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Series I: Manuscripts, 2003-2006 (continued)
Subseries II: Submissions, 2003-2004 (continued)
BOX-FOLDER 22/51 Wood, Nettie Walker
BOX-FOLDER 22/52 Woodard, Thad
BOX-FOLDER 22/53 Woods, Patricia L.
BOX-FOLDER 22/54 Woodward, Jan
BOX-FOLDER 22/55 Wooten, Melanie K.
BOX-FOLDER 22/56 Wright, Christina
BOX-FOLDER 22/57 Wright, Lois M.
BOX-FOLDER 22/58 Wunrow, Jeffrey D.
BOX-FOLDER 22/59 Wyatt, Tolbert
BOX-FOLDER 22/60 Yagami, Richard H.
BOX-FOLDER 22/61 Yamamoto, Joyce
BOX-FOLDER 22/62 Yancey, Eleanora Allen
Includes photograph.
BOX-FOLDER 22/63 Yancy, Grady, Jr.
BOX-FOLDER 22/64 Yancy, Annette
BOX-FOLDER 22/65 Yanoff, Jerome C.
BOX-FOLDER 22/66 Yarbrough, Eram
BOX-FOLDER 22/67 Yellin, Arnold S.
BOX-FOLDER 22/68 Yokogawa, Nobuyuki
BOX-FOLDER 22/69 Yoshida, Gloria
BOX-FOLDER 22/70 Young, Catherine
BOX-FOLDER 22/71 Young, Jerrilyn
BOX-FOLDER 22/72 Young, Wilson
BOX-FOLDER 22/73 Younge, Sammy Leamon
Includes postcard, drama script, and photographs.
BOX-FOLDER 22/74 Zarbin, Earl
BOX-FOLDER 22/75 Zendejas, Robert H., Sr.
BOX-FOLDER 22/76 Ziglar, Jacqueline Dash
BOX-FOLDER 22/77 Zubrensky, Ruth J.
Includes report.
Series II: My Soul Looks Back in Wonder Interviews, 2003-2004
The book My Soul Looks Back in Wonder is a collection of essays based on original audio interviews with 33 individuals. Authored by journalist Juan Williams, this book focuses on the experiences of both leaders and ordinary people who participated in or were affected by civil rights movements. Subseries I contains a file for the 82 interviewees (many of whom were not included in the book) and may include emails, transcripts, book chapter drafts, and background research. Subseries II contains the audio recordings of the interviews conducted by journalists, and Subseries III contains photographs of some interviewees. A few of the interviewees for this series were also interviewed on the bus tour; those related items are included in Series III and IV.
Subseries I: Interviewee Files, 2003-2004
84 folders
BOX-FOLDER 23/1 Andrade, Juan Jr.
BOX-FOLDER 23/2 Baxley, Bill
BOX-FOLDER 23/3 Beal, Gerald K.
BOX-FOLDER 23/4 Beerman, Leonard
BOX-FOLDER 23/5 Boggs, Grace Lee
BOX-FOLDER 23/6 Bonilla, Reuben
BOX-FOLDER 23/7 Booth, Heather
BOX-FOLDER 23/8 Bourne, St. Clair
2 MS Word .doc files also available.
BOX-FOLDER 23/9 Branch, Raylawni G.
BOX-FOLDER 23/10 Braxton, Annye H.
BOX-FOLDER 24/1 Brownmiller, Susan
BOX-FOLDER 24/2 Carlos, John
BOX-FOLDER 24/3 Charles, Michael Ray
BOX-FOLDER 24/4 Collins, Wendell
BOX-FOLDER 24/5 Davis, L. Clifford
BOX-FOLDER 24/6 Dickinson, Jim
BOX-FOLDER 24/7 Dinkins, David N.
BOX-FOLDER 24/8 Doty, Juanita Sims
BOX-FOLDER 24/9 Epps, Jesse
BOX-FOLDER 24/10 Fife, John M.
BOX-FOLDER 24/11 Fleming, Karl
BOX-FOLDER 25/1 Fountain, Clarence
BOX-FOLDER 25/2 Frank, Barney
MS Word .doc file also available.
