone newsreel collection--World War II paper records, 1922-1946

    14,000 items. 37 containers plus 7 oversize. 16 linear feet. -- Moving Image Research Center, National Audio-Visual Conservation Center, Library of Congress, Washington, D.C.


    Cameramen’s dope sheets (detailed notes of stories filmed), continuity sheets (synopses of newsreels distributed to theaters), and turnovers (one sentence descriptions of each story filmed) from this major pioneer in the newsreel industry. Collection also contains other paper materials including telegrams, speeches, photographs, programs, and memoranda that provide details of the newsreels created by Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation. Although the entire Fox Movietone newsreel collection spans 1916-1963, these materials document the World War II period.

  2. Inter-Service Topographical Department World War II map collection

    1045 items. 1045 maps, aerial photographs, and drawings. 130 folders. -- Geography and Map Division, Library of Congress, Washington, D.C.


    The Inter-Service Topographic Department collection contains 1045 maps, aerial photographs, and drawings from World War II. The ISTD (1940-1946) was a joint British army and navy program that supplied topographic intelligence for all combined British military operations. The department was created following the failed British invasion of Norway (April 9 - May 9, 1940), during which British army and navy intelligence units operated independently rather than collaboratively.