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Maine Acadian cultural survey collection, 1991

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Series 1: Manuscript materials (continued)
BOX FOLDER 60 Fieldnotes, by Ray Brassieur
Digital content available: afc1991029_03_060
72 pp.
BOX FOLDER 61 Fieldnotes, by Howard Marshall
Digital content available: afc1991029_03_061
101 pp.
BOX FOLDER 62 Fieldnotes by Lisa Ornstein
Digital content available: afc1991029_03_062
35 pp.
BOX FOLDER 63 Fieldnotes, by David Whitman
Digital content available: afc1991029_03_063
43 pp.
BOX FOLDER 64 Black-and-white photo logs, Ray Brassieur
Digital content available: afc1991029_03_064
MAP-RB-B001 to MAP-RB-B005. 6 pp.
BOX FOLDER 65 Black-and-white photo logs, Howard Marshall
Digital content available: afc1991029_03_065
MAP-HM-B001 to MAP-HM-B021. 25 pp.
BOX FOLDER 66 Black-and-white photo logs, Lisa Ornstein
Digital content available: afc1991029_03_066
MAP-LO-B001 to MAP-LO-B002. 5 pp. (Missing log for MAP-LO-B003; may not exist).
BOX FOLDER 67 Black-and-white photo logs, David Whitman
Digital content available: afc1991029_03_067
MAP-DW-B001 to MAP-DW-B069. 104 pp. (Photos MAP-DW-B060 to MAP-DW-B069 exist as only positives; negatives are missing).
BOX FOLDER 68 Contact sheets, duplicates
Digital content available: afc1991029_03_068
Three duplicate contact sheets.
BOX FOLDER 69 Color-slide logs, Ray Brassieur
Digital content available: afc1991029_03_069
MAP-RB-C001 to MAP-RB-C012. 13 pp.
BOX FOLDER 70 Color-slide logs, Howard Marshall
Digital content available: afc1991029_03_070
MAP-HM-C001 to MAP-C021. 22 pp.
BOX FOLDER 71 Color-slide logs, Lisa Ornstein
Digital content available: afc1991029_03_071
MAP-LO-C001 to MAP-LO-C002. 2 pp.
BOX FOLDER 72 Color-slide logs, David Whitman
Digital content available: afc1991029_03_072
MAP-DW-C001 to MAP-DW-C085. 109 pp.
BOX FOLDER 73 Resource survey
Digital content available: afc1991029_03_073
Questionnaire survey of cultural institutions with holdings pertaining to Acadian history and culture. Compiled by Camila Bryce-Laporte. 40 pp.
BOX FOLDER 74 Acadian Cultural Committee, Madawaska
Proposal for establishing a cultural center in Madawaska, Maine. 120 pp.
BOX FOLDER 75 Acadian Village
Booklet about the Acadian Village, Van Buren, Maine. 2 copies.
BOX FOLDER 76 Beckwith, Cynthia
"Our Lady of Lille." Echoes, Spring 1989, pp. 27-29. [Article about Notre Dame du Mont-Carmel Church in Lille, Maine] 4 pp.
BOX FOLDER 77 Eagle Lake, Maine
Data about Eagle Lake. 4 pp.
BOX FOLDER 78 Family reunion booklets
Four booklets.
BOX FOLDER 79 Fort Fairfield, Maine
"Update of Town History for Comprehensive Plan 1991." 15 pp.
BOX FOLDER 80 Freeberg, Ernie
"Voice of the Valley." Down East, Nov. 1989. [Article about Acadian singer Ida Roy] 4 pp.
BOX FOLDER 81 Giguere, Madeleine
"Language Maintenance-Speaking French at Home." Conference paper, n.d. 33 pp.
BOX FOLDER 82 Konrad, Victor A., and Michael Chaney
"Madawaska Twin Barn." Journal of Cultural Geography. 3, no. 1 (Fall/Winter 1982): 64-75. 7 pp.
BOX FOLDER 83 McDonald, Sheila
"The War After the War: Fort Kent Blockhouse, 1839-1842.Maine State Historical Society Quarterly 29, nos. 3 and 4 (Winter-Spring 1990). 13 pp.
BOX FOLDER 84 Madawaska Centennial, 1869-1969
[Madawaska, Me.]: N.p., [1969]. Excerpts. 28 pp.
BOX FOLDER 85 Madawaska Historical Society
Madawaska Historical Society Newletter. 2, no. 10 (Feb. 1989).
BOX FOLDER 86 Madawaska, Maine: data about Madawaska
7 pp. and two copies of booklet.
BOX FOLDER 87 Michaud, A.J.
An Acadian Heritage from the St. John River Valley (Madawaska, Me.: Valley Publishing Co., n. d.). Excerpts. 13 pp.
BOX FOLDER 88 Newspaper articles
Various articles from the St. John Valley Times , Bangor Daily News., and other newspapers concerning the Acadian Festival and other events that occurred during the period of the field survey. 137 pp.
BOX FOLDER 89 Paper Talks Magazine
Seven issues (1981, 1982, 1985, 1986, 1987, 1989, 1990).
BOX FOLDER 90 Programs
Various programs from events in the St. John Valley, summer 1991.
BOX FOLDER 91 St. Bruno Parish
St. Bruno Parish, Van Buren, Maine, Sesquicentennial 1838-1988. (N.p.: N.p., [1988]).
BOX FOLDER 92 Soleil Press
Works by and About Franco-Americans.. Catalog 1990-91.
BOX FOLDER 93 Van Buren, Maine
Miscellaneous articles about Van Buren. 29 pp. and two booklets.
BOX FOLDER 94 Newspaper clippings
5 pp.
BOX FOLDER 95 Published recordings notes
5 pp.
BOX FOLDER 96 Foundresses
The Little Franciscans of Mary. Local history for children. 52 pp.
BOX FOLDER 97 Fort Kent Centennial 1869-1969
160 pp. + 4 pp. covers.
BOX FOLDER 98 Fort Kent Historical Society 1989 Calendar
28 pp.
BOX FOLDER 99 Manuscript: Fort Kent
Loose-leaf manuscript and draft of a book on the history and life at Fort Kent by the First National Bank. 38 pp.
BOX FOLDER 100 Brassieur, C. Ray, coord.
Digital content available: afc1991029_05_100
"The Maine Acadian Cultural Survey." 199 pp. [Draft report submitted to the National Park Service by the American Folklife Center]
BOX FOLDER 101 North Atlantic Region, National Park Service
Acadian Culture in Maine (Boston: National Park Service, 1992). 2 copies. [Draft report based on the American Folklife Center's report "The Maine Acadian Cultural Survey."]
BOX FOLDER 102 North Atlantic Region, National Park Service
Implementing the Maine Acadian Culture Preservation Act: Draft Conceptual Framework/Environmental Assessment. Revised Edition to Acadian Culture in Maine. June 1994.
BOX 6 Flag and recipe book
Flag: Acadia flag: 6-3/4"x10" nylon flag on 15" plastic staff. Reunion Families' Favorite Recipes; 172 pp.
BOXES 19-20 Resource Guide
"Maine Acadian Resource Guide": compilation of various articles and other materials about the history, culture, and economy of the Upper Saint John Valley. Prepared by Camila Bryce-Laporte. Stored in two loose-leaf binders.
BOX 21 Electronic media
Twenty-four 3-and-a-half-inch discs in 4 containers. 18 floppy discs in 2 containers. Most contents of discs most likely were printed and stored with the collection.
Series 2: Sound recordings
Tape ID: AFC 1991/029: DW-A001 Barn dance at Daigle House, Clair, New Brunswick, June 29, 1991
MBRS Shelflist number: RYN 4353
Digital content available: afc1991029_dw_a001
1 audiocassette, 60 min.
DW-A001: Musicians include Nicolo Gagne, spoon player; Pat Albert, fiddle; Roger St. Onge, accordion; Norman Oakes, guitar; Gerald Lavoie, guitar and vocal; Monique Rossignol, guitar and vocal.
Tape IDs: AFC 1991/029: DW-R001 - R003 Multi-choir concert, Good Shepherd Sisters' Centennial Celebration, St. Bruno's Catholic Church, Van Buren, Maine, part 1-3, June 21, 1991
MBRS Shelflist number: RXA 2901 - RXA 2903
Digital content available: afc1991029_dw_r001
Digital content available: afc1991029_dw_r002
Digital content available: afc1991029_dw_r003
3 audiotape reels, 7 in.
DW-R001: Performers include Annick Gagnon, St. Thomas Aquinas Church and the St. Leonard Choir; DW-R002: Paroisse St. Henri Choir, Assumption Parish Choir and the Drummond Choir; DW-R003: St. Bruno Catholic Church Choir and Sara Mae Stewart.
Tape IDs: AFC 1991/029: DW-R004 - A007 Les violons d'Acadie, Acadian Festival, Multi-Purpose Center, Madawaska, Maine, part 1-4, June 28, 1991
MBRS Shelflist number: RXA 2904 - RXA 2907
Digital content available: afc1991029_dw_r004
Digital content available: afc1991029_dw_r005
Digital content available: afc1991029_dw_r006
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