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Series I: Manuscripts (continued)
Limericks and Quotations
BOX 25 FOLDER 208 Limericks (1 of 3)
"A base drummer..." to "But the Bishop was..."; Bawdy limerick clippings; also includes typed and handwritten limericks (60 limericks)
BOX 25 FOLDER 209 Limericks (2 of 3)
"From Brooklyn..." to "There was a young maid..."; Bawdy limerick clippings; also includes typed and handwritten limericks (40 limericks)
BOX 25 FOLDER 210 Limericks (3 of 3)
"There was a young maiden..." to "With..."; Bawdy limerick clippings; also includes typed and handwritten limericks (76 limericks)
BOX 25 FOLDER 211 Bound Notebook: "Stories, Etc."
Quotations recorded in a bound blank book belonging to Sam Eskin (5" by 7", handwritten, 25 pp. filled; hardback, red cover)
Notes and Lectures
BOX 25 FOLDER 212 Notes: Names of Performers, Informants
Names of 30 performers and informants gathered by Eskin; additional information can be found on the back of some slips (handwritten, 30 leaves)
BOX 17 FOLDER 213 Notes: Addresses and Phone Numbers
Contact information for performers and informants gathered by Eskin; (handwritten, 19 leaves)
BOX 17 FOLDER 214 Notes: Song Fragments
Song fragments, poems, and quotations gathered by Eskin (handwritten, 26 leaves)
BOX 17 FOLDER 215 Notes: Limerick/Rhyme Fragments
Limerick and rhyming fragments gathered by Eskin (handwritten, 5 leaves)
BOX 17 FOLDER 216 Notes: Information about Folksong Recordings
Includes oeuvre of folklorist Alberto Hemsi (typed, 1 p.) and notes (handwritten, 2 leaves)
BOX 17 FOLDER 217 Notes: Vocabulary Terms and Definitions
Includes correspondence defining "Creole" (typed, 2 pp.) and Andalusian music (typed, 2 pp.). Also includes definitions for the following terms: shanties, Calypso, Calypso instruments, Chinese instruments, and ethnomusicology (handwritten, 5 leaves)
BOX 17 FOLDER 218 Notes: Folksong
Includes notes on folksong and folk music (handwritten, 4 leaves)
BOX 17 FOLDER 219 Notes: Folksong Publications
Includes a bibliography of folksong resources (typed and handwritten, 1 p.); also includes published clippings and personal references to folksong resources (typed and handwritten, 20 leaves)
BOX 17 FOLDER 220 Notes: Information for a Folksong Radio Program
Eskin's notes for a radio program interview, "F.S.L." (handwritten, 8 pp.); also includes related notes (handwritten, 3 leaves), and a transcript of a program interview given for KYIM (typed, 1 p., [December 1948 February 1949, Yuma, AZ])
BOX 17 FOLDER 221 Notes: Chords and Hand Positions
Includes a drawing of a cotton picker's hand position (hand drawn, 1 p.); fingerings and guitar hand positions (handwritten, 4 pp.); diagram depicting how to make a wooden whistle from a twig (master photocopy, 1 p.); guitar fret diagrams (handwritten, 3 pp.); and a clipping of an English concertina keyboard (published, 1 p.)
BOX 17 FOLDER 222 Notes: History of Various Places
Includes the following articles: "Australia" (published, 2 pp.); "Revolutionary Movements in Canada" (typed, 2 pp.); and "A Short History of New York State" (typed, 1 p.)
BOX 17 FOLDER 223 Notes: Easter Traditions
Includes the following: a photograph clipping of an Easter egg cracking tradition; notes on Easter tradition (typed, 1 leaf); notes and questions concerning the tradition (handwritten, 2 leaves); and excerpts from The Easter Book by Francis Weiser (handwritten, 2 pp.)
BOX 17 FOLDER 224 Music, Discussion of
Excerpts from The Literature of Folkmusic ; includes an introductory essay (typed, 2 pp.), bibliography and further resources (typed, 6 pp.), and an essay titled, "Sound, Scales, and Modes" (typed, 10 pp.)
