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Paul Bowles Moroccan music collection, 1957-1989

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Administrative, Correspondence, Index, Field Notes, and Articles
BOX 1 FOLDER 1 Administrative
One folder consisting of the collection register, a copy of the contract between Bowles and the Library of Congress, a copy of the index to field recordings, a copy of Bowles' project correspondence, and a copy of the LWO log.
BOX 1 FOLDERS 2-5 Correspondence
Four folders arranged chronologically (1957-1972) with the following subdivisions: pre-project, project, post-project, and LP production. Consists of correspondence primarily between Bowles and LC personnel such as Harold Spivacke (Chief, Music Div.), Edward Waters (Acting Chief, Music Div.), Rae Korson (Head, Archive of Folk Song), Alan Jabbour (Head, Archive of Folk Song), as well as several people from the Rockefeller Foundation and the U.S. Embassy and State Department; descriptive and financial monthly reports; and correspondence about the collection with researchers. The project correspondence includes progress reports from Bowles to the LC that augment the field notes.
BOX 1 FOLDER 6 Index to LC project recordings
One folder of typed index to project recordings arranged numerically by tape side (12 pp.). (Missing: pages with tape numbers 33-44). Consists of an original and two copies, one of which has hand-written corrections on it. Includes AFS numbers, Bowles' tape numbers, song titles, performers (tribes), and recording locations. (There is no index of the last five "sample" tapes from the project.)
BOX 1 FOLDERS 7-8 Field notes I (LC project recordings)
Two folders (one original, one copy) of typed field notes (130 pp.). Includes an opening note and description of instruments. Arranged numerically by tape side in chronological order. Documents dates and locations of recordings, performers, leaders, tribes, song titles, instruments used, and comments about performance events, music/dance types, circumstances of recording, instruments, etc. (There is no log of the last five "sample" tapes.)
BOX 1 FOLDER 9 Field notes II (non-project field recordings 1960-62)
One folder (one original and one copy) of field notes of audiotape recordings made 1960-62 (8 pp.). The tape number order is not chronological. Written in a similar format to the project fieldnotes, and includes hand- written AFS numbers.
BOX 1 FOLDER 10 LP record set booklet
One folder containing the 9-page booklet that accompanies the record set.
BOX 1 FOLDER 11 Articles
One folder containing articles that describe the collection.
BOX 1 FOLDER 12 One page
Item from tape box AFS 11623.
Microfilm of the LC project field notes and map: Music 0441, located in the Music division.
AFS L 63-64 "Music of Morocco"
Recorded and edited by Paul Bowles, 1972. Includes 9-page booklet with notes and bibliography of publications and documentary recordings. (Listening copy available in the AFC Reading Room.)
AFS 11623-11687 LWO 3068 LC project recordings
Sixty-five DT 7" reels (the last five are samples from the 60 recordings); approximately 65 hours; approximately 220 pieces. preservation numbers LWO 8527 R93-100; LWO 12419 R1-19. (Listening copies available in the AFC Reading Room.) Accessioned in June 1960.
AFS 12016-12020 LWO 3863 Non-project field recordings (1960-1962)
Five 7" reels (Listening copies available in the AFC Reading Room). Non-project field recordings accessioned in June 1963.
One box containing 18 black and white photographs. Location information is written on the backs of most photographs. The photographs include scenes of performers at Essaouira, Amizmiz, Taza, and Segangan, and several shots of houses and casbahs.
One folder containing original and copies of a map, hand-drawn by Paul Bowles, that documents recording locations and routes traveled during the field project.

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