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Maine Acadian cultural survey collection, 1991

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Series 1: Manuscript materials
BOX 1 FOLDER 1 Collection finding aid
BOX 1 FOLDER 2 Cooperative Agreement
Agreement between American Folklife Center and National Park Service. Draft of agreement and signed final agreement, with related correspondence. 27 pp.
BOX 1 FOLDER 3 Maine Acadian Culture Preservation Commission
Various documents. 52 pp.
BOX 1 FOLDER 4 P.L. 101-543, The Maine Acadian Culture Preservation Act
Drafts of the act; testimony for and against; legislative history. 186 pp. and two copies of enacted bill.
BOX 1 FOLDER 5 Acadian scholars: potential contacts
Prepared by David Taylor. 13 pp.
BOX 1 FOLDER 6 American Folklife Center Board of Trustees
May 7, 1991, memo from David Taylor about survey of Acadian cultural resources in Maine. 2 pp.
BOX 1 FOLDER 7 Ancelet, Barry Jean (University of Southwestern Louisiana)
January 29, 1991, letter from David Taylor. 1 p.
BOX 1 FOLDER 8 Belous, Robert (National Park Service)
January 30, 1991, letter from David Taylor. 1 p.
BOX 1 FOLDER 9 Bibliographies concerning Acadians in North America
75 pp.
BOX 1 FOLDER 10 Biographical Data Form
Blank copies. 3 pp.
BOX 1 FOLDER 11 Brassieur, C. Ray (University of Missouri)
Letters to and from Brassieur, C. Ray; publications. 22 pp. and two publications.
BOX 1 FOLDER 12 Budget and timetable for field survey
34 pp.
BOX 1 FOLDER 13 Calendar of Annual Events in the Upper Saint John Valley
Compiled by Lisa Ornstein and Julie Bayley. 36 pp.
BOX 1 FOLDER 14 Certificate of appreciation
Blank copies of certificate sent to project informants. 12 pp.
BOX 1 FOLDER 15 Consent forms
Master copies of three types. 3 pp.
BOX 1 FOLDER 16 Consent forms
Forms signed by informants. 33 pp. All contents have been moved to case files.
BOX 1 FOLDER 17 Contacts
List of individuals and institutions with information about Acadians in Maine. Compiled by Camila Bryce-Laporte. 8 pp.
BOX 1 FOLDER 18 Correspondence
Miscellaneous. 11 pp.
BOX 1 FOLDER 19 Documentation guide for project fieldworkers
Prepared by David Taylor. 42 pp.
BOX 1 FOLDER 20 Dubay, Guy (Madawaska, Maine)
Letter from David Taylor. 1 p.
BOX 1 FOLDER 21 Dumont, Richard (University of Maine at Fort Kent)
Letters from Alan Jabbour. 2 pp.
BOX 1 FOLDER 22 Equipment
List of documentation equipment used during field survey. 3 pp.
BOX 1 FOLDER 23 Expenses
Preliminary accounting of expenses. Invoices, purchase orders, and other documents. 133 pp. Purchase orders have been moved to case files.
BOX 1 FOLDER 24 Final Evaluation
Assessment of the Maine Acadian Cultural Survey Project, by David Taylor. Report and executive summary for AFC Board of Trustees. 28 pp.
BOX 1 FOLDER 25 Hand-outs
Hand-outs, in French and English, about the field survey. 14 pp.
BOX 1 FOLDER 26 Hart, Judy (National Park Service)
Letters from David Taylor. 2 pp.
BOX 2 FOLDER 27 Human Resources List
Contacts in the St. John Valley, arranged by categories. Prepared by Lisa Ornstein. 14 pp.
BOX 2 FOLDER 28 Income
Documents concerning transfer of funds from the National Park Service to the Library of Congress. 3 pp.
BOX 2 FOLDER 29 Informants, letters from
Letters from project informants to David Taylor. 8 pp.
BOX 2 FOLDER 30 Informants, letters to
Thank you letters to informants from David Taylor. 94 pp.
BOX 2 FOLDER 31 Ives, Edward D.
2 pp.
BOX 2 FOLDER 32 Jabbour, Alan
Letter to Bruce Jacobson; letter from Bruce Jacobson. 32 pp.