BOX 17 FOLDER 225 Publicity Data for Sam Eskin
Drafted by Eskin and intended to be used as a publicity release; provides background history, experiences, philosophy, and growing involvement with folk music (handwritten, 3 pp.)
BOX 17 FOLDER 226 Lectures: "Shifting Definitions of Folksong or What is a Folksong?" (1962)
Includes the following: 2nd Annual University of Chicago Folk Festival program; a draft of Eskin's lecture on American folk music, "Shifting Definitions of Folksong, or What is Folksong?" (typed, 6 pp.); and a final draft of "Shifting Definitions of Folksong" (typed, 13 pp.)
BOX 17 FOLDER 227 Lectures: "Lore of the Folk, From the Folk, To All the Folk" (1962)
Draft of Eskin's lecture on American folk music, "Lore of the Folk, From the Folk, To All the Folk" written for the Ulster County Folklore Society (1 original copy, 3 onion skin copies, typed, 2 pp.)
BOX 17 FOLDER 228 Lectures, Untitled (1 of 2)
Includes the following: introduction notes for a lecture (typed, 1 leaf); lecture "#1," which introduces American folksongs, leaves space for them to be played, and ends with an interpretive tie-in (typed, 9 pp.); lyrics to "Salt Horse" (typed, 1 leaf); and an untitled lecture that follows the same format as "#1," using different material (typed, 6 pp.)
BOX 17 FOLDER 229 Lectures, Untitled (2 of 2)
Includes the following: an untitled lecture that introduces American folksongs, leaves space for them to be played, and ends with an interpretive tie-in (typed, 5 pp.); an untitled lecture that follows the same format using reel-to-reel tapes (typed, 8 pp.); an untitled radio show talk with a play list of American folksongs (typed, 4 pp.); draft of an untitled lecture on American folksongs (handwritten, 3 pp.); another draft of an untitled lecture with notes on potential folksongs (handwritten, 4 pp.); and a draft written for a talk given on the KFDM radio station [Beaumont, TX] (typed, 3 pp.)
BOX 17 FOLDER 230 Assignments
Includes: a syllabus for an English Literature class, Folksongs and Narrative Poems (typed, 2 pp.); song lists marked UCLA (handwritten, 2 cards, November 3, 1948); and a song list for a memorial program (handwritten, 1 leaf, Woodstock, N.Y. May 28, 1949)
BOX 17 FOLDER 231 Articles/Clippings: Animals
Clippings on: hoop-snakes (1 p.); and animal kingdom (1 p.)
BOX 17 FOLDER 232 Articles/Clippings: Ceilidh/Hootenanny
Clippings on: ceilidh folk celebration (1 p.) and related term hootenanny (1 p.)
BOX 17 FOLDER 233 Clippings on: ceilidh folk celebration (1 p.) and related term hootenanny (1 p.)
"Games Little People Play" (2 pp.)
BOX 17 FOLDER 234 Articles/Clippings: Dulcimer
Clippings on: constructing a dulcimer (3 pp.)
BOX 17 FOLDER 235 Articles/Clippings: Folk Festivals
Includes the following articles: "Sun Valley Ketchum Folk Festival" (1 p.); "Festival of Music" (International Folkmusic Council, 2 pp.); "1st Annual Newport Folk Festival" (1 p.); and "5th Annual Miramichi Folksong Festival" (3 pp.)
BOX 17 FOLDER 236 Articles/Clippings: Folk Music Performers
Articles and clippings on the following performers: Joan Baez, Napoleon Coste, Richard Dyer-Bennet, Woody Guthrie, Sam "Lightnin" Hopkins, Mance Lipscomb, John Jacob Niles, Harry Partch, Jeannie Robertson, and Jean Thomas
BOX 17 FOLDER 237 Articles/Clippings: Folk Music Popularity
Includes the following articles: "Songs for Our Time" (20 pp.); "Listen to the Folksingers" (February 1963, 6 pp.); and "Folk Frenzy" (July 1960, 1
BOX 17 FOLDER 238 Articles/Clippings: Folk Music Recordings
Clippings on: the album Bolters Bushrangers and Duffers (1 p.); the Archive of Folksong at the Library of Congress (1 p.); and the recording studio Folkways Recordings (1 p.)
BOX 17 FOLDER 239 Articles/Clippings: Folk Music in Various Locations
Clippings on: Bahamas, Colonial Williamsburg, (French) Canada, Israel, Mallorca, New Orleans, Rome, South Africa, and Trinidad
BOX 17 FOLDER 240 Articles/Clippings: Folklife
Includes the following article: "I Drove Mules on the C. and O. Canal" (1 p.); and an untitled essay published in Times Farm (2 pp.)
BOX 17 FOLDER 241 Articles/Clippings: Folklore and Stories
Includes the following articles: "Problems of Collecting Oral Literature" (6 pp.); "Comeback of Goldilocks et al." (4 pp.); and "Ghost on the High Tor" (1 pp.)
BOX 17 FOLDER 242 Articles/Clippings: Folksong Collectors
Clippings on the following collectors: Richard Dorson, Alan Dundes, Sam Eskin, Douglas Kennedy, and Alan Lomax
BOX 17 FOLDER 243 Articles/Clippings: Houston Folklore Group
Clippings on the Houston Folklore Group and Houston folk musicians: "Down Beat" (1 p.); and "Sound of Houston" (2 pp.)
BOX 17 FOLDER 244 Articles/Clippings: Musical Genres
Clippings on: bagpipes (highland), bluegrass, blues, carols, convivial songs, Creole slave songs, freedom songs, Indian (India) traditional songs, Israeli traditional folk music, Jewish music, and rock and roll
BOX 17 FOLDER 245 Articles/Clippings: Ships
Includes the following articles: "The She in Ships" (1 p.); and "Life on the Alabama " (34 pp.)
BOX 18 FOLDER 246 Articles/Clippings: Songs
Clippings on American folksongs including song lyrics and/or scores (13 songs)
BOX 18 FOLDER 247 Articles/Clippings: Spanish Articles
Includes the following articles: "Nuestra Musica" (written in Spanish, five-day article series, 5 pp.); and "Margen" (3 pp.)
BOX 18 FOLDER 248 Articles/Clippings: Terms and Definitions
Includes the following articles: "A Glossary of Fight Terms for TV Fans" (1 p.); "Gullah Dialect and Humanities" (1 p.); and a clipping on corrido narration (2 pp.)
BOX 18 FOLDER 249 Articles/Clippings: Ulster County Folklore Society
Includes articles with references to the following: Sam Eskin, performers (Nigerian Trinidad Artists and Pete Seeger), organization of the Society, organizing a hootenanny festival, and individuals belonging to the Woodstock folk music coterie
BOX 18 FOLDER 250 Articles/Clippings: Miscellaneous
Includes the following articles: "Graffiti" (1 p.); "60 Ft. Serpent, Sighted Off Nantucket, Is Cross-eyed" (1 p.); and "Red Net Grows, Rightists Hear" (1 p.)
BOX 18 FOLDER 251 Articles/Clippings: Posthumous
Includes the following articles: "Marcus Daly Enters Heaven" (6 pp.); and "Leadbelly in New York" (master photocopy, 4 pp.)
BOX 18 FOLDER 252 Report: The Ethnic Culture Survey Report
The Ethnic Culture Survey Report of the Middle States' Conference on Folk Culture provides an overview of the conference, abstracts discussion by morning session presenters, and summarizes other events in the conference (typed, 11 pp.)
BOX 18 FOLDER 253 Press Releases/Business Cards
Includes releases and cards for the following individuals: H. Crab and Son, Daniel and the Deacon [Gerald E. Parsons, Jr.], Bill Hoffman, Paul C. Johnson, and Art Sutton
BOX 18 FOLDER 254 Advertisements: Books
For books related to folk music, history, and music instruments (5 ads)
BOX 18 FOLDER 255 Advertisements: Camps/Study Tours
For travel related to world touring and folk music (4 ads)
BOX 18 FOLDER 256 Advertisements: Concerts/Festivals
Includes the following: Artists Equity Association press release (1 p.); Edinburgh University Society Folk Song Concert flyer (January 1964, 2 pp.); and Pennsylvania Historical and Museum Commission press release (typed, 7 pp.)
BOX 18 FOLDER 257 Advertisements: Instruments and Toys
Includes advertisements for the following: Mari guitar strings, Limberjack (folk toy), the Autoharp, La Casa de Las Guitarras (written in Spanish), and nylon strings for guitar
BOX 18 FOLDER 258 Advertisements: Recordings
Includes the following album advertisements: Heather and Glen and Texas Barrelhouse Piano . Also includes catalogs and miscellaneous advertising mailers for Folkways Recordings, Shenandoah Sales, Folk-Legacy Records, Inc., Colorado Folksong, Traditional Stringed Instruments, and World Tapes for Education
BOX 18 FOLDER 259 Recording Notes
Includes the following:
1) Recording notes for the Old Harp Singers; includes notes on Jim Trentham, Dewey Cook, and Edna Cook (8" by 10", Knoxville Writing Tablet, handwritten, 20 pp.
2) Recording notes for Ayala Kaufman and George Woddail (5 leaves); typed lyrics from songs sung by Pete Seeger (2 songs), Robin Roberts (3 songs), Ruth Welcome (3 songs), and Lori Campbell (2 songs)
3) Eskin's notes on the UNESCO World Collection of Recorded Folk Music and Collection Universelle (7 pp.)
4) Evening set lists and notes on songs performed at the 5th Annual Miramichi Folksong Festival (typed, 10 pp.)
5) Notes on sound recordings made in Malaga (handwritten, 3 pp., March 14th, 1960)
6) Track list for two recorded tapes of Spanish and Cuban music recorded by Eskin (typed, 3 pp.)
7) Notes on recordings made in Mexico (handwritten, 6 pp., January 1957)
8) Transcribed song lyrics (3 songs)
9) Track list of songs recorded (typed, 1 p., February 7, 1957)
10) Notes (3 songs) and track lists (5 tapes) for Spanish songs (master photocopy, 7 pp.)
BOX 18 FOLDER 260 Songs, Published
Includes the following material: Folk-lore Musical Mallorquin v.II , a music book of songs and notations (in Spanish, 15 pp.); Popular Songs of the Ranch and Range (master photocopy of folksong lyrics, 54 songs); Song Sheet of the Arden Town Fair lyrics (11 songs); Festival Songs lyrics (14 songs); The Inniskilling Dragoon lyrics (3 songs); A Sampler of Japanese Songs pamphlet (32 pp.); The Old Settler placemat from the Acres of Clams Restaurant (1 p.); and photo copystand copies (3" by 4", 31 images)
BOX 18 FOLDER 261 The Gospel According to St. John: A Book for Your Daily Need
Booklet: Bible chapter (3" by 4 1⁄2", 79 pp.)
BOX 18 FOLDER 262 Tape-by-Tape Song List
BOX 18 FOLDER 263 Additional Tape Lists (NYSHA)
Sound Recording Documentation
Photocopies of disc labels and the spines and back covers of reel-to-reel tape boxes
BOX 18 FOLDER 264 Disc Label/Sleeve Photocopies, SR001-SR043
6 1/2-inch and 8-inch discs
BOX 19 FOLDER 265 Disc Label/Sleeve Photocopies, SR044-SR066
10-inch discs (1 of 3)
BOX 19 FOLDER 266 Disc Label/Sleeve Photocopies, SR067-SR102
10-inch discs (2 of 3)
BOX 19 FOLDER 267 Disc Label/Sleeve Photocopies, SR103-SR153
10-inch discs (3 of 3)
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