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Maine Acadian cultural survey collection, 1991

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Series 1: Manuscript materials
BOX FOLDER 1 Collection finding aid
BOX FOLDER 2 Cooperative Agreement
Agreement between American Folklife Center and National Park Service. Draft of agreement and signed final agreement, with related correspondence. 27 pp.
BOX FOLDER 3 Maine Acadian Culture Preservation Commission
Various documents. 52 pp.
BOX FOLDER 4 P.L. 101-543, The Maine Acadian Culture Preservation Act
Drafts of the act; testimony for and against; legislative history. 186 pp. and two copies of enacted bill.
BOX FOLDER 5 Acadian scholars: potential contacts
Prepared by David Taylor. 13 pp.
BOX FOLDER 6 American Folklife Center Board of Trustees
May 7, 1991, memo from David Taylor about survey of Acadian cultural resources in Maine. 2 pp.
BOX FOLDER 7 Ancelet, Barry Jean (University of Southwestern Louisiana)
January 29, 1991, letter from David Taylor. 1 p.
BOX FOLDER 8 Belous, Robert (National Park Service)
January 30, 1991, letter from David Taylor. 1 p.
BOX FOLDER 9 Bibliographies concerning Acadians in North America
75 pp.
BOX FOLDER 10 Biographical Data Form
Blank copies. 3 pp.
BOX FOLDER 11 Brassieur, C. Ray (University of Missouri)
Letters to and from Brassieur, C. Ray; publications. 22 pp. and two publications.
BOX FOLDER 12 Budget and timetable for field survey
34 pp.
BOX FOLDER 13 Calendar of Annual Events in the Upper Saint John Valley
Compiled by Lisa Ornstein and Julie Bayley. 36 pp.
BOX FOLDER 14 Certificate of appreciation
Blank copies of certificate sent to project informants. 12 pp.
BOX FOLDER 15 Consent forms
Master copies of three types. 3 pp.
BOX FOLDER 16 Consent forms
Forms signed by informants. 33 pp. All contents have been moved to case files.
BOX FOLDER 17 Contacts
List of individuals and institutions with information about Acadians in Maine. Compiled by Camila Bryce-Laporte. 8 pp.
BOX FOLDER 18 Correspondence
Miscellaneous. 11 pp.
BOX FOLDER 19 Documentation guide for project fieldworkers
Prepared by David Taylor. 42 pp.
BOX FOLDER 20 Dubay, Guy (Madawaska, Maine)
Letter from David Taylor. 1 p.
BOX FOLDER 21 Dumont, Richard (University of Maine at Fort Kent)
Letters from Alan Jabbour. 2 pp.
BOX FOLDER 22 Equipment
List of documentation equipment used during field survey. 3 pp.
BOX FOLDER 23 Expenses
Preliminary accounting of expenses. Invoices, purchase orders, and other documents. 133 pp. Purchase orders have been moved to case files.
BOX FOLDER 24 Final Evaluation
Assessment of the Maine Acadian Cultural Survey Project, by David Taylor. Report and executive summary for AFC Board of Trustees. 28 pp.
BOX FOLDER 25 Hand-outs
Hand-outs, in French and English, about the field survey. 14 pp.
BOX FOLDER 26 Hart, Judy (National Park Service)
Letters from David Taylor. 2 pp.
BOX FOLDER 27 Human Resources List
Contacts in the St. John Valley, arranged by categories. Prepared by Lisa Ornstein. 14 pp.
BOX FOLDER 28 Income
Documents concerning transfer of funds from the National Park Service to the Library of Congress. 3 pp.
BOX FOLDER 29 Informants, letters from
Letters from project informants to David Taylor. 8 pp.
BOX FOLDER 30 Informants, letters to
Thank you letters to informants from David Taylor. 94 pp.
BOX FOLDER 31 Ives, Edward D.
2 pp.
BOX FOLDER 32 Jabbour, Alan
Letter to Bruce Jacobson; letter from Bruce Jacobson. 32 pp.
