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Working in Paterson Project collection, 1993-2002

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Series I: Manuscript Materials
BOX 1 Administrative Files
FOLDER 1 Collection Guide
Hard copy of collection guide and zip disk containing the following:
Graphic Materials database. Fields include: ID number, frame, format, photographer, title, created/published, event, people in photo, location, notes, and repository.
Sound Recordings database. Fields include: audio number, audio log, informant, date, location, event, subject, format/quantity, and length.
Contents of Working in Paterson Project Collection diskettes: fieldworkers notes and logs. (See Series IV: Electronic Media)
FOLDER 2 Collection Guide
For the Working in Paterson Project Collection housed at the Paterson Public Library in Paterson, New Jersey.
Reference Tools
FOLDER 3 Working in Paterson Fieldwork Calendar
Calendar for June-September 1994 that lists where the fieldworkers were during the project. 9 pages.
FOLDER 4 Sound Recordings database
Hard copy. Fields include: audio number, audio log, informant, date, location, event, subject, format/quantity, and length. 23 pages.
FOLDER 5 Places/People/Events photographed by Martha Cooper
Table of places, people, dates, and events photographed by Martha Cooper during the Working in Paterson project. 2 pages.
FOLDER 6 Events in Black and White Photos
Table of the events depicted in black and white photographs. Fields include: event, date created, call number, fieldworkers, notes, location. 8 pages.
FOLDER 7 Working in Paterson field notes summary
Table of information from field notes; fields include: item, date, location, informant/event, fieldworker, and co-worker. 11 pages.
FOLDER 8 Cooperative Agreement
Agreement between American Folklife Center and National Park Service. Draft of agreement, signed final agreement with related correspondence. 50 pages.
FOLDER 9 Background Ideas
Memos, notes, budget draft. 17 pages.
(National Park Service contact) Correspondence and planning documentation. 19 pages.
FOLDER 11 Correspondence, National Park Service
34 pages
FOLDER 12 Correspondence, TAYLOR, David
(Project director). 15 pages.
FOLDER 13 Fieldwork Schedule
Outline and two copies of memorandum. 5 pages.
FOLDER 14 Job Announcement
Copy of public announcement for researchers. 2 pages.
FOLDER 15 Paterson Contacts
Business cards, correspondence, list of names, receipt. 6 pages.
FOLDER 16 Project Applicants
Applications, cover letters, resumes, correspondence from applicants selected to work on the project. 20 pages.
Background Information
FOLDER 17 Boarding Houses and Residential Health Facilities
Directory of facilities in Paterson, a possible setting for project research. 24 pages.
FOLDER 18 H.R. 3498/1104 (U.S. Representative Herbert Klein) (Great Falls Redevelopment/Preservation)
Data sheet from Congressional Yellow Book, clipping. 2 pages.
U.S. Senator (D-NJ). Correspondence, press releases, personal biographical data sheet, consent form, two visitor passes to Senate chamber, and one 8 x 10 black- and-white photo. 29 pages.
FOLDER 20 Lowell National Historic Park
Park handbook, map, press releases, museum and festival brochures that provide examples of the city's industrial heritage. 20 pages.
FOLDER 21 N.J. Urban History Initiative (P.L. 102-154)
11 pages.
FOLDER 22 The Paterson Great Falls/S.U.M. National Historic Landmark District Condition Assessment Project Summary Report.
8 pages.
FOLDER 23 Paterson Urban History Initiative Advisory Committee
Advisory committee meeting outlines and notes, project status report, grant program notes. 22 pages.
Project Personnel
Fieldworker project proposals, contract, invoices, and progress reports, related correspondence, related paperwork from LC travel office. 79 pages.
Fieldworker correspondence, contract, LC purchase orders, LC purchase requisitions, notes. 33 pages.
FOLDER 26 Fieldworkers
Memo, notes. 3 pages.
FOLDER 27 Guide for Project Fieldworkers
"Notes on Archiving and Media Documentation: A Guide for Project Fieldworkers Prepared in Connection with the Project 'Working in Paterson'"(2 copies). 68 pages.
Fieldworker correspondence, contract, LC travel requisitions, notes. 33 pages.
BOX 2 FOLDER 29 McCARL, Robert
Fieldworker correspondence, contract, invoices, notes. 31 pages.
Fieldwork assistant contract and invoice. 4 pages.
Fieldwork assistant contract and cancellation. 3 pages.
Equipment and Expenses
FOLDER 32 Equipment
List of documentation equipment used during field survey. 16 pages.
FOLDER 33 Expenses
Preliminary accounting of expenses. Invoices, purchase orders and miscellaneous documents. 126 pages.
Publicity and Public Relations
FOLDER 34 Business Cards
Business cards for the Working in Paterson fieldworkers.
FOLDER 35 Certificates of Appreciation
Copies of certificates sent to informants and others who assisted with the project. 8 blank certificates.
FOLDER 36 Correspondence, Informants
Letters sent to informants along with copies of Folklife Center News featuring articles about the Working in Paterson Project. 5 pages.
FOLDER 37 Folklife Center News (Summer 1994), Vol. XVI, No. 3
"American Folklife Center Documents Occupational Culture in Paterson, New Jersey," by David Taylor. 3 copies.
FOLDER 38 Folklife Center News (Spring 1995), Vol. XVII, No. 2
"Narratives of Work: Stories Told by Retired Workers and Their Children," by David Taylor, and "Paterson's Hot Texas Wiener Tradition," by Timothy Lloyd. 3 copies.
FOLDER 39 Folklife Center News (Summer 1995), Vol. XVII, No. 3
"African American Family Business in Paterson, New Jersey," by Susan Levitas. 3 copies.
FOLDER 40 Hot Texas Wiener Articles:
Two articles that mention American Folklife Center's Working in Paterson project. 4 pages.
"Hot Texas Wiener entrepreneurs are on a roll," The Record, July 9, 1995. (2 copies)
"Secret still in the sauce," The Record, July 16, 1995.
FOLDER 41 Letter of Appreciation to Informants
Post-project correspondence with informants. Letters of thanks, letters accompanying Folklife Center News article. 26 pages.
FOLDER 42 Library of Congress News press release
"American Folklife Center Documents Occupational Culture in Paterson, N.J." English and Spanish copies. 3 pages.
FOLDER 43 Mailing List
Informants' addresses. 5 pages.
FOLDER 44 Project Handout
English and Spanish. 3 pages.
FOLDER 45 Botto House/American Labor Museum
6 pages, 3 pamphlets, 3 booklets (68 pages each)
FOLDER 46 Dominican Parade
FOLDER 47 Dyers Local 1733
COSTA, Marianne (informant). Unpublished story of her memories and experiences of Dyers Local 1733, Amalgamated Clothing Textile Workers Union of America. 8 pages.
FOLDER 48 Famous Patersonians
"Fifty Famous Patersonians Across 200 Years" from the Great Falls Visitor Center. 1 page.
FOLDER 49 Hot Texas Wieners
"Geography Quiz: Where's the Texas in the Texas Wiener?," New York Times, Sunday, January 12, 1997. 1 page.
FOLDER 50 "The Limited Fame of Sam Patch"
By Kathleen M. Kavanaugh. New York Folklore Quarterly, Volume XXVIII, Number 2, June 1972: Study of a man who jumped into waterfalls. William Carlos Williams dedicated several pages of his poem Paterson to Sam. 17 pages.
FOLDER 51a The Mill Street Forward
[See Box 39]
June 1987, Volume 1, Number 1. 12 pages.
FOLDER 51b The Mill Street Forward
[See Box 39]
Spring/Summer 1990, Volume 1, Number 5. 12 pages.
FOLDER 52 New Jersey Urban History Initiative Newsletter
The View From the Falls, Spring 1995. (2 copies) 8 pages.
FOLDER 53-54 Paterson Community Information (2 folders)
Miscellaneous Paterson information. 212 pages.
BOX 3 FOLDER 55 Paterson Economic Development Corporation
Housed in promotional folder. Includes: Paterson profile, retail center and notable area resources, business mix and prominent employers, business resources, transportation, Paterson Economic Development Corporation board of directors. 6 pages.
FOLDER 56 Paterson Museum Photos
Two black-and-white 8 x 10 photographs depicting scenes inside textile mills.
FOLDER 57-65 Picture Postcards
Postcards depicting various sites in and around Paterson, N.J. 9 cards.
FOLDER 66 San Rocco Festival
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