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American Dialect Society collection, 1931-1937

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Series I: Manuscripts (continued)
Narrative Transcriptions (continued)
FOLDER 181 Stone, E. [Elizabeth Stone].
(Andover, MA; AFS 24573)
FOLDER 182 Stone, R.L. [Robert L. Stone].
(Andover, MA; AFS 24521)
FOLDER 183 Stowell, R. [Ralph Stowell].
(New Salem, MA; AFS 24922, 24925)
FOLDER 184 Trefethen, F.E. [Fred Ervine Trefethen].
(Rye, NH; AFS 25116, 25118)
FOLDER 185 Troop, S. [Sam Troop].
(Pittston, ME; AFS 25179, 25181)
FOLDER 186 Tucker, H.G.
(Foster, RI; AFS 24776, 24779)
FOLDER 187 Tucker, H.G.
(Foster, RI; AFS 24782, 24785, 24916)
FOLDER 188 Tucker, W. [Wilson Tucker].
(Foster, RI; AFS 24788)
FOLDER 189 Tupper, Wm. [William Tupper].
(Burlington, VT; AFS 25551, 25553)
FOLDER 190 Tutt, H. [Hannah Tutt].
(Marblehead, MA; AFS 24866, 24869, 24872)
BOX 23 FOLDER 191 Warner, H.E. [Herbert E. Warner].
(Granby, MA; AFS 24895, 24898, 24900
FOLDER 192 Warren, Mr. and Mrs. [Harry and Mrs. Harry Warren].
(Weston, MA; AFS 24543, 24545, 24547, 24548)
FOLDER 193 Washburn, R.E. [Ruth Ella Washburn].
(Plymouth, MA; AFS 24696)
FOLDER 194 Weathern, B.F. [B.F. and Edna Jennie Weathern].
(Farmington, ME; AFS 25369, 25371, 25371, 25375)
FOLDER 195 Weeden, Mrs. A.P. [Mrs. Arthur P. Weeden].
(Providence, RI; AFS 24626, 24628, 24630)
FOLDER 196 Whitehall, M.G. [Martin G. Whitehall].
(Ryegate, VT; AFS 25452, 25454, 25456)
FOLDER 197 Williams, M.S. [Mary Snow Williams].
(Blue Hill, ME; AFS 25205, 25208)
FOLDER 198 York, A. [Abbie York].
(Rockport, MA; AFS 24605, 24607, 24609)
FOLDER 199 Young, G.W. [George William Young].
(Barrington, NH; AFS 25123, 25125)
BOX 24-25 Subject Cards
Headings are in original order, rather than alphabetical order. Abbreviations for words and names have been spelled out in full.
BOX 24 Subject Cards
Box 24: Headings: Topography, Weather, Farming, Implements, Vehicles, Butchering, Calls, Animals, Hunt-Fish, Trees-Flowers, Crops, Food, Cooking Utensils, Beverages, Dwellings, Buildings, Games, Amusements, Customs (Social), Olden Days, Fashions, Speech, Personalities, Lives, Illness and Medicine, Religion, Cemeteries, Education, Industries, Home Industries, Business Occupations
BOX 25 Subject Cards
Box 25: Headings: Occupations, Roads-Travel, Economics-Politics, Family History, Local History, Civil War, Population
BOX 26 Index Cards
2.5 linear inches of 3-inch x 5-inch index cards listing ADS Collection original numbers, informants' names, and quality of recordings.
8.25 linear inches of 5-inch x 8-inch index cards listing AFS numbers, ADS Collection original numbers, informants' names, occupations, ages, recording locations, subjects, and notes about recordings. The information has been included in the ADS Collection database.
Tape Contents, Publications, and Reports
BOX 27 FOLDER 200 Tape Content Copies.
Photocopies of labels of AFS preservation reel-to-reel tapes.
FOLDER 201 Obituaries.
Obituaries for Miles L. Hanley (1954) and Raven McDavid (1984-1985).
FOLDER 202 Bibliography, 1939-1984.
Citations for related publications.
FOLDER 203 Articles, Publications.
Publications about the ADS Collection.