BOX 2 FOLDER 33 Jacobson, Bruce (National Park Service)
Letters to and from Bruce Jacobson. 66 pp.
BOX 2 FOLDER 34 Kominski, John (Library of Congress)
Memos and other documents from Alan Jabbour concerning cooperative agreement with NPS. 7 pp.
BOX 2 FOLDER 35 LeBlanc, Bernard (University of Moncton)
Letters from David Taylor; letters to David Taylor; other documents. 35 pp.
BOX 2 FOLDER 36 Mailing list
Project mailing list. 9 pp.
BOX 2 FOLDER 37 Maine Arts Commission
Letters to Maine Arts Commission from David Taylor; documents from the Commission concerning Acadians in Maine. 5 pp. and booklet.
BOX 2 FOLDER 38 Map of Upper St. John Valley
Prepared by National Park Service. 5 copies.
BOX 2 FOLDER 39 Marshall, Howard (University of Missouri)
Letters to and from; other documents. 43 pp. and newsletter.
BOX 2 FOLDER 40 Martin, John L. (Maine House of Representatives)
Letters to and from. 19 pp.
BOX 2 FOLDER 41 Master Contact List, arranged in alphabetical order
Prepared by Lisa Ornstein. 27 pp.
BOX 2 FOLDER 42 Missouri, University of
Draft of contract with American Folklife Center. 8 pp.
BOX 2 FOLDER 43 Mitchell, George (Senator)
letter from Juris Ubans; letters to Steve Hart (Mitchell's legislative assistant) from David Taylor. 6 pp.
BOX 2 FOLDER 44 Ornstein, Lisa (Acadian Archives)
Letters to and from; other documents. 75 pp.
BOX 2 FOLDER 45 Peskin, Sarah (National Park Service)
Letters to and from. 39 pp.
BOX 2 FOLDER 46 Potential informants in the Upper St. John Valley
26 pp.
BOX 2 FOLDER 47 Publicity
Press releases and articles about the survey project. 45 pp. and five copies of Folklife Center News.
BOX 2 FOLDER 48 Resource guide
Memo, by Camila Bryce-Laporte, concerning the contents of a resource guide she prepared for project fieldworkers; table of contents for resource guide. 9 pp.
BOX 2 FOLDER 49 Slide show
Text of slide-illustrated program about the Acadian Cultural Survey. Prepared by David Taylor. 23 pp.
BOX 2 FOLDER 50 Trip reports
Reports on trips to the Upper St. John Valley, Augusta, and Boston, by David Taylor. 26 pp.
BOX 2 FOLDER 51 University of Maine at Fort Kent
Meeting on June 5, 1991, backgrounds of participants. Prepared by Lisa Ornstein. 3 pp.
BOX 2 FOLDER 52 Whitman, David
6 pp.
BOX 3 FOLDER 53 Audio tape inventory
Digital content available: afc1991029_03_053
Annotated list of field tapes recorded during the survey. Prepared by Camila Bryce-Laporte. 6 pp.
BOX 3 FOLDER 54 Audio tape logs, by Ray Brassieur
Digital content available: afc1991029_03_054
MAP-RB-A001 to MAP-RB-A016. 76 pp.
BOX 3 FOLDER 55 Audio tape logs, by Lisa Ornstein
Digital content available: afc1991029_03_055
MAP-LO-A001 to MAP-LO-A014. 84 pp.
BOX 3 FOLDER 56 Audio tape logs, by David Whitman
Digital content available: afc1991029_03_056
MAP-DW-R001 to MAP-DW-R007. 14 pp.; MAP-DW-A001. 3pp.
BOX 3 FOLDER 57 Biographical Data Forms
Digital content available: afc1991029_03_057
Completed forms. 19 pp.
BOX 3 FOLDER 58 Field drawings, by Ray Brassieur
Digital content available: afc1991029_03_058
Copies of drawings, mainly of furniture and architectural features. 37 pp.
BOX 3 FOLDER 59 Field drawings, by Howard Marshall
Digital content available: afc1991029_03_059
Copies of drawings of architectural features. 30 pp.
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