BOX FOLDER 33 Jacobson, Bruce (National Park Service)
Letters to and from Bruce Jacobson. 66 pp.
BOX FOLDER 34 Kominski, John (Library of Congress)
Memos and other documents from Alan Jabbour concerning cooperative agreement with NPS. 7 pp.
BOX FOLDER 35 LeBlanc, Bernard (University of Moncton)
Letters from David Taylor; letters to David Taylor; other documents. 35 pp.
BOX FOLDER 36 Mailing list
Project mailing list. 9 pp.
BOX FOLDER 37 Maine Arts Commission
Letters to Maine Arts Commission from David Taylor; documents from the Commission concerning Acadians in Maine. 5 pp. and booklet.
BOX FOLDER 38 Map of Upper St. John Valley
Prepared by National Park Service. 5 copies.
BOX FOLDER 39 Marshall, Howard (University of Missouri)
Letters to and from; other documents. 43 pp. and newsletter.
BOX FOLDER 40 Martin, John L. (Maine House of Representatives)
Letters to and from. 19 pp.
BOX FOLDER 41 Master Contact List, arranged in alphabetical order
Prepared by Lisa Ornstein. 27 pp.
BOX FOLDER 42 Missouri, University of
Draft of contract with American Folklife Center. 8 pp.
BOX FOLDER 43 Mitchell, George (Senator)
letter from Juris Ubans; letters to Steve Hart (Mitchell's legislative assistant) from David Taylor. 6 pp.
BOX FOLDER 44 Ornstein, Lisa (Acadian Archives)
Letters to and from; other documents. 75 pp.
BOX FOLDER 45 Peskin, Sarah (National Park Service)
Letters to and from. 39 pp.
BOX FOLDER 46 Potential informants in the Upper St. John Valley
26 pp.
BOX FOLDER 47 Publicity
Press releases and articles about the survey project. 45 pp. and five copies of Folklife Center News.
BOX FOLDER 48 Resource guide
Memo, by Camila Bryce-Laporte, concerning the contents of a resource guide she prepared for project fieldworkers; table of contents for resource guide. 9 pp.
BOX FOLDER 49 Slide show
Text of slide-illustrated program about the Acadian Cultural Survey. Prepared by David Taylor. 23 pp.
BOX FOLDER 50 Trip reports
Reports on trips to the Upper St. John Valley, Augusta, and Boston, by David Taylor. 26 pp.
BOX FOLDER 51 University of Maine at Fort Kent
Meeting on June 5, 1991, backgrounds of participants. Prepared by Lisa Ornstein. 3 pp.
BOX FOLDER 52 Whitman, David
6 pp.
BOX FOLDER 53 Audio tape inventory
Digital content available: afc1991029_03_053
Annotated list of field tapes recorded during the survey. Prepared by Camila Bryce-Laporte. 6 pp.
BOX FOLDER 54 Audio tape logs, by Ray Brassieur
Digital content available: afc1991029_03_054
MAP-RB-A001 to MAP-RB-A016. 76 pp.
BOX FOLDER 55 Audio tape logs, by Lisa Ornstein
Digital content available: afc1991029_03_055
MAP-LO-A001 to MAP-LO-A014. 84 pp.
BOX FOLDER 56 Audio tape logs, by David Whitman
Digital content available: afc1991029_03_056
MAP-DW-R001 to MAP-DW-R007. 14 pp.; MAP-DW-A001. 3pp.
BOX FOLDER 57 Biographical Data Forms
Digital content available: afc1991029_03_057
Completed forms. 19 pp.
BOX FOLDER 58 Field drawings, by Ray Brassieur
Digital content available: afc1991029_03_058
Copies of drawings, mainly of furniture and architectural features. 37 pp.
BOX FOLDER 59 Field drawings, by Howard Marshall
Digital content available: afc1991029_03_059
Copies of drawings of architectural features. 30 pp.
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