FOLDER 204 Report on Hanley Collection.
A scholarly paper by Burr Angle and Richard Venesky of the University of Wisconsin. Includes two copies.
FOLDER 205 Library of Congress Publications.
Three copies of the Folklife Center News, Vol. 8, No. 2 (1985), and 3 copies of the Library of Congress Information Bulletin, Vol. 44, No. 1 (1985),. Both issues contain articles about the ADS Collection.
FOLDER 206 "The Hanley Tapes" (1974)
Two copies of a scholarly paper by Margaret Waterman (associate editor of DARE), of the University of Wisconsin.
FOLDER 207 "The Hanley Tapes" (1974), annotated.
One copy of a scholarly paper by Margaret Waterman (associate editor of DARE), of the University of Wisconsin. Annotated by "COL of KAL."
Presentation Events
BOX 28 FOLDER 208 Presentation Session Tapes.
Manuscripts related to the presentation of the ADS Collection to the Library of Congress, December 28, 1984; see RWA 8547 for recording of Joe Hickerson's lecture.
FOLDER 209 Demonstration Collection Information, 1984-1985.
Manuscripts related to the demonstration of selected discs from the collection at the Library of Congress presentation event.
FOLDER 210 Correspondence: Presentation Event.
Correspondence related to the Library of Congress presentation event
FOLDER 211 Lists by Hanley of Discs and Transcripts.
Inventories of ADS Collection discs and related transcriptions held by Miles L. Hanley.
FOLDER 212 Presentation and Demo Tape Information.
Manuscripts related to the demonstration of selected discs from the collection, at the Library of Congress presentation.
FOLDER 213 Presentation Planning.
Manuscripts related to planning the presentation of the ADS Collection to the Library of Congress, December 28, 1984.
FOLDER 214 Presentation Events.
Manuscripts related to the presentation of the collection to the Library of Congress, December 28, 1984.
FOLDER 215 Speeches.
Copies of two speeches given at the presentation event, and notes related to the collection and event, written by Joseph C. Hickerson
FOLDER 216 Presentation Publicity.
Publications, press releases, and other manuscripts related to the presentation event.
FOLDER 217 ADS Centennial Information on Commemorative Cassettes.
Manuscripts related to audiocassette commemorating the centennial of the American Dialect Society, 1889-1989, plus one copy of the audiocassette.
FOLDER 218 Handouts/ARSC Meeting, 1990.
Manuscripts related to a discussion of the collection by the Association for Recorded Sound Collections, February 26, 1990.
Series II: Sound Recordings
The American Dialect Society Collection's recordings consist of 891 aluminum, aluminum-based acetate, plastic, and shellac disc recordings. Also included are one 10-inch preservation reel containing 18 recordings, and one audiocassette of presentation event recordings. In addition, there are 78 10-inch preservation reels.
869 audio discs (most originals, and some copies that stand in for original recordings no longer with the collection) were digitized in 2003 and 2004. See Series IV (Electronic Media) for more details.
There are also 22 discs that were not digitized, because they are duplicates of recordings in the collection that were digitized. The copies have been kept with the collection. Correspondence related to these discs is found in the case file. The discs are in the physical custody of M/B/RS.
The American Dialect Society centennial commemorative cassette is located in Box 28.
Series III: Graphic Images
FOLDER 13 Photographic Items, n.d.
PH01. Miles Hanley (black-and-white). 1 photograph
PH02. Raven McDavid (black-and-white). 1 photograph
PH03. Professor Hanley's Photographic Equipment; this photocopy of a photograph shows disc-cutting equipment, a microphone stand, and a briefcase. 1 photocopy.
BOX 1 Series IV: Electronic Media
Only the audio discs from this collection have been digitized. For each digital transfer, the following formats have been created:
1) An uncompressed master recording (a WAV file, at 96/24)
2) A compressed derivative (a WAV file, at 44.1/16)
3) A compressed derivative (an mp3, at 256 kbps)
1 Zip disc labeled "American Dialect Society Collection Documents"; this includes the collection guide, worksheets from Cutting Corp. with information regarding digitization work, etc.

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