BOX-FOLDER 25/3 Garcia, Isabel G.
BOX-FOLDER 25/4 Gields, Clarence
BOX-FOLDER 25/5 Goodman, Carolyn
BOX-FOLDER 25/6 Graves, Curtis
BOX-FOLDER 25/7 Green, Percy
BOX-FOLDER 25/8 Gutierrez, Jose Anjel
BOX-FOLDER 25/9 Hackney, Lucy Durr
BOX-FOLDER 25/10 Halpern, Rosario Salgado
BOX-FOLDER 25/11 Harjo, Suzan S.
BOX-FOLDER 26/1 Harrington, Penny
BOX-FOLDER 26/2 Hayes, Shirley G.
BOX-FOLDER 26/3 Hernandez, Joe D.
BOX-FOLDER 26/4 Hite, Nancy
BOX-FOLDER 26/5 Holland, Endesha Ida Mae
BOX-FOLDER 26/6 Horowitz, Rachelle
MS Word .doc file also available.
BOX-FOLDER 26/7 Jarrett, Vernon
BOX-FOLDER 26/8 Jones, Doug
BOX-FOLDER 26/9 King, B. B.
BOX-FOLDER 26/10 Kirk, Ronald
BOX-FOLDER 26/11 Kochiyama, Yuri
BOX-FOLDER 26/12 Kwoh, Stewart
BOX-FOLDER 27/1 Kyles, Samuel
BOX-FOLDER 27/2 Landrieu, Moon
BOX-FOLDER 27/3 Lawson, James, Jr.
BOX-FOLDER 27/4 Lee, Sammy
BOX-FOLDER 27/5 Lout, James M. (Mike)
BOX-FOLDER 27/6 Lowery, Joseph E.
BOX-FOLDER 27/7 Lyons, Kenneth
BOX-FOLDER 27/8 Mashariki, Job
BOX-FOLDER 27/9 McKinstry, Carolyn M.
BOX-FOLDER 27/10 McWhorter, Diane
BOX-FOLDER 28/1 Mease, Quentin
BOX-FOLDER 28/2 Meier, Deborah W.
BOX-FOLDER 28/3 Monroe, Sputnik
BOX-FOLDER 28/4 Moses, Robert
BOX-FOLDER 28/5 Moutoussamy-Ashe, Jeanne
BOX-FOLDER 28/6 Murray, Tawanda
BOX-FOLDER 28/7 Oldham, Charles R.
BOX-FOLDER 28/8 Poussaint, Alvin F.
BOX-FOLDER 28/9 Pride, Carlton
BOX-FOLDER 28/10 Reid, Vernon
BOX-FOLDER 28/11 Rivers, Eugene F.
BOX-FOLDER 29/1 Romilly, Constancia
BOX-FOLDER 29/2 Rowles, Billy E.
BOX-FOLDER 29/3 Seay, Norman R.
BOX-FOLDER 29/4 Shores, Barbara and Helen
BOX-FOLDER 29/5 Smith, Jerome M.
BOX-FOLDER 29/6 Spellman, Toyin
BOX-FOLDER 29/7 Steger, Michelle
BOX-FOLDER 29/8 Sutton, Goodloe
BOX-FOLDER 29/9 Swann-Daniels, Carol
BOX-FOLDER 29/10 Tafel, Richard
2 MS Word .doc files also available.
BOX-FOLDER 29/11 Thompson, Larry D.
BOX-FOLDER 30/1 Tisdale, Alice and Charles
BOX-FOLDER 30/2 Trickey, Minnijean Brown
BOX-FOLDER 30/3 Uyeshima, Erin Emiko
MS Word .doc file also available.
BOX-FOLDER 30/4 West, W. Richard
MS Word .doc file also available.
BOX-FOLDER 30/5 Wilson, Diane
BOX-FOLDER 30/6 Wilson, Eddie
BOX-FOLDER 30/7 Wunrow, Jeffrey D.
BOX-FOLDER 30/8 Yamamoto, Joyce
BOX-FOLDER 30/9 Zabel, William D.
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