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Ray M. Lawless collection, 1952-1965

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Series I: Correspondence
Includes carbon copies of Lawless's correspondence, the original letters from his correspondents, responses to the prepared questionnaire, photographs, newspaper and magazine clippings, concert programs, publicity materials, and other ephemera.
BOX FOLDER 1 Administrative materials regarding the collection
Collection guide and correspondence. Correspondence arranged chronologically (1956-70) between the Archive of Folk Song, Exchange and Gift Division, and Mrs. Lawless.
BOX FOLDER 2 Artwork--Illustrations
18 photoprints including 17 illustrations and 1 of unknown musicians. One negative of the illustration "WRECK OF THE '97." Each illustration is identified by title, artist, donor, and photographer, but undated.
BOX FOLDER 3 Adams, Derrols S.
Correspondence and questionnaire; portrait (negative and print)
BOX FOLDER 4 Allison, John
Correspondence and questionnaire; news clippings.
BOX FOLDER 5 Archer, Frances, and Beverly Gile
Correspondence and questionnaire; programs; press release.
BOX FOLDER 6 Arkin, Alan
BOX FOLDER 7 Baez, Joan
News clippings; portrait (negative and print); magazine write-ups.
BOX FOLDER 8 Bailey, Jay
Correspondence; questionnaire; portrait, 1 large and 1 small prints.
BOX FOLDER 9 Baillargeon-Cote, Helene
Correspondence; questionnaire; portrait (print).
BOX FOLDER 10 Bair, Fred
Correspondence; questionnaire; photoprint.
BOX FOLDER 11 Balfour, Nemonie
Portrait, photoprint.
BOX FOLDER 12 Ball, E. C.
Correspondence; questionnaire; portrait (print).
BOX FOLDER 13 Barker, Horton
Correspondence; questionnaire.
BOX FOLDER 14 Barnes, Bobby and Wilmer
Correspondence; questionnaire; programs; news clippings; portrait (prints).
BOX FOLDER 15 Barry, Margaret
BOX FOLDER 16 Beers, Robert ("Fiddler"), and Evelyne Beers (Mrs. Fiddler)
Correspondence; questionnaires; press releases; programs; reviews; portrait (prints).
BOX FOLDER 17 Belafonte, Harry
Correspondence; biography; questionnaire; portrait (print); news clippings; magazine write-ups.
BOX FOLDER 18 Bender, Bill
Correspondence; questionnaire; portrait (print).
BOX FOLDER 19 Benton, Jessie
Biography; questionnaire.
BOX FOLDER 20 Bikel, Theodore
Correspondence; questionnaire.
BOX FOLDER 21 Black, Nettie
Correspondence; questionnaire.
BOX FOLDER 22 Boette, Marie
Correspondence; questionnaire; photoprint.
BOX FOLDER 23 Bonyun, Bill
Correspondence; questionnaire; programs; news clippings.
BOX FOLDER 24 Boswell, George
Correspondence; questionnaire; portrait (print).
BOX FOLDER 25 Boyle, Mary Ella
Correspondence; questionnaire; portrait (print).
BOX FOLDER 26 Brand, Oscar
Correspondence; questionnaire; portrait (prints); programs; song texts; New York Folklore Quarterly, vol. 8, no. 4.
BOX FOLDER 27 Broonzy, "Big Bill"
Correspondence; questionnaire; portrait (negative and prints).
BOX FOLDER 28 Bryan, Charles Faulkner
Correspondence; questionnaire; biography; picture of instruments from his collection; draft of article to Tennessee Folklore Society Bulletin March 1952 issue; portrait (print)
BOX FOLDER 29 Buckley, Bruce
Correspondence; questionnaire.
BOX FOLDER 30 Burnett, W. H.
BOX FOLDER 31 Byrne, Jerry
Correspondence; questionnaire; photoprint.
BOX FOLDER 32 Cahn, Rolf
Correspondence; questionnaire.
BOX FOLDER 33 Missing
BOX FOLDER 34 Cameron, Isla
BOX FOLDER 35 Campbell, Booth
Questionnaire; photoprints.
BOX FOLDER 36 Cansler, Loman
Correspondence; news clippings; news write-up; phonograph recording release (Folkways FH 5324); portrait (print).
BOX FOLDER 37 Chalmers, Keith
Correspondence; questionnaire; programs; portrait (print).
BOX FOLDER 38 Chase, Dorothy
Correspondence; questionnaire.
BOX FOLDER 39 Churchill, Stuart
Correspondence; questionnaire; programs; biography; photoprint.
BOX FOLDER 40 Clark, Keith
Correspondence; questionnaire; programs; song score; stories; crafts.
BOX FOLDER 41 Clark, Rogie
Correspondence; questionnaire; news clippings; portrait (print); program.
BOX FOLDER 42 Clauson, William
Correspondence; questionnaire; program; portrait (print).
BOX FOLDER 43 Clayborn, James R., and Garland K.
BOX FOLDER 44 Clayton, Paul
Correspondence; questionnaire; news write-up; programs; the University of Virginia Magazine, Spring 1956, vol. 1, no. 1.
BOX FOLDER 45 Cobos, Ruben
Correspondence; questionnaire; portrait (print); program.
BOX FOLDER 46 Colby, Fred
Correspondence; questionnaire.
BOX FOLDER 47 Coltman, Robert
Correspondence; questionnaire.
BOX FOLDER 48 Copeland, Dave
Correspondence; questionnaire.
BOX FOLDER 49 Cornett, "Banjo" Bill
Correspondence; questionnaire; news clipping; photoprint.
BOX FOLDER 50 Creswell, Grace
Correspondence; questionnaire; portrait, photograph and painting, (print); programs; news clipping; biography.
BOX FOLDER 51 Crisp, Rufus
Correspondence; questionnaire.
BOX FOLDER 52 Cronin, Elizabeth
Correspondence; questionnaire; program; biography; review.
BOX FOLDER 53 Dagel, Kathy
Correspondence; questionnaire.
BOX FOLDER 54 Missing
BOX FOLDER 55 Dane, Barbara
Correspondence; questionnaire; biography.
BOX FOLDER 56 Danufsky, Philip
Correspondence; questionnaire; portrait (print).
BOX FOLDER 57 Darling, Erik
Correspondence; questionnaire; sketch of instruments; list of phonograph recordings.
BOX FOLDER 58 Davis, Rev. Gary
Correspondence; questionnaire; portrait (print and negative); news write-up.
BOX FOLDER 59 Davis, Mary Jo
Correspondence; questionnaire; news clipping; portrait (print).
BOX FOLDER 60 Davis, Mr. and Mrs. T.M.
Correspondence; questionnaire; photoprint.
BOX FOLDER 61 Dehr, Rich
Correspondence; questionnaire; portrait (print).
BOX FOLDER 62 Deller, Alfred
Correspondence; questionnaire.
BOX FOLDER 63 Devall, Dick
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