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Series 4: Moving Images
Item_ID: AFC 2003/051: MV01 Communal Music Festival I and II (ISCA Conference 1991, Elizabethtown, Pennsylvania), July 28, 1991
Rack number: VAR 7414
Extent: 1 videocassette (VHS, 02:09:59) : analog
Taped at the Third Triennial Conference of the International Communal Studies Association, held at Elizabethtown College, July 25-28, 1991. The volume is low throughout.
Time Summary
00:00:00 The moderator (unidentified man) greets those assembled and delivers a short lecture. The choir performs with musical accompaniment.
00:05:33 Choir begins singing (false start) and then perform "Sing Ye" (hymn)
00:09:41 Unidentified instrumental work.
00:11:09 Unidentified instrumental work.
00:12:12 Unidentified instrumental work.
00:14:57 Choir sings an unidentified work, with musical accompaniment.
00:18:33 Unidentified Moravian instrumental work.
00:21:27 Unidentified Moravian instrumental work.
00:23:04 Unidentified Moravian instrumental work.
00:27:05 Unidentified woman discusses the instrumental works played, and introduces the hymn that follows.
00:27:50 Choir performs the hymn "Hearken, Stay Close to Jesus Christ," with male soloist.
00:31:53 The moderator speaks about the preceding performances, and introduces the next segment of the program.
00:32:47 Cheryl Anderson speaks about Shaker music and song, and sings selections.
00:51:35 The moderator introduces Martin Johnson.
00:52:03 Martin Johnson introduces the next segment: ten songs from the life of the [Christian?] Brethren. They represent communities based on the spirit of the first church in Jerusalem. He names the songs to follow, and their cultural/compositional sources. The chorus members take the stage.
00:57:03 "He Bought the Whole Field" (song)
00:59:25 "Roll the Waters" [?] (song)
01:01:37 "Cedar Cliffs Before Us Rising" (song)
01:03:03 Shalom [?] (song)
01:05:24 "God of the Mountains" (song)
01:06:56 The Wind Is So Cool in the Night" (song)
00:08:22 "Singing Our Meadows and Flowers"
01:10:23 "I Saw the Speck in My Brother's Eye" (song)
01:12:20 Oh, Today We Want to Pack Our Ruck Sacks" (song)
01:14:00 "I'm Gonna Sing When the Spirit Says Sing" (song)
01:18:04 The moderator notes that those assembled can sign up for a copy of the videotape of this event. He announces the next segment: congregational singing, led by Jean Daugherty.
01:20:02 Possible edit in the program: a woman approaches the mic to speak but the next seconds are missing. The moderator is once again at the mic, and asks if the audience would like to hear more singing by the Hutterite choir after the program formally ends. This meets with general approval. Then he introduces Larry Summerton, representing the community of Padanaram, and who will introduce his group.
01:21:05 Larry Summerton talks about Padanaram, and names the people who will perform: himself, his wife Rachel Summerton, and Daniel and Lois Wright (Daniel founded the community). The first six songs are accompanied by guitar; the last three (religious songs) are sung a cappella, according to Padanaram tradition.
01:22:55 "Soldier of destiny in the army of the Lord..." (first line; song sung by Larry)
01:26:01 "Look at the rough [?] child..." (first line; song sung by Larry)
01:28:19 "Gather round all you children..." (first line; song sung by Larry)
01:32:12 "Life is a school..." (first line; song sung by Larry and Rachel Summerton)
01:35:50 "New day of a different love [?]..." (first line; song sung by Larry and Rachel Summerton)
01:38:18 "A new day is dawning within..." (first line; song sung by Larry and Rachel Summerton)
01:40:55 unidentified (song sung by Larry, Rachel, Lois, and Daniel)
01:41:50 unidentified (song sung by Larry, Rachel, Lois, and Daniel)
01:42:55 unidentified (song sung by Larry, Rachel, Lois, and Daniel)
01:45:02 The moderator introduces Barry L. Sawyer, who will introduce the music of the Ephrata Cloister (the next segment).
01:45:55 Processional of chorus members from the back of the auditorium to the stage.
01:48:11 An unidentified member of the chorus gives an introduction to the history of the music.
01:56:10 Barry L. Sawyer [?] introduces the music that the chorus will perform.
01:56:54 "... Schmücke dich ..." (translation: "Arise, arise, and gloriously deck thyself as Thou...")
01:58:41 "Wir freuen uns in unserem Gott"(translation: "We rejoice, we rejoice in Our God")
02:00:56 "Tröste Tröste mein Leben" (translation: "Comfort, comfort my precious one")
02:03:10 "Ich ... gepflanzt in garten der Liebe" (translation: "I am planted in the garden of love"), sung by the treble voices only
02:05:14 Die Welt ist mir ein biterer ..." (translation: "The world is a bitter death to me")
02:06:51 [not transcribed] (translation: "My life is gratifying [?] because my heart rejoices in God")
02:08:56 [not transcribed] (translation: "I wonder where ... peaceful...until I am..."); the video quality begins to degrade about 02:09:18, and cuts off at the end of the recording before the song is completed.

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