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Series I: Manuscripts (continued)
Sound Recording Documentation (continued)
Reel-to-reel Box (back cover) (continued)
Contains the back cover of a reel-to-reel box, which is not part of any other box in the current collection. Handwriting on the box indicates this box may have once housed "BOUN Tape #2", recorded on Oct. 22, 1957
Oversized Materials
BOX 26 FOLDER 3-260 Oversized materials from Manuscripts series
Sound Recording Containers
BOX 27 Two phonograph albums (empty) with "Sam Eskin: Songs and Ballads" on front cover.
BOX 28 One phonograph album (empty) and one original sleeve for SR172.
BOX 29 Original sleeves for SR001 to SR042 (no original sleeve for SR043).
BOX 30 Original sleeves for SR044 to SR178 (no original sleeve for SR043).
BOX 31 Original sleeves for SR179 to SR232.
BOX 32 Original sleeves for SR233 to SR280.
Series II: Sound Recordings
See Collection Concordance for a summary of sound recordings by format. See Collection Database (Folder 1) for a full description of recordings, as well as searchable title, performer, and descriptive fields pertaining to Eskin's instantaneous discs, reel-to-reel tapes, and original field recordings.
Series III: Graphic Images
Photographic images of informants and graphic images of postcards. For additional description of images, please refer to the Collection Database (Folder 1) for a Log of Visual Images.
BOX 22 FOLDER 394 Identified females photographs (PH01-PH08)
Includes photographs of Myrtle Downing, Luvicie Beasley, and Yvonne Belmont Gregory (9 images)
BOX 22 FOLDER 395 Unidentified females photographs (PH09-PH12)
Includes black and white photographs of three unidentified females (4 images)
BOX 22 FOLDER 396 Identified males photographs (PH13-PH30)
Includes black and white photographs of [Harry/Haywire Mac] McClintock, Captain Robinson, Ernest Wardell, and Charlie Rose (21 images)
BOX 22 FOLDER 397 Unidentified males photographs (PH31-PH44)
Includes black and white photographs of five unidentified males (14 images)
BOX 22 FOLDER 398 Postcards (E01-E08)
Includes 7 postcards and 1 postcard envelope. Four postcards depict bombard and biniou (Breton bagpipe) players; one card depicts a statue of a guitar player, one card depicts a harp player, and one card depicts a hurdy-gurdy player
BOX 1 FOLDER 1 Series IV: Electronic Media
See Folder 1 for the 100 mb zip disk containing the Collection Database.

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