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Series III: Graphic Materials (continued)
Black-and-White Negatives Contact Sheet Binders
BINDER 1 Contact Sheet Binder 1
CARROLL, Tom: WIP-TDC-B001 through WIP-TDC-B012
LEVITAS, Susan: WIP-SL-B001 through WIP-SL-B010
LLOYD, Timothy: WIP-TL-B001
McCARL, Robert: WIP-RM-B001 through WIP-RM-B014
TAYLOR, David: WIP-DT-B001 through WIP-DT-B004
BINDER 2 Contact Sheet Binder 2
COOPER, Martha: WIP-MC-B001 through WIP-MC-B036
Color Slides
BOX 16-17 CARROLL, Tom: WIP-TC-C001 through WIP-TC-C025
BOX 18-26 COOPER, Martha: WIP-MC-C001 through WIP-MC-C114
BOX 26-27 LEVITAS, Susan: WIP-SL-C001 through WIP-SL-C015
BOX 28 LLOYD, Timothy: WIP-TL-C001 through WIP-TL-C003
BOX 28-30 McCARL, Robert: WIP-RM-C001 through WIP-RM-C027
BOX 30 TAYLOR, David: WIP-DT-C001 through WIP-DT-C008
Additional Graphic Material
BOX 38 Duplicate Slides [Folders 1 through 3] and Selected color photocopies of photographic prints and black-and-white photographs by COOPER, Martha.
Series IV: Electronic Media
BOX-FOLDER 1/1 Zip Disk
Graphic Materials Database (Access): Fields include: ID number, frame, format, photographer, title, created/published, event, people in photo, location, notes, and repository.
Sound Recordings Database (Access): Fields include: audio number, audio log, informant, date, location, event, subject, format/quantity, and length. 23 pages.
Contents of Working in Paterson Project Collection diskettes:
CARROLL, Tom: fieldnotes, final report, black and white photo logs, color photo logs, audio logs.
COOPER, Martha: color photo logs
LEVITAS, Susan: Fieldnotes, black and white photo logs, color photo logs, audio logs, final report
McCARL, Robert: (Information is unavailable. See hard copies.)
TAYLOR, David: fieldnotes, final report, black and white photo logs, color photo logs, audio logs (Information is not complete. See hard copies.)
Working in Paterson Report
Working in Paterson Group Level Database (Access).
BOX 31 JJT Image Deliverables, Batch 1
AFCWIP001 through AFCWIP019, AFCWIP033
BOX 32-37 JJT Image Deliverables, Batch 2
AFCWIP020 through AFCWIP177
BOX 38 Diskettes
29 diskettes containing researchers' fieldwork, photo logs, slide logs, audio logs, and final report.
Series V: Artifacts and Ephemera
BOX 39 Oversize
BOX-FOLDER 39/51a The Mill Street Forward, June 1987, Vol. 1, No. 1.
BOX-FOLDER 39/51b The Mill Street Forward, Spring/Summer 1990, Vol. 1, No. 5.
BOX-FOLDER 39/144 A Keepsake of Memories. A booklet honoring the 125th anniversary of St. Joseph's Hospital and Medical Center.
BOX-FOLDER 39/145 Building Our Tradition of Excellence. 125th anniversary commemorative booklet; a keepsake of memories- a history of St. Joseph's.
BOX-FOLDER 39/146 Hand-held fan, courtesy of Carnie P. Bragg Funeral Homes, Inc.
BOX-FOLDER 39/147 I.L.G.W.U. (International Ladies' Garment Workers' Union) sponge.
BOX-FOLDER 39/148 I.L.G.W.U. (International Ladies' Garment Workers' Union) button.
BOX-FOLDER 39/149 I.L.G.W.U. scarf
Polyester scarf, 32" x 32", with International Ladies' Garment Workers' Union logo. Donated to the Working in Paterson Project by I.L.G.W.U. member and retired garment worker Florence DiStefano of Paterson, N.J. 1994.
BOX-FOLDER 39/150 Textile Sample 1
Sample from Joseph Teshon, Inc. Color: Apricot.
BOX-FOLDER 39/151 Textile Sample 2
Sample from Joseph Teshon, Inc. Color: Shell #242.
BOX-FOLDER 39/152 Textile Sample 3
Sample from Joseph Teshon, Inc. Color: Rust and Yellow.
BOX-FOLDER 39/153 Textile Sample 4
Sample form Joseph Teshon, Inc. Color: White and Blue.
BOX-FOLDER 39/154 Photograph
1 photograph of Great Falls in Peterson, New Jersey. March 14, 1936.
BOX-FOLDER 39/155 Traveling Small Distances
A booklet of poetry by June Avignone. Photographs by Ellen Denuto. 1993. Printed by Paterson Museum.
BOX-FOLDER 39/156 Street map of Paterson, Cliffton, and Passaic, New Jersey
Published by Hagstrom. No date